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November 04 2009

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted, Episode 1 on Hulu. The motion comic is available to watch on Hulu for those with an account.

Are they going to do that for all of them I wonder? Cause otherwise there's no point buying them.
I looked but didn't see how many they plan on doing. In the availability notes it does say that the next episode will be posted in December 2009 but no word on how many total.

Personally I wouldn't be surprised if they did end up posting all of them. I get the feeling that these 'motion comics' are more of a promotion than anything, as I find myself wanting to go out and read the comics themselves instead of sitting through a whole motion comic. Somehow I just find them bizarre. I guess the small amount of animation, music, and voice acting is a poor substitute, to me, for my own imagination. I'm not sure how everyone else feels about it though.
I've only seen the trailer for this (because I'm in Australia, argh), but, is it just me or are motion comics kinda...lame? I've seen the Watchmen one, and I thought 'this looks like a really bad/cheap cartoon'.

So, I growl at motion comics. Just read the books! Gah! Schmuckery! Only after writing this did I read the comment above, and so, yes I agree! Gah!
Kind of ruins the point of a comic. (Not sure exactly what that point is, but it feels ruined). Much better reading it.
Well I haven't seen the Watchmen one which they actually released on DVD, but I've heard the Marvel ones are different since they actually have a cast of actors rather than it basically being an audiobook slideshow.

That said, they're not especially... Good or anything? Like the mere use of John Cassaday art makes it much better looking than those old 70s cartoons but they're not especially better like proper animation would be. It is sort of neat in a creepy way how they try to make 2D images look a bit more 3D though... ?

Based off the Spider-Woman ones they posted most of those on Hulu too so I imagine they'll at least round out the first Astonishing story arc. Plus with any luck this will be a springboard into an adaptation of this in a different media Joss can get involved with.
It would be rather especially not bad (good) if Buffy S8 was not ever made a motion comic.
Stick me in the "not getting the point of motion comics" category. I'd rather a good comic or a good cartoon. The former I can read at my own pace (lingering when I want to, and not waiting for actors to finish reading lines I've already read), the latter is a different sort of fun.

I'd rather the resurrection of the Buffy animated series than a motion comic (though I'm sure the latter is much less expensive to make). Or even better, a new Fray animated story.

Of course, I still listen to the old Hitchhiker's Guide radio plays, so to each their own, I suppose!
Yeah, I got the iTunes season pass, but haven't watched episode 1 yet. (I did read the comics.) I was thinking I'd show them in my animation class, but now I guess I can show the Hulu videos instead (though I've so far avoided signing up with Hulu.)

I think I'll collect the iTunes set, but not watch any to avoid any wear and tear and in a couple decades I'll be able to sell them for huge profit! ;)
As far as motion comics go, this one actually isn't too bad. I like the fact that they've taken some stills and have been able to animate them even in the slightest facial expression. It by no means is a replacement for reading a comic or watching an animation, but it's definitely a step up from the Watchmen one that was made where the cutouts just moved across the screen and had dialogue.

If Buffy S8 were done the same way, I wouldn't be against it.
I have nothing against Buffy Season 8 (I won't watch it though, pshh *rolls eyes*) as long as I get the same thing as a comic
That was...different. If anything, it made we want to read the comics again as it has been awhile. And if S8 was made into a motion comic and got more people into it I would be all for it, though it would be kind of important to get voice actors who at least sound like the originals, if not the actors themselves.

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