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November 04 2009

Fillion-rich "Complete Hero" art installation opens in London. Anybody from here attend yet?

Ugh. Why couldn't it have opened earlier? Left London a week ago. *sigh* Oh Well, Barrowman in a dress is not so shabby
Come again, Ivalaine?!
Gah, my friend is currently in London, and I couldn't make it ... stupid thesis. Would have loved to see this.
Wish I could attend --- but I did talk my friend's sister into getting a ticket for the reception--hope she gets some pics as well
Ivaline is probably talking about seeing John Barrowman doing winter holiday pantomime productions. Pretty sure he's done roles before in the last couple of years where he cross-dresses. Could be wrong though ;)
He may have had plans to play the Widow Twankey (who among us doesn't ? ;) but he'll have to knock them on the head because he's currently playing a drag queen on stage in 'La Cage au Folles' (which runs until January i.e. past pantomime season). I'd imagine that's what Ivalaine meant.

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JB is or has recently done La Cage
Indeed, He is currently playing Albain in La Cage(I would highly recommend it if you have the time/inclination money. The theatre is small enough that even a half price ticket lets you see everything). Sadly I wasn't staying long enough in Cardiff to see him do the Panto (which he IS doing - playing Robin Hood)

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How wonderful, it's finally opened. If only we all could be there to cheer Nathan and Martin on. Now what I want to know is, where is, what is the progress on the Sigourney Weaver female counterpart of the project?
Is that actually being done Tonya J ? It's a really interesting idea though it'd presumably have a different emphasis - where the male one seems to partly be making the point that male heroism (and maleness in general) shouldn't be defined by violence I guess the female version might be about female heroism not being defined by male heroism ?

Sadly I wasn't staying long enough in Cardiff to see him do the Panto (which he IS doing - playing Robin Hood)

Ah, my mistake, he's only in La Cage until the end of November (though it does run until January). Still, unless it's a fairly radical reimagining of Robin Hood you're unlikely to see him wear a dress in it ;).
Thanks to everyone for the info. But, as I said before, I'm currently living too far away from everything. Really should consider moving.
Just watched the video on the site and found it quietly moving.

I don't see it as being a "male version" of heroism as there are persons of all genders shown. Have I missed something?
Nothing beyond the fact that I can't watch videos at work (which, in fairness, you probably couldn't have known ;). Back when Nathan was first getting involved that was the thrust of it IIRC but that was a couple of years ago so it seems like it's changed (or maybe that's just the gist of his bit, as I say, haven't watched it yet).

ETA: Link of where I got that idea just to show i'm not entirely banoonoos. Or not for that reason anyway ;).

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Sorry Saje, I genuinely thought I was missing something. Plus, I am not familar with the history of the project. Sorry I can't be there; it's a bit far from Toronto.
Oh no problem at all redfern ;). If anyone's missed anything it's me since I haven't really kept up with how the project's evolved over the last couple of years.
Saje, dear boy, I posted this back in September of 2008 and haven't received an update since:

I don't know how many of you know this but I received an email from the HERO Project (Martin Firrell) on August 30:

Sigourney joins HERO as the female face of heroism. She speaks about Ellen Ripley, women's power and strength, and her own vision of heroism. Watch out for release dates soon.

What a coup.

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The project is still ongoing, so perhaps she's included in an upcoming phase.

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