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November 05 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of the Dr Horrible comic book. And related interview with Zack Whedon.

Looks good. I guess Dr Horrible is 30, then. :o I might actually buy this, but I have no idea where to get it in Northern Ireland.
Forbidden Planet in Belfast.
Thats like an hour and a half drive. Do they do subscriptions? ;o
You have a standing order with them but you'd proably be better off waiting till it appears on the Forbidden Planet International website and get it that way. They only do a week in advance at a time so check back this time next week to see if it's there (as it's out on the 19th here).
Do they do the Buffy comics in the sets? Like Wolves at the Gate all in one.
Good read so far. Like the art style and getting to see Billy as a kid. I hope we get to see Captain Hammer's back story at some point too.
Love this! Great writing, and I'm really liking the art. (It also amuses me that NPH just can't get away from Doogie-ish characters.)
Looks like Billy's "Mister Maniacal" action figure inspired his Dr. Horrible get-up (and the actual villain too).

Despite child-mind equating bully with superhero (due to the "Einstein" comment and probably the brains-over-brawn talk from the villain), Billy's still gotta be a little bit sick in the head at that age to suddenly find himself enjoying seeing the hero in pain/bad guy winning.

But we kinda already knew that from the musical. What with claiming he wanted to rearrange social mores at the beginning, but then going all nuts about "all the cash, all the fame", with "social change" only as an afterthought, during "Slipping" at the end there. Not to mention getting a little too fixated on Penny as if she were an object.
Awesome! I had no idea this was coming up. Very pleasant surprise. This preview already was a great read.
Oh my goodness! I can't wait. Rushing to preorder right now.
This is mad! excitement
Wait, will this be in myspace dark horse presents, or only in actual comic form?

Actual comic book! 24 pages! With paper and ink and all that. Some staples.

Thanks Sunfire...from reading your post I realized that it wasn't just a preview of the comic cover. Buttons on the top to turn seven pages.

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Anybody else think the kid that punched Billy is gonna be Captain Hammer? Remember the Captain Hammer "Be like Me" online comic also in print MDHP volume 2 graphic novel

in a couple of panels

November 18. Maybe we will find out both Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible's backstory.

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Ooh, very exciting! It looks great. Hopefully it's released in Australia the same time as the US *crosses fingers*.
Kris, you never rooted for the bad guy when you were young? Was it just me? Anyone...anyone?
E-Rawk, it wasn't just you.
E-Rawk, you're not wrong. A good villain or anti-hero can steal my breath from word one; Protagonists must bloody well fight to earn my heart!

They've got to be doing something pretty reprihensible for that to change, and even then I continue to relish their existence.

Besides. It's a valuable public service... Banks aren't just going to rob themselves, are they?
Heh, I rooted for 'em too in cartoons and whatnot when I was a kid, E-Rawk (who didn't wanna see Wile E. Coyote catch and maybe even eat the Roadrunner at least once ?). Just Billy seems to have taken to it with more gusto (and scarily, more self-delusion), than the average gray-and-then-darker-gray character. Well, he seems pretty worn by it at the very end of the web series/movie, but I guess we'll see which direction he heads in in the sequel, maybe a hint at it in this comic.
This looks so good.
Hell yes, whenever I watched Power Rangers I always hoped they'd lose. But for no other reason than the 'good guys' ALWAYS seemed to win, and I wanted something to surprise me.

Although Power Rangers wasn't particularly the height of gripping drama...
Not alone, E-Rawk. It would be dull if the good guys always had it easy, then they'd slack off, couch-sit and forget to iron their uniform.

As a kid, I rooted for Tom while most of the other kids were all about Jerry --- which if you think of it, the rat WAS the intruder and Tom was only doing his job (which might happen to be eating Jerry ;)
Well, if you think about it, Kris, and you look throughout history, human beings have always enjoyed watching pain and suffering of other people. People would go watch someone get beheaded...even if they didn't know why.
So I think it makes sense for Billy to be intrigued at such a young age at the pain of someone else, a little.

But also, I'm sure Billy would have gotten smacked around quite a few times other then the one here. So, the thought of actually winning for once would be a plus. He takes a look at the villian, and by the comments and what not, he can see himself as him: Smart, clever, etc. So it would make sense for him to decide to become the villian, the one who probably won on that fateful day...

Sorry to get analytical and such. It was really clever! And I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the rest!

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