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November 04 2009

People Magazine has the first pics of SMG's and FPJ's baby, Charlotte. People Magazine presents exclusive photos (and a very cute article) of Sarah, Freddie and their new baby girl.

Charlotte is a cutie! I think she looks a lot like Freddie. It's adorable that they're gushing so much about her in the article as well. I think I'm overusing the word "cute."

Holy cuteness overload Batman!!
Sarah looks great.
anyone catch the I won't be going back to work anytime soon comment???
Those two are indeed going to make wonderful parents...
No "awwwww" could be long enough to express my awe. Lucky little Charlotte.
They are all so adorable! And they seem like they'll be great parents, too. :)
All I can say is that is Charlotte is one cute and lucky baby.
She is precious.
Beautiful! Sarah and Freddie seem so very happy. That's wonderful for them.
So adorable! And Sarah's got that new mommy glow, she looks absolutely radiant! :D
I am known for disliking children, but I have only one thing to say about this one:

I wanna see pictures of Charlotte and Satyana playing together! The cute/awesome factor would probably make the planet implode.
This article is full of love. And how beautiful does Sarah look! Motherhood suits her.
I'm glad that SMG and FPJ keep their lives so private and really only share that much with the press with their bigger life moments, get it out there and over with, and then return to their privacy. Lack of famewhoring with their relationship and child and keeping their lives private is something I admire, appreciate, and probaly helps them in the longrun.

Charlotte Grace is a cute little one and looks like a good blend of parents with maybe a leaning towards Dad. Though, of course, it's hard to tell this early and she probably already looks different.
I think Bardot, Charlotte, and Satyana should all play together. You know, on the set of the Buffy movie in a few years.

Charlotte is adorable. I didn't think SMG would introduce her, but I'm glad she did the shoot, it's wonderful and a guilt-way free to see the baby (paparazzi photos are icky, but curiosity is strong).
Sarah looks lovely and she and Freddie have a very cute baby.
What a lovely family. Congratulations!
Sarah looks radiant and has a beautiful family! Loved the shots of all of them and am thrilled at how happy they are!
Doesn't this post break the rules? Just saying.
Yeah, the link breaks the rules. Specifically the "do not link to scanned copyrighted material" rule.

I expect People will have the article online at some point, though it doesn't appear to be available yet. As a stopgap, I've substituted a New York Post article that references People. (And, lest you think the substitution is arbitrary: it's the difference between posting an entire copyrighted article online, and mentioning that article as a way of encouraging people to get the original material.)
WOW! Both girls look gorgeous! Motherhood looks amazing on Sarah!
The magazine is on newstands. I don't think People intend to put the material on their site since it's already in print.

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Charlotte is adorable! Looks quite a bit like Freddie in that pic. And Sarah is looking amazing.
Sarah looks, to my eyes, better than she has in a `coon's age.

Hmmm, considering a filk, there are songs about Charlotte NC that I could adapt....

Will definitely be getting this edition; help balance the copy with Aly's wedding story within my magazine collection.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Cuteness!!
nawww, bless the little dear!

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