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November 06 2009

Bianca Lawson joins The Vampire Diaries. She was in it for only a couple seconds of the last minute of the eighth episode.

Apologies as this must have been posted before but just in case.

I wonder how different the dynamic would have been if she hadn't turned down the role of Cordelia. I can't imagine anyone else in the role but Charisma.
Neither can I. Seven seasons of Charisma, and no-one else can fill the role (three on Buffy, four full on Angel, guest season five).
Wait, Kendra was almost Cordelia? How did I not know this?
Wow never knew that either.
l miss her character Kendra. lt would have interesting to see her play Cordelia. I cant wait to see her on thursdays episode.
I'm really struggling to get into TVD, I mean, I liked the first episode. It was funny, well written and seemed to have a decent production value but something about it being another vampire show and another high-school drama bores me. When I normally flick on a show, I can watch it for the 40 minuets. It takes me a couple of sittings to get through episodes for this.

The name of the show is terrible as well.
I think The Vampire Diaries is getting better with each episode. I thought the pilot was a little 'meh' but I stuck along with it and was actually moved when died. I was excited to see our Kendra again too :)
She was going to play Cordy? How come I never knew this?!
Ya, I saw the pilot and did not like it so I stopped watching. Then I watched the halloween episode and decided to check it out this week. It sure paid off because Bianca showed up at the end!

QOUTE: The name of the show is terrible as well.

Well, they don't really have much choice. That is what the author of the book series that the show is based off of named it.

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