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November 03 2009

Neil Patrick Harris is on Conan O'Brien Tuesday night. Neil Patrick Harris to be on Conan tonight. What more is there to say?

Thanks for the heads' up, I would have missed it (and NPH is being very funny!).
Fop Zombies. Yes. keeps cutting to the elections for me...
Aaand... DVR is set. Gracias!
Elisabeth Rohm was on last nights Heroes too for anyone interested... new member so can't yet post the news...
Yeah, I caught that. It was nice to see her, even if she was shoehorned into a major retcon for the show (despite Hiro's efforts to preserve everything, convince past-Ando and whatnot, some of his changes to that Season 1 arc just don't add up. I thought they wanted to stay away from time travel arcs ?). It looked like a one-time appearance, so although she was good in the role, there wasn't much time to get attatched or feel for her.
I wish I lived in or near LA or knew about Accomplice when I stilled lived in the northeast so I could go on that scavenger hunt ( Sounds like a fun, unique way to spend a night.

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