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November 03 2009

Musicians, the Dollhouse fandom needs you! Activate Dollhouse and Why I Watch have come up with the 'Song for November Challenge'. It's a plan to release an album of Dollhouse inspired songs on iTunes. So they're looking for contributions from solo artists and bands. All profits will go to charity and if your song is chosen as the title track then you'll get a phone call from Miracle Laurie.

sweet.. I might give it a go
Thanks to gossi and whyiwatch for all their time in planning and executing this.
See, now that's a great plan. If it sells noticeably, there's a story there with positive attention for Dollhouse and it's a way to make money for charity. Total win-win :).

Now if only I could play an instrument... ;)
Does the triangle count ?

Yep, brilliant idea, it's got a great hook for journalists to run with but even if it does nothing for 'Dollhouse's ratings then the unnamed charity (whose initials, one could speculate, may or may not be EN ;) will benefit. Good work guys.
I think I'd be horribly intimidated by a call from Miracle Laurie.
Hope there's a lawyerly eye involved re:that signing away one's rights bit.
Aw, I do have a band, but we do covers and we can't afford studio time...

Maybe I can get my brother to play piano and sing with me.
@onetrueb!x, I didn't want to be a wet blanket, but yeah...I'm not an intellectual property lawyer but there are some issues there. Assignment or royalty-free perpetual worldwide license? Who is the assignee/licensee? If the winners aren't paid, is the assignment/license enforceable? What if the winning song is held to infringe someone else's copyright? Infringement indemnity is only as good as the indemnifying party's bank account. Is ASCAP relevant? Etc. I think it's a really great idea and the chances of a problem are slim....but still, it would be nice if an intellectual property lawyer familiar with the music industry were involved.
Hmm. I play piano... maybe I'll do this.
We have a lawyer for this (and everything else we're doing). We no dummies.
@gossi Whew! Glad to hear it.
*goes to think of some lyrics* Hm maybe we need to change the name Firefly Music Project or something like that though..
Saje - you do not play the triangle...the triangle plays you! Dafticus.
Hey, neat. I do music (lots of, really). I should try to do something for this! I do a lot of both instrumental and vocal music, it might be fun to try and come up with one of each!
I want to hear a song about Topher. Written in the style of Topher writing a song about himself. I'm just sayin'.

That's a joke. Or is it?
I'll give it a go if I can think up something decent before the end of November.
Saje - you do not play the triangle...the triangle plays you!

See, that's the sort of practical yet philosophical advice I could've used in 3rd year Music. That and "The hitty bits will fall off a Glockenspiel if you turn it upside down" (seriously, how was I to know ?).
HA! Yes, but what happens to a spinning top if you turn it upside down? So you end up spinning, Saje...answer me THAT!

(Completely on topic, this is great idea, well done those people. I will definately be purchasing one of these fine CDs when they are done).
I am totally in. Will multiple submissions be accepted?
I thought Saje played the teapot.
Sacrilege ! Play ? ... Teapot ? Why the very thought...

A teapot is the gateway to our reality through which tea expresses itself. I am merely the little rubber wedge thingy that holds the door open and occasionally gives it a, err, stir... Got doubts about the gateway metaphor now.

Yes, but what happens to a spinning top if you turn it upside down?

I think you hear the sound of one hand clapping.
Good there's a lawyer. Confused, though, that submissions are already being accepted without any actual legal information presented on the site. (To whom are the song rights being assigned, terms, conditions, et cetera.) Strange lawyer who would okay accepting people's IP without providing a clear indication of terms and conditions beforehand. ;)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-11-04 08:04 ]
(Fully aware that I'm donning my enthusiasm crusher hat once again here. But poking fandom to clearly communicate with transparency and accountability, no matter who it is, has sort of been my thing.)
A teapot is the gateway to our reality through which tea expresses itself.

Brilliant - that's a great quote Saje and I am going to cite you (with proper referencing, of course)... hope you don't mind (all this talk of IP is making me nervous!)

on topic: love the music idea, have not a single musical bone in my body, but I will gladly buy the album when it's ready.
I know that probably no one is gonna read this post now, since it's so old, but just wanted to say that I got my song finished and submitted just in time.

It was an interesting task attempting to write lyrics for a song with a strict theme already mapped out.

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