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November 07 2009

Joss is "really excited" to direct Glee episode, says cast. Cory Montieth (Finn) tells MTV's Hollywood Crush that "it's good to have a talented fan directing the show".

Perhaps if he rocks at it, and Dollhouse gets cancelled, they'll offer him a job there. :|
Ugh! Location restrictions. I was looking forward to watching that. I've totally got my Gleek on this week.
I have to wait till 2010 to watch it, as I only e-watch a few things.
1) It really annoys me how they put locations restriction on the content, but they show you the advert before just fine!

2) For those outside of America, you can get around the location restriction, using the "modify headers"/"x-forwarded-for" method that's floating around the Internet that makes your browser pretend it's requesting content for an American PC. (I wouldn't want to leave instructions here, but I'm sure it's easy to find if you wanted to)

Anyway, the more I hear about this, the more I get excited about this episode. I hope it turns out well. :) Shame the interview was so short though.
Hmmm... I'll be happy when I see him direct something like The Office again. I don't even know what Glee is, can someone tell me what its about?
Have a gander at this: , Allen. And, as always, google is your friend. Until it becomes self-aware that is.
I did not watch Glee. Then Thursday came and by Friday I had watched all the episodes! First episode was kind of slow for me, but then I couldn't stop watching until there was nothing left.

Much more excited about Joss directing now than I was a week ago - that's for sure! *fantasizes that JW sneaks in a few lyrics of his own*
I can't wait for the Gleek-dom to begin the UK. I've got one convert because I watched it over a day or two with him, but I need more. Then again, every one and their mother will be watching it next year and I'll just be shouting to myself "I saw it before any of you, so nahhh!".
I caught up on watching "Glee" in a day because I wanted to see what Joss was getting himself into. I have to say that the show is really addictive! I'm really looking forward to its return on my birthday, and seeing what Joss does with it.
I actually rediscovered the talent of Kristin Chenoweth on Glee. Somewhere, somehow, I had developed an obnoxious image of her as always using a nasal, helium-annoying voice and it was a turn-off. Anyway, based on what Joss did with The Office, twice, and his previous experience/knowledge of musicals, teenagers, and cheerleaders, I just can't wait.
I actually rediscovered the talent of Kristin Chenoweth on Glee. Somewhere, somehow, I had developed an obnoxious image of her as always using a nasal, helium-annoying voice and it was a turn-off.

I see where you're coming from, but I actually thought her singing on Glee was not as good her rendition of "Eternal Flame" in Doug Petrie's Season 2 Pushing Daisies-episode "Comfort Food". (Of course, this might also be influenced by the fact that I consider PD to be the vastly superior show of the two... ;)
I love Kristin Chenoweth and like Glee but didn't really like the two together all that much. That was pretty much my least favorite episode so far.
wiesengrund, I never watched Pushing Daisies, because of show conflicts, but now I will search out how to watch it online based on your recommendation. Thx!
only word to describe Pushing Daisies: Wonderful.
only word to describe this news: Wonderfuller.
I wonder who is more excited, Us the fans, the Cast or Joss himself lol
I know Kristen C has the chops for it now, after listening to her singing "Defying Gravity" for the fifty-thousandth time. It's an amazing song and she does a great job. I never knew what I think of her when she burst onto my screen with Pushing Daisies. I knew I should like her, I knew she was kinda respected, but, alas, I wasn't that into TV back that so I pretty much just saw her as another face. My discovery of Kristen B[ell] was pretty similar as well.

Her episode "The Rhodes Not Taken" was okay, I mean, it's better than no Glee and it works in with other episodes but I don't think anything really stands out. I hear she is returning and I think that might be able to save the character and make that episode feel less "filler/guest-spot-y"

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