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November 03 2009

(SPOILER) New Caprica promo featuring James Marsters. The Jane Espenson series starts on SyFy in January 2010. It includes previously unseen footage and a first look at James Marsters' character, terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley.

Love Marsters and Espenson.
Choose who you want to be? Hmm... Where have I heard a similar phrase to that before?

Caprica, anyway, had a pretty great pilot so I'm really looking forward to it's show. Looks like it could get decent ratings as well, with it not being set in a spaceship and all - God knows why setting is integral to peoples investment into a series, good thing the Caprica City looks gorgeous.
well i enjoyed the whole 3 seconds he was in the trailer...

i'm torn on the pilot... i think it sexed up the show in a way that was largely distracting and unnecessary, and did so because they could. but i think that the underlying premise is very promising. i think my whole complaint over it was that it was set so far in the past that it would've made adama in his seventies during BSG >.>

i didn't know james was joining the cast, so i'm very excited to see that :)
yeah, I thought the pilot was pretty strong, too. I adore BSG but didn't think Caprica would be that good. So glad to admit I'm wrong. And I'll second what spikeylover said.
James Marsters and Esai Morales on the same show. Pinch me I'm dreaming.
How is this show and BSG related? I've never seen BSG but I always see these two in comparison. From what i have seen of trailers and such, this seems to be a completely different premise and show. I'm confused....
I attended a press tour for SyFy's Caprica, SGU, and Sanctuary last month in Vancouver, and was lucky enough to get a tour of the sets after the Q&A session. Considering the house in the pilot was an actual house and they had to re-create it in a warehouse for the series, they did a remarkable job matching the details, especially the view outside. I got some incredible pics, and I really love the ones I got of me standing in front of a giant robot in the Graystone lab.

On topic, I'm really looking forward to the series! The pilot was really well done IMO, and I'm especially excited to see JM on tv again, and in a more gritty role then some of what he's done in the not so distant past (like his eps of Without a Trace and Lie To Me).
I was really hoping to see JM while up there, but alas, I had no such luck.
Whisper - Caprica takes place in the same world as BSG. It's set 50 years before the cylons (machines) attack the human race. Instead of following the war between humans and cylons, Caprica is about the CREATION of the AI that will eventually be the downfall of humanity.
Color me surprised that this is even going to air. I saw the pilot and was underimpressed.
Yeah, I was disappointed by the pilot, too; it seemed awkwardly paced (and I agree about sexing things up). However, I do like the premise, and I love Jane Espenson, so those are two points in its favor. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised by it.

But I'll watch every single episode JM is in, no matter how bad the show is. There wasn't much to see in the promo, but just reading the description of his character gets me very excited: it sounds like a fantastically fun role. I can't wait!
I'm only season 3 deep in BSG. I totes love it. I am tentative on Caprica but willing to sit out a few hours of for Espenson and Marsters.
I loved the pilot and Caprica is the show I've been looking forward to the most this season. I'm interested to see what sort of character JM's terrorist leader will be. I really can't wait!!
Thanks, TaMist! Makes much more sense now.
Can't wait for this - loved the pilot and was looking forward to the series even before the addition of JM (icing on the cake).
If Caprica is half as good as BSG, it will still be be twice as good as anything else currently on TV (except Dollhouse).
James Marsters and Magda Apanowicz? Guess I'll have to check this out as soon as I finished BSG.
Combined with the pilot and the new trailer, I'm convinced that this show is going to have a fair offering of cyberpunk with their advertised family drama.
James Marsters in Caprica!? Am I the only one that are worried that this might create some kind of paradox that will destroy the universe?

Any way, it would probably be worth it ;)
James Marsters in Caprica.... sweeeeet.
James was hurt on the Caprica set and had to cancel his appearance at the Hub, but what I have read he will be ok. Several things about it at this site.
Great trailer!

And James was due back on set yesterday.

Really looking forward to this show

Magic Jane and James Marsters. There is no bad here!
I might check this out for James. He'd probably make it worth it.

I just hope it's not too much like BSG. I'm almost at the end of season 2 now and so far it's pretty bad. I'm trying to see if it might get better cause of all the praise it's getting.
I liked the pilot idea and if they continue withthe life after death/religion/terrorism plots I would like it.
James in a Future spaships show... I probably already heard about it. Maybe he could be placed drinking in the back lot of a bar.

I'm interested to see what sort of character JM's terrorist leader will be.
Can he makes an application to the ELoE?

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