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November 04 2009

HijiNKS Ensue comic about DVRing sci-fi shows. We all wrestle with this. Which shows do we keep and which do we delete to make room for more shows with Whedon actors?

Well, I have a DVD *recorder*, so I just make a hard copy of everything I want to keep :)
I really liked the drawing of the smashed remote.
I have a VCR, so I pretty much *have* to watch things right away, 'cause I've only got one tape. =)
I think that's my hand! I was doing this last night.

Though I do have a project underway to give me more disk space. Of course then I'll need another project to find time to watch what I've recorded!
Fairly thin connection but it made me smile (except i've enjoyed 'Flashforward' from the start). Is it weird that I sort of look forward to the day when we have to negotiate with our technology to get it to do stuff ? It'll be the footooor then see.

In the really real world though, if you could have DVRed something AND you're not a Nielsen viewer then just download it. It's morally the same thing (so long as you download it without uploading, or at least only upload to other people who could've DVRed it and aren't Nielsen viewers ;).
The BBC have a prototype hard drive recorder that just records every single programme on every single channel and keeps them for a month, so anything you want to watch you just find it and press play. Who needs to tell your DVR what to record!
I can't usually save stuff. There isn't room when you're recording stuff in HD, takes up too much space. Don't always watch stuff the night they air, so if it's a week with new Dexter, Bored to Death, Heroes, V, Lock & Load(Showtime reality series about a gun shop employee and the scary and/or funny gun people that frequent it), Glee, Survivor, The Office, Dollhouse, and maybe the odd movie or documentary (actually I have a bunch of movies saved that need watching)...fills up fast (although only having 1 or 1 and a half hours of TV to watch 5 or 6 days out of 7 isn't as bad as I've been in the past with TV addiction...although I'd hardly call Heroes an addiction at this point, more of a tired habit).

At least OnDemand helps ease damands on the PVR, though I find it can only be trusted for premium cable shows, not regular network TV. Here anyway. For whatever reason, they'll have episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7 for a show, but skip 2 and 6. Not much use in depending on OnDemand for a show if only some of the season will be available on there.

Re: The comic

I kinda wanna check out FlashForward, but on DVD. The premise sounds interesting enough (although I've read comments from many fans of the books who aren't happy with the adaptation), I just wasn't in the mood to be strung along for potentially many seasons on a slowly unfolding, week-by-week basis when the premiere premiered.

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