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November 04 2009

(SPOILER) Dollhouse 2x05 "The Public Eye" promo on Hulu. With a surprising revelation!

This was shown right after "Belonging" first aired (following the credits). So cool seeing Summer and Maurissa though!
Interesting vid.

Also, semi-OT: Eliza was just an answer on Jeopardy! the question pertained to DH, and the person got it right!
edcsLover9, I saw that and mentioned in the thread a little ways down the main page. So cool to have wider recognition.

Anyway, since this thread will likely be gone in a while, I'll just say, I love that scrunchy face Summer makes in this!
Offtopic - but why is Whedonesque freaking out on me in IE?
Isn't this ad new? I don't remember the spoilery detail.
It's not new, it's what aired at the end of "Belonging".
@Succatash - It's not just you...
OK, I was probably too dazed by the episode to pay attention.
It's not just IE. The site's CSS is messed up. Visited links have a new color, and site mods have lost their special color.
IE hurts my eyes, Firefox doesn't.
It seemed extended. It's been so long since we've had Dollhouse, my mind is probably playing tricks on me though.
Nope, I just checked my recording, and it's the exact same ad.
Same ad? Yes. Still looking balls awesome? Yes! What I dislike about Hulu is that it doesn't show the promo clips for the next ep. I have to go to Youtube for that. Glad to see they tossed that in like salad.
I thought it was going to be a new ad, disappointing.
edcsLover9, what was the question? I love jeopardy, & DH obviously.
It's odd that everyone keeps saying that Bennett will be the "Girl Topher." Looks to me like she's gonna be an evil bitca.
Anyone know if the promo has been/will be posted elsewhere for us non-US located fans who can't use Hulu due to copyright laws?

The same promo is HERE on youtube.
Thanks! I would have squealed like a little girl if I saw Jeapardy live (in a very manly way).
Thanks a bunch, ShanshuBugaboo! While it turns out I've already seen this trailer, I'm still appreciative :D
I am going to be pissed off if Also, this my first spoiler text comment ever, *Nerdgasm* Thanks for open registration y'all :D
Opps,I meant Battlestar fan FRIENDS, I'm against slavery in every way... And from now opn I'll edit before posting
Kinda thought Adelle meant the other person flashing by in the clip at that moment was the sleeper (). But I've thought she was since she first appeared.
I think it's ambiguous, and probably meant to be, which is why laugh whenever people say there's a definitive spoiler in this trailer.

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