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November 06 2009

Charisma Carpenter in "Legend of the Seeker" Season 2. Check out our Miss Chase in all her medieval glory, courtesy of Sci Fi Wire.

I only watched the first two episodes of Legend of the Seeker last year and It didn't really make me want to watch more. Did it get any better?
It had its ups and downs... As an avid fan of the Sword of Truth series that it's (very) loosely based upon, the massive liberties taken really upset me, but looking at it as a separate entity, it was for the most part decent. It did get better as the season went along, but they still had a later episode or three that I just couldn't stomach.
Stone of Tears is pretty rad. I hope they stick to the same basic story plot. I always pictured Charisma as a Mord Sith.
She doesn't get very many good roles now.
Yeah, I'm with zombiecow, the liberties taken by the show (changes that usually seem to make the content more vapid) makes it nearly unwatchable for me. Re-watching Angel, though, and I miss Charisma Carpenter in TV life.
I don't know if they're even going to touch on Stone of Tears at all, given how they portrayed the Sisters of the Light in the first season. I just don't see how they could make it work.

While Legend of the Seeker has been disappointing, I'm looking forward to the Game of Thrones on HBO. Based off another one of my favorite series, but it's supposed to follow very closely to the books. And Lena Headey? Jason Momoa? Sean Bean? Sweet. I can only hope they toss in a Whedon alum at some point.
I haven't started watching the TV series yet. I actually didn't care much for the books (though to be fair I only read the first two), but I do love some sword & sorcery fantasy! Just started the new Wheel of Time book and am loving it so far :-) I've meant to check this out, but it's been sort of a low-priority for me. Everyone's comments seem to support what I've heard: if you aren't a big fan of the novels but are of the genre, the show is fun.

Oh, and I'm right there with you, zombiecow, looking forward to Game of Thrones! After falling in love with several of HBO's series', I've been wanting them to try a straight-up fantasy story for a while, and the books are absolutely fantastic!
I don't get all the hate on the Legend of the Seeker show. I enjoyed it a lot.
I just wish we could see Ms. Carpenter in some mainstream TV or film.
narse, thanks for the reminder about the Wheel of Time book. I hope it's good!
Whoa, The Gathering Storm is finally out? Leaving for B&N right away.
I'd like to add my voice to those anticipating HBO's A Game Of Thrones, based on George RR Martin's amazing novel by the same name.

And they very much need to add a Whedon alum to the series, both so that we can see can see a favorite actor in a new role and so that we might be able to talk about the show here!

I haven't checked out Legend of the Seeker, but I will try to do so, at least for Charisma's Episode.
I've never read the books--probably just as well--but this series falls into "so bad it's good" territory. The names are silly, the mythology is recycled, the whole thing is an irony-free fantasy trainwreck (how's that for a mixed metaphor?), but it's still on my DVR schedule. Go Charisma.

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