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November 07 2009

Angelus wins Vile TV Villain poll at He beat Sylar in the final.

Betrayal is the greatest villainy!
Sylar isn't that much of a villain. He's just insane. :|
In the words of Peeping Tom of Mercia, "Hooray for our side!"
Way to go, vile heartless serial killing vampire. Um....
Just read the comments on that post and it was one exhausting argument. But I'm glad Angelus won, he's my favorite evil.
Whew.....grats angelus
I'm gonna have to agree with the voting here; Angelus was probably the best single villain the Whedonverse ever saw (the greatest villain period of course being Wolfram & Hart, but they're just so far reaching and such a background organization you can't compare it to a physical onscreen persona like Angelus).

And, on this list, I'm going to have to go with Sylar being the number two. He's a much better villain than Heroes is a show, so unfortunately his character has suffered because of the writing, but in spite of all that, his conception and Zachary Quinto's delivery...pure awesome.
Good tournament!
The evilness of Angelus is what made me a die hard Buffy fan. I believe it was the episode "Passion" that made me fall hard for the show.
I'm not sure about this one.

I haven't seen any of the recent Heroes episodes, but the seasons I have seen (1-3) only served to creep me out more. Sylar has got to be one of the most creepy villains I have ever come across, whether it be in writing or TV. And it is of course Zachary Quinto's delivery, which is why I have some reservations watching Star Trek. Because I cannot get Creepy Sylar out of my head. Not ever.

Angelus was bad, but I love David Boreanaz and so he has never quite gotten to me like Sylar.
Go Angelus!

I've watched Angelus episodes so many times yet David can still scare me and make me attracted to him at the same time. Angelus was just pure awesomeness! Deliciously evil!
Angelus looks better in leather pants! No, seriously, I think (and poll be damned) that it's the devil you know, and let into your life and heart and then he uses that against you when he turns bad that is scary. Why I will always love Joss' writing better than JJ Abrams or whomever is writing for Heroes now. He knows how to twist that knife. OUCH.
I will have to whole heartily agree with hopitopia and rusty626, betrayal is the worst evil. I'm sure Dante would put Angelus right next to Judas in the last circle of Hell.

Angelus was ruthless, bloody, horrifying and downright damnably cunning. You can be crazy all the live long day, but be a monster and revel in that ... makes you a greater evil.
Having waded through the comments on that site - posted to date - I can honestly say that we Whendonites are an erudite and passionate lot.

I was really pleased to see that the Angelus fans took time to present carefully thought out arguements.

The greater number of fans for most of the other evils were shocking, to say the least. No reasoning, no logic, some dreadful spelling and grammar, and an excessive use of the word "rocks" I felt too, so 1980's.

I did want to counter argue the comment made regarding the Yellow Eyed Demon from Supernatural having a plan for the apocalypse and Angelus not, hello season two of Buffy, but after reading ALL the comments felt I had done my job. Also, don't mess with Supernatural fans I've found. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some Supernatural, but a section of their fan base is a little, shall we say earnest. I guess staring at those two ridiculously hot Winchester Boys will do that to you after an age.

But to add to all the killing and torturing and maiming Angelus did, he also sired a bastard family in Drusilla and Spike, so their kills are his ultimate responsibilty too, plus any others he created, and don't forget the massacre at the hotel he allowed when the mob hanged him. (Are You Now or Have You Ever Been - quick segue - Elizabeth Rohm was on Heroes this week.)

Plus, you know, betrayal...and Willow's Fish. Sometimes it's the little things that show how much care we take. Angelus isn't just evil he's refined evil.
'and don't forget the massacre at the hotel he allowed when the mob hanged him'
That was Angel. Post-soul, pre-rat-eating days when he was a complete recluse.
Shep, you are right. Blimey, even when he was good he was bad. Think it's time I go watch me the dvd's again :)

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