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November 07 2009

Strung-Out: The Dollhouse Edition! Over at the Puzzle Hub they have created a Dollhouse Crossword puzzle to pass the time while we wait for the shows return.

I always fail these. :|
Don't worry Frick, you're not the only one!
I know it's all Dollhouse, but I can't shake the feeling that #10 should be "hands of blue."
I haven't managed to solve the right half of the puzzle yet, but I'm pretty sure at least one of the numbers is misplaced... Unless someone has a first initial I don't know about, #7 works much better if it's moved a square to the left.
@inthelatin - Have just double checked it, not a mistake I can find, all checks out. But cheers for being vigilant as mistakes can/will get past us on occasion... thankfully not this time!
@frick - We are pondering a clueless 'scatter factor' type ME crossword that'll be more appropriate for players not comfortable with our clues, it'll be like a word-jigsaw of sorts, hopefully you'll fair better there!
TBH our biggest worry is they're too easy! So it's a (twisted) relief to find they're not for everyone :)

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Haha! No, I think you guys can rest easy on that point. I managed about half before hitting up Google. The seeming relationship between clues 9 and 17 is a particularly devious twist.

Thanks for the clarification on 7. I see your intended answer, though funnily enough there really is a second answer that also fits perfectly -- if you move the number just one square. :)
If I say it wasn't a planned trick with the two Craft's does it make it seem less devious?
Cause I won't, totally planned, you guys (whedonites in general) are getting good and bloody hard to challenge!
Expect more, and worse ones.
Whoohooo! After the last three ME puzzles with only a teeny tiny bit of Dollhouse, I guess my emailing asking for more DH worked.. thank you Puzzle Hub peoples!
No worries, was a fun little challenge to make, keep the suggestions coming!

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