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November 06 2009

The Buzz on 'V's' Morena Baccarin. The web is abuzz about the 'new' face we already knew. The main Yahoo! page asks 'who is this mysterious face?'

wow, well she won't be an unknown any more, huh? Good for her! I hope the show makes it, but if not I'm sure now she will be more bankable for other projects.
Reminds me of the old line about the overnight success that took 10 years. (Or however it goes).
As I say, keep an eye out for V and Castle fans...Firefly is on sale at Best Buy for $12.99 until Nov. 14th.
I just saw this and was about to post it. I'm stupidly annoyed, I guess, a) at the suggestion that she's unknown, and even more because b) it seems to actually be relatively true. Haven't you kind of, over the years, become so familiar with names like Morena Baccarin, James Marsters, Amy Acker, Felicia Day and, more recently, Enver Gjokaj, that you've basically convinced yourself that, all evidence to the contrary, people largely do know who they are? I didn't realize that I had done just that until I read this and thought, "New face?! Oh. Right."

I don't know. Seriously, good for her. I just wish her "big break" would go down in history as being "Firefly." Silly, I know. But there it is.
Yes, she's been such a part of our lives (she was at the pre-screening of Serenity in DC in May 2005, what a wonderful thrill) that it seems unsettling when people "discover" her just now..but, good for her, my wife and I are always pleased when Whedonesquers do well.

As to the show: guarded enthusiasm, which is much more than I expected. We shall see, but I'm hopeful of good things.
I know that who I consider household names/faces often aren't well-known. But I'm pretty ignorant of the famous actors. The other day I got a Wired magazine and recognized the person as an actor. A famous actor, but I had to look at the words to figure out who it was. This unknown? Brad Pitt.
Well, maybe all those wonderfully new fans looking her up will want to see her in earlier project and discover Firefly for the first time.
Outrageous! One of the much-beloved Princesses of Whedonia being GoogledYahoo'ed like a common pop star? Unless it was because of the short hair, in which case yeah, it does make her look different. But she was seen with short hair before Firefly. Acting in a movie and everything!

It's a Good Thing™ that she's entering the general consciousness; there will be more smitten people to squee with. Mass smittenation (smittening? smittenizing? is there a gerund for expressing smit?) will vindicate those of us who have already succumbed. 'Cuz there's nothing worse than being alone on a tiny island of smittitude in a sea of blank-eyed stares of ignorance when one has to squee. (Though her IMDB message board, like pretty much all IMDB boards, is a little worrying in places.)

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Lookups on the rising star soared up an astronomical 4,580% in one-day searches on Yahoo!

Now that's what I call "getting noticed"! Really good to see her getting some well-deserved recognition. Hopefully, this will lead folks to her "other" work, *nudge-nudge* Especially the BDM, where any hope for sequels, spin-offs, comics, etc, lie.
Someone at another site who 1-didn't know who aLyson Hanniagn was 2-called her "a paparazzi whore."

Sigh, I'm still keepign my fingers crossed for Megahn PErry and Shonda Farr, altho with Morena a s competition not bloody likely anymore.
i think it's time for that Serenity sequel. With Nathan's success on Castle and now this - we might actually get butts in theatre seats this time.

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