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November 06 2009

"Mad" about Christina Hendricks. Our Mrs Reynolds talks about her role on Mad Men including what she is learning about the era; ‘Huh, I didn’t realize that they had that kind of stapler then,’ or, ‘I didn’t realize that White-Out was invented by then.’

Liquid Paper was invented in 1951 by the mother of Michael Nesmith of The Monkees.
The physical detail is so exactly correct that it's like time traveling (the Revere Ware pots on the stove, for example). My mother had a dress like several on the show, with spaghetti straps, a tightly fitted bodice and a full skirt, and she looked beautiful in it.

I second Ms. Hendricks comments about Mr. Weiner's creative control. The freedom to carry through a carefully thought out vision without interference or compromise is something Mr. Whedon richly deserves.
I love Mad Men and Christina Hendricks brings such a wise, witty and voluptuous presence whenever she's in a scene. Her character Joan is so layered and fascinating, I always look forward to what she brings to the story. Certain twists and turns of events has meant that Joan is seen a little less, but when she is there she always makes an impact. I hope that the writers will find ways to feature her more often.

I'm fascinated with the era of the early 1960s, for a variety of reasons. Culturally, psychologically, and design-wise. Mad Men recreates the era so beautifully well... the way the show looks is as awesome as the writing and performances. Mad Men deserves all the kudos it gets.

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