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November 05 2009

Happy Birthday to Armin Shimerman. Principal Snyder turns 60 today!

Woah, Buffyverse actors are getting on. ;o But, anyway, happy sixtieth! ;'D
I just watched him (for the first time) in Stargate SG1's first season as one of the Nox.

It's just... hilarious. Especially considering his role as Principle Snyder and Quark.
VVC... ack! Me too! Did you just decide to go back and watch SG-1 after picking up SGU, too?
I met him at my college when he dropped in to host an acting class. Incredibly nice, smart, and funny man. Many happy returns!
Oh I would love to meet Armin Shimmermann! I've always meant to get a hold of his books to read, he really is a Renaissance man. And he isn't THAT old (just 4 months older than me!).
Happy Birthday, Armin Shimmermann! Thank you for the priceless acting moments!
embers, if you can get yourself to Atlanta next Labor Day, you may get your chance (Mr. S's work schedule permitting). Armin Shimerman was one of the first guests announced for next year's Dragon*Con. Honestly, I'm more excited about him, Rene Auberjonois, and Howard Hesseman attending than I am about the Trek actors, though I'll undoubtedly go to and enjoy their panels too. I loves me the character actors who take on the quirky roles.

Happy birthday, Principal Snyder!
Happy happy birthday!
Hope you had a great day!!
Happy Bithday to him!

In one of the non cannon Buffy books, Buffy coments that Snyder looks like a Star Trek Ferengi. The Fourth wall was imploded.
Happy belated birthday to the principal!

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