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November 07 2009

Felicia Day to co-host Attack of the Show. She will be guest co-hosting this Thursday and Friday.

Attack of the Show airs at 7:00pm eastern time on G4.

I'll watch that. There isn't enough of her on TV, acting or presenting.
I think Olivia Munn is allergic to her hosting duties! At least this time they're getting someone cool to take over.
I don't have G4. Any way to catch this online?
Not the whole show, but several clips from the latest show can be found here.

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It's unfortunate that G4 is such a wretched hive of scum and villainy. It could be really cool channel for geeks, but instead is this odd combination of Maxim Magazine and the Transformers movies that pretends it actually knows something about geek culture.

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I agree that there is way too much Maximese (and the related double-pits-to-chesty nonsense) on G4, but Ninja Warrior is amazing and addictive, and Attack of the Show, though by no means something I seek out, is certainly my favorite of their original programs. Will look forward to catching Felicia there.
I've been bitter towards G4 in general since they merged with TechTV and took away all the shows I enjoyed watching (namely, "Call for Help" and "The Screensavers"). That said, depending on how lively the news is those days, I might be able to take a peek, just for Felicia's sake. The things I do for her, really! *g*
Same here Raggedy Edge - I absolutely love Ninja Warrior and I enjoy watching Attack of the Show when I happen to catch it. I think Felicia will do great at hosting (watch out Olivia Munn - they may want to keep her)!!

That said, it would be nice though if they had more shows related to gaming, tech, & the internet.

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