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November 03 2009

New interview with Morena Baccarin. Her new show "V" premieres tonight at 8/7c on ABC. Also, Alan Tudyk will guest star in at least the first three episodes.

Er, yeah, that link came with the title "New interview with Morena Baccarin," but the blog ate it for some reason.
I am looking forward to watching this on Friday (my exams finish, and I'm going to get some popcorn, and catch up on American TV. :P), it looks like a REALLY good show.
Oh, by the way, fanshawe: Alan Tudyk as Dale Maddox (FBI investigator); Tudyk stars in the pilot episode,[5] but was not listed as a main cast member by ABC. He's in episode one, too. 8)
Thanks for letting me know, I edited the post. I went over the press releases and apparently he will be in at least the first three episodes. Haven't seen a longer press release with the cast announcements for 1x04 yet.
I hope he's in episode four, too.
Let me just say that this comment is the funniest thing I've read all day. Probably. Mostly.

"The show lends itself to that spin, of course, but I'm mostly sure that there are differences, too. Obama is probably NOT a lizard-like alien who wants to eat us."
Going to watch V tonight, of course. Hoping I'll like it but honestly, I don't believe they can surpass the original mini-series.
Hope V works out, I remember the original one, and have the dvd's. Oh and for those Dutch people, remember 'V'eronica nights back then?
OMG I loved this, awesome goodness from both Morena and Alan! Lots of political satire via the Visitors plan to take over the Earth. It is really looking like big fun.
I was reading the Twitter feed: What's with all the Alan Tudyk hate? Why? WHY?! He was (in my opinion) fantastic as Alpha, and he did a good job as Dale (from what I've seen)
I don't understand it either. Alan does a great job playing a bad guy. I guess some people take it too seriously. As for V, I just got done watching it, and both Alan and Morena were fantastic! I'm definitely going to follow this Series. :D
Well, I found the premiere episode interesting and different enough from the original to continue watching it. I thought both Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk were excellent.

But I have to agree with one of the comments left at the linked interview. Leonardo Cimino's role as Abraham Bernstein was pivitol in the mini-series. That's an element the reboot is lacking, I'm afraid.
where is the twitter feed?
I'm shocked to hear that there was Alan Tudyk hate (really? Where?) because I thought he was particularly awesome.... He seemed a lot like Wash (charming and funny, putting up with a dominating woman) and then it turns out he is (oh wait... is this a spoiler thread? lol). Anyway, he was amazing.

I'm going to love this show.
I liked the tone of it, but, there's no suspense since we all know the story already. They're lizards! They're fascists! They're lizards AND fascists! But, even without any storyline suspense I enjoyed the production values and the art design. And cast!
I thought it was excellent, *slightly* too young to remember original. Morena's eye blinks were awesome, as was Alan as usual.
Well, hubby forgot to set the DVR and we both thought it started at 8pm AZ time. So it sucks to be us. We missed it.
I liked the tone of it, but, there's no suspense since we all know the story already. They're lizards! They're fascists! They're lizards AND fascists!
will.bueche | November 04, 05:55 CET

I'm not a mod so this is an informal - and friendly - FYI. This thread didn't have a "Spoiler" tag, so it might have been a good thing to make that invisible.
I actually knew nothing about the show before watching the pilot tonight. When the original was on, I think I was in my ten year "I'm too counter-culture to watch TV & it eats your brains anyhow" phase. Which was actually pretty much justified during that time period. ;)

Anyhow, the pilot revealed the lizardy part & the fascist tendencies as well, so no real harm. And I may be the only person in the known SciFi fan universe who knew nothing about the original. :)

As someone coming in completely cold, I liked the show. I hope it hangs in there. There's an i09 article chronicling a troubled development history that reads like a cross between Dollhouse and Firefly.

Alan hate? Is that really possible?? I'm glad I hardly ever read the comments on links.
Morena was fantastic. I literally can't think of another actress in the world who could nail the part so well. She projects the perfect amount of warmth and coolness, and steadiness and articulateness, all with the half hot, half eerie smile. Just perfect. Even if the show's not a hit I hope the role makes her a big damn star.

Outside of her, I didn't care for a lot of it. FBI-lady-from-Lost does nothing for me, or the cheesy dialogue and stereotypical scenes that set up all of these people's lives. Also: where did they find a professional NFL quarterback to play a preacher? Now that's casting.

I thought the plot tried to do too much for a single episode. Not only did they set up the premise, they knocked it down. They should have left the reveal until the end of the episode, then at least there would have been a cliffhanger to carry over into next week. But they spilled the beans 15 minutes before the episode even ended, and even though I never saw the original, I already feel like I know where it's going. That means the only reason for me to tune in next week is to see the characters and how they'll react-- and I don't like most of the characters. I very likely will watch it just to see Morena again, though. She's that good as Anna.

[ edited by dispatch on 2009-11-04 11:24 ]
dispatch: I thought it was going to be a two hour premiere, so yes felt rushed a bit. Morena is good, but honestly I still think her best work was on Firefly. She was on Stargate SG-1 for a bit, and I don't know if it was the script or what, but her acting seemed very wooden/blank. I was trying to tell hubby watching about how great she was in Firefly...and I don't know, but it seems she's playing the same "type" here. Nothing against her as an actress, just maybe she's getting typecast as was feared Summer Glau was/is, between River and Cameron, as less than human? My 50 cents (Way too long a post for only 2!) and I do have to say in both characters' cases that remoteness is called for, and loved premiere of V for most part!
For those of you who don't know, it scored a 5.0 18-49, and 14.56 million viewers at the peak.
Is the plan still for it to be a smaller season (compared to the length of most network runs) and, if successful, to last for exactly three mini-seasons total ? I remember that's what was being reported back in May or during the summer.

Will watch after work tonight. I wasn't gonna get into another show, was maybe gonna wait for the DVDs if I heard overwhelmingly good things about it, but I liked the '80s original of this quite a bit (only saw the mini-series though, I think, not when it went to full series). It has actors I like. Production values look impressive. Nothing else on Tuesday nights for me (well, work, but it's nice to have something after work at 2am to eat dinner during and then go online to check out discussion and then go to bed).
14 million viewers? Okay, that's impressive.
For how much ABC advertised it, it better have. Every single commercial break. Probably gets more promotion an hour than Dollhouse gets in a month...
I thought Morena was brilliant casting - just completely perfect. What dispatch said, really - plus her almost unearthly beauty, those eyes that conceal while pretending to reveal, and that "I'm a stranger to your language" perfect diction.

She was ace, and Alan was great, too. He's got good

I'll probably keep watching it. Shey, I too was in my long "Phooey on TV" phase when the original came out - plus, I was working full-time, and back in school for graphic design, and all political-active-y - so I didn't see its original airing. Though being me, I'd since read all about it, because I love this kinda thing and this and this.

In fact, given the kinda ordinary sci-fi-itude of the script, trying to spot new logos-and-symbols, etc. will prolly be a good half of the reason I'll stay watching. ; >

(Re: Morena in Stargate - I though it was the uninspired script & direction that made for Morena's possibly less-than-stellar performance.)
QuoterGal, I bow to your researchy skills. Also nice to know I'm not alone with my "didn't watch TV for ten years" thing.

Although my counter-cultureness was not nearly as productive as yours and yielded no marketable skills. ;)

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