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November 06 2009

CSTS Global Charity Donation Tally has just hit a new record $116,936.18. Whoo-hoo! And still climbing.

Equality Now $104,764.02

And Other charities
1,500lbs in food for Greater Boston Food Bank

Al Wooten Jr Heritage Center = $378
BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation = $727.95
Donors Choose = $874.66
House of the Good Shepherd = $1,160.00
Humane Society = $395
Kids Need to Read = $7006.49
MADCAP Cinema = $269.00
Nashville Cares = $200.11
PDX Browncoats = $500.00
Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona = $660.95

Despite the Global Financial Crisis, Browncoats have managed to achieve something which seemed impossible six months ago! We are mighty!

Can’t Stop the Serenity is now in it’s fourth year, and with the dedication of Browncoats across the globe, the event gets bigger and more successful each year. Just take a look back to see just how far we’ve come!

2006 – $65,900.24 raised by 41 cities in 5 countries
2007 – $106,165.69 raised by 42 cities in 7 countries
2008 – $107,219.15 raised by 45 cities in 4 countries

And now, in 2009, together we have grown to 56 cities in 7 countries. And already we’ve confirmed donations of over $116,000 with more to come!! We still have some cities who are finalising their donations, so this figure will continue to grow.

Our amazing volunteer organisers have outdone themselves this year, and the Browncoat community has come out in droves to support this year’s events. So, on behalf of the CSTS 2009 Global Team... THANK YOU!!! You are ALL mighty! This could not be achieved without each and every single one of you.

And in case you thought that this year was pretty much done and dusted… think again! We have an amazing season finale in the works, which we’ll be announcing very very soon.
Ohhh, season finale!
Such good works!
Such a good time had by all doing it!
Thank you to everyone involved!
In case anyone's still following, we've now raised over $128,000!!

As of 11 November 2009, we have raised $128,193.59 from 44 cities. This total includes $116,021.41 donated to Equality Now (confirmed) and $12,172.16 to other charities. Details here.

New additions are:

Los Angeles $2005.04
Orange County $979.54
San Diego $1921.49
Riverside $1873.54
San Francisco $2625.00
Atlanta $1852.80

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