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November 04 2009

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel #27. The conclusion of 'Boys And Their Toys' is out today.

Finally!- I've been waiting for these preview pages all week:)

Cant wait to get this tomorrow!
Might as well discuss the issue here.
It's not out today. Diamond are lying liars who lie a bunch.
IDW seems to think it's out today as well.
It's supposed to be out today.Chris Ryall said it's out today at his blog.However,he did mention Diamond had some shipping problems for this week's issue from one of their distribution centers.So some stores won't get there copies until next week.

Note: Diamond had a shipping problem from one of their distribution centers, so it's possible that some shops won't see these comics until the week of November 11.

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Well that's pretty rotten. You'd think the biggest comic retailer in NYC wouldn't have these issues. Way to go, Diamond.
That sucks project bitsy - has anyone from the UK/Ireland side had any problems?
Typo in the preview :(
Well, it's my last issue, there's gotta be at least ONE typo to celebrate.
Now that just cracked me up. I'm still smiling. "I usually fight then mope. But then I realized, I could save time if I fight while I mope." Pure genius. I'm now on my way to get my copy.

Welcome back, Brian. It's great to read your books again. I'm looking forward to your Spike series.

I read the Q&A yesterday and put me down as very interested in a Betta George comic (one issue, mini-series, whatever). I love that character.
Did anyone actually get this? My shop didn't have it.
Whereabouts are you from, Riker? I'm curious to see where Diamond did and did not ship this book.
My shop had their copies.Here are my thoughts.

It was a good lighthearted fun issue and a nice read after the heavy Buffy Season 8 #30.

Basically Spike as Angel channels his extreme views of Angel's personality in funny dialog.But underneath that we see that Spike does look up to Angel and even wants to be him.

When Spike as Angel realizes he's not the real Angel,he appears sad.

Some bullet points

-Groo refers to Spike as Angel as Spangel.

-The demons weren't out to kill Angel.They were after Spike.They didn't even know Angel would be at the convention.The bounty was on Spike.Why I assume will be revealed in the Spike monthly.

-This arc seemed like a prologue for the Spike monthly.

-The end of the issue has a nice bonding moment between Angel and Spike.

-The back of the comic has an interview with Angel(spangel shippers will like the last question and answer).

-There is also a little interview with Bill Williams about Eddie Hope and the backup Angel feature in Willingham's run.

Overall a fun issue.

It sounds like a lot shops didn't get this in.I guess I lucked out.I'm based in Baltimore Maryland.

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Project bitsy: I'm from Canada, just outside Toronto.
Ugh. Texas, or rather South Texas, did not get their sent either. Anyone know the street date for the Angel Annual? I could be reading over it and not noticing.
I got mine at Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks. Came out great, Mooney is the man.
@ The Goose,

The Angel Annual is currently scheduled to ship in December, I don't know the exact date though.
Please tell me you got it for free, Brian. You don't have to buy your own work, do you? (This is a serious question for all comics creators)
Great issue - fitting finale for Brians work on the title....will be missed!
They had it here in Tennessee.

Fantastic issue! I was giggling the entire time.
I think i'm a month behind (I moved house and i'm still trying to catch up. I just got the first part of 'Angel at the convention' and really enjoyed it. love the concept and had happy tingly sensation when i saw the effogy (how do you spell that) of Yanis. Very Cool.

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Mr Lynch:
I love your comics writing.

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