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November 06 2009

Vote for Dollhouse + other shows in TVGuide November Sweeps Survey. Chance to win $1,000. You can vote for Dollhouse for November (LOL Cry) sweeps, HIMYM, Bones, V everything but Castle. TVguide (Nov. 9-15) magazine has an interview with Nathan Fillion with full page pic.

Also there is a pic of Barney Stinson for the Nov 9th episode under the caption "BARNEY BLOWS UP!".

Seems you can vote as many times as you like but your email only counts 1 time for chance to win.

I really enjoyed marking a lot of shows do not watch and marking Dollhouse and several other shows live.

Direct link to survey

I would enter but I'm still reading the terms and conditions.
I don't read those, they bore me. :|
Irony is delicious.
CrazyKidBen, isn't it though? November Sweeps, ha! Still, I'll vote for it.

I've been waiting for my first post here to be on something important, but this is just too ironic for me to just keep "lurking" as I've been doing for so many years.

Tell us if you find something scary in there. I didn't read it and forgot to search for the word soul.
I wonder why they don't have every show on there. I want to vote for Community. And yeah, Castle.
Sent the contact us an email asking them to add Castle to the survey. Thanked them in the email for the full page pic of Nathan. Article mentioned Firefly, Castle, Halo 3: ODST, Kids Need to Read, Canada.

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2000 words! That's more conditions than dollars I could win if I meet them all.
Still reading it. Now in the second day.
Haha, Simon. Im in Canada so I'm going to assume that I'm not allowed to enter. I guess they're saving me a couple days of reading!
Spoiler: you're both ineligible.
Abrams: I can enter, and I live in NI. :|
Enter, yes. Win, no.

The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, age 18 or older at time of entry.
Thats further away than Canada. 8|
Oh, I don't read rules. Meh. :P
That is one crazy long list of rules and regulations. . .
No longer than any other sweepstakes, and actually shorter than many.
Scanning through rules I saw the word "injury" and had to go back. Oh,COMPUTER injury! *phew*
I'm pretty disappointed with the choices they had for the survey. They only listed a small selection of primetime shows for the most part, and the shows they did list weren't really things I'd normally watch. I was particularly peeved that Supernatural and Castle were left off.
I actually did this, just to vote for Dollhouse. I definitely didn't read through the terms (how's that working out for you, Simon? ;)
I hope there was nothing in there about my immortal soul (in case I happen to have one).
It's odd, when I sit down and think about the shows I watch it always seems like such a big number, but going through that list it almost seems like I dont watch anything. .
Then again they left off a few (Supernatural being a biggie for me).
No Castle, Supernatural, Psych, or Chuck (which admittedly isn't on *right now*, but neither is Dollhouse)... I do watch several of the shows they listed, too, but the list was definitely incomplete.

I didn't read through the Terms & Conditions thoroughly. No doubt they'll be coming for my kidneys within the next few hours.
Probably the intent is to raise consumer awareness of certain shows rather than really gauge consumer interest in what's on the air.

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