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November 02 2009

Nathan Fillion updates on Dr Horrible sequel. He re-confirms that there is a title and that some of the songs are already written.

That's weird, I thought we knew all that.
No we didn't.
We did. The title and songs thing came out a few weeks ago.

'We' meaning people who refresh Whedonesque all day instead of getting laid.

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Pics or it didn't happen.
Lol, Simon. :P

I hope Felicia Day is in it somehow, even though her characters dead. I really like her acting, and it doesn't get recognised enough.
Maybe it got deleted somehow (I searched for it to no avail,) but I definitely read this a few weeks ago from Whedonesque also.
Disclaimer: I am a huge nerd as I post this.

Songs and title.
I think this might have been the article, but I can't find the post:
Some of us happen to refresh Whedonesque WHILE getting laid.
Some of us happen to refresh Whedonesque WHILE getting laid.

Whedonesque is more exciting that our posters' sex lives. There should be a t-shirt or something.

Anyhow I tweeted the entry accordingly.
Now i'm officially excited.
I'm rooting for Captain Hammer: The Movie.
I thought Simon said B1x it or it didn't happen and got all confuddled. Sorry, I have post-con-brain.
I only began to refresh whedonesque about a month ago and I did not know this. That said, it is totally awesome!
awesome. I believe I had heard it already but still awesome.
So, do we have a new slogan for the site?
Perhaps a dance for some more cult-y goodness?
So, on my first read through, I thought what you "tweeted accordingly", was that people read Whedonesque while having sex. I had to actually go check the Twitter feed to find out.

See? This is what happens when I don't sleep enough. You are all warned.
I meant tweaked. I have Twitter on the brain these days.
LOL...phew! So it wasn't my fault? Well, tweaked does make more sense (I now have sex on the brain, b/c "sense" came out the first time as "sex") but it's not nearly as much fun as what I was thinking.
i used to refresh. then i discovered the miracle that is setting-whedonesque-as-my-homepage. what a revelatioPr
Clearly you all need to get an RSS reader. It's automatic obsessive refresh. And as a bonus, it drives you batty whenever anyone posts a headline that isn't a full sentence.

Haven't we been hearing "there's a title" for like a year? I think it's time for "here is the title." Um, please?
In NYC Joss said the sequel's title is "Penny's Still Dead."

I assume he was joking... but ya never know.
I keep vacillating between excitement and fear every time I hear the words 'Dr Horrible sequel'. On one hand, the writers/cast/crew are amazing, I loved the first one, and would LOVE to watch more. On the other hand, the first one had such a nicely contained completed story that I can't imagine opening it up to a sequel. It would be like watching a sequel of a movie where one of my favourite main characters died...oh wait.

But back on the first hand, more purple prose. Sigh. So torn.

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