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November 04 2009

'V' premiere numbers. Starring Firefly's Morena Baccarin, with Alan Tudyk guest starring. Numbers inside.

It scored a 5.0/13 demo, and 13.9 million viewers, with a peak of 14 million.

Wow, those number are way higher than I thought they would be, especially in the demos.

It's exciting though, maybe we will get another unapologetically scifi show, that will be popular with mainstream audiences...we'll see.
It looks good, though, I am unable to watch it until Friday. It's the networks best premiere since Ugly Betty in 2006.
WOAH.... I wonder how much it will retain
FlashForward fell two million viewers in its second week, so I think we'll see something in the 12-13 million area next week.
It's nice for a remake, but the storyline unfolds itself way too fast. Still has the same feel of the old tho' kudos for that.
Oh and I'm feeling old now, for seeing the original way back on tv, thanks :P

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Well done to them. Watched the show just there now, wasn't too bad but it was a little bit predictable.
Had you already guessed they were going to be lizards underneath ? ;)
The final ratings are even a touch better than the fast nationals:

14.3 million viewers and a 5.2 in the 18-49 demo.

(Numbers from
Woah at the 5.2, I think that has to be the best premiere on any channel for the past couple of years (well, definitely this season anyway!).
Fantastic. Really great ratings.
Another one was deleted sometime ago..

Wait what? Resurrected?

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This thread was deleted at some time :|
That was me. I didn't know we did threads for premiere ratings. My mistake! Carry on.
V was promoted really well. Usually I find new shows through Whedonesque (!) but this past week I heard a bunch of V promos on the radio, and it was the ad on youtube's homepage... Morena was everywhere. :)
Heh, I thought this one would get deleted.

Yes... the timeline for that episode was what, 3 months? More than that? I was quickly overwhelmed with all the time jumping.

But yes, it was predictable. Hopefully it will get less so later on.

And also-- they advertised the heck out of this. I was expecting a pretty high premiere. I don't there was one commercial break during Castle that didn't have a V promo in it.
A sunnyfire told us:
That was me. I didn't know we did threads for premiere ratings. My mistake! Carry on.

Had no idea myself actually!

But yes, it was predictable. Hopefully it will get less so later on.

It is, but hey, I'm in my 30's :P
Why is everything suddenly bolded?
It's great that this did so well - I hear Morena fits the role of Anna perfectly and am really looking forward to seeing this. Does anyone know if it's available for streaming on Netflix or if ABC plans to reair it?
The advertising kinda reminds me of when Pushing Daisies was promo'd the heck out of..look where that ended up. ABC thought they had a built-in audience, and barely advertised the second season! Lets hope that doesn't happen here.
Oh, so its staying this time? Cool. As I've said multiple times on multiple places, It's amazing how well this performed. Around the time FlashForward was premiering I was pretty certain that ABC had given up on it but they've had a Fall season full of greatness this season (it seems to me, as a UK observer) and seriously, "V" is a biggest hit this season! How big a deal is that?! Go Network Sci-Fi!

I'm waiting for Sci-Fi UK to show it in the new year, cos, well, I don't feel like getting into loving it only for it to be off till march.
MaliciousMal: You could to watch it.
Youtube if anyone is interested into the original:


Be warned, 80's cheese.
I actually like that they rushed through the exposition of the main plot points in the first episode. It leaves me hopefull that they're leading up to a few twists, turns, and departures from the original version. If not though, and the show remains this predictable, then my interest will wane pretty darn quick.

Joss shows spoil us.
This is good. More Morena and more Tudyk in "V" is always a treat.
I liked it, was a solid premiere, nice to see our Firefly alums get a big premiere (as well as Morris Chestnut who has appeared on the out rim of the Whedonverse with an appearance on Bones).
MaliciousMal, I believe you can start watching it at starting this Saturday. If you want it sooner and use bittorrent it is very easy to find.
Great ratings! Don't know how much faith I have in them staying good, but I guess we'll see.

Mcjw_serenity said:

More Morena and more Tudyk in "V" is always a treat.

Agreed. Morena was terrific. I just hope Alan is given more to do, as his character was, bland. Which is unfortunate, because I love watching him act.

At least I get to see Elizabeth Mitchell too. Big fan.
Has it already been discussed here that the guy who replaced Jeffrey Bell as show runner, has also been demoted?

Scott Peters replaced by Scott Rosenbaum
Wow...congrats to them. It definitely seems like it'll get less predictable as it gets further along since this beginning part is what everyone already knew from the original. I'm optimistic though, Alan and especially Morena (who completely stole the show) were great.

Love seeing the 'verse actors getting the recognition they deserve!
Yeah if the creators let them the new characters should pull the show in different directions.

I thought some of the dialogue was a bit obvious but the effects were fine and there seems to be an emphasis on interpersonal dynamics that might lend it the resonance the original "borrowed" from its WWII allusions. Not a bad start.

Bizarrely the only thing I actively disliked was tiny - .
Was reading all the reactions at CNN and folks either loved it or hated it mostly based on their 'Politics'. Conservatives loved it, Liberals either hated it or wanted folks to stop comparing the Visitors to the Obama Administration. Wouldn't be surprised that such overt shots like the 'Universal Healthcare' one will disappear once the show returns from its 'extended hiatus'.

That said, Morena was fantastic as the Visitor's (Ob)Anna :-)
That's ridiculous, mangydog. Why can't people enjoy entertainment for what it is? Granted, that was at CNN, so I guess it's not too surprising.
I found myself really bored watching it. I mean, everyone already "knows" the secret behind the Visitors. So even if they switch it up, there is a problem. Either there is no suspense because we "know" what is going to happen (without details), or they switch it up so fast that they destroy whatever suspense might have been there.
I'm skeptical, despite the joy of seeing Morena and Alan on screen again.
I thought the premier of V was boring. I did like Morena and Elizabeth Mitchell's performances...and the space ships.

It will be interesting to see if V can keep it's high ratings next week, or not.

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