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November 07 2009

Hallowhedon 2 Tickets on Sale. Tony Head has been confirmed as a guest at this 2010 London convention.

Costs too much money. :|
Some of my buds went and LOVED it! Too bad I'm broke and live far away :(
The standard tickets are very reasonable, and the gold is good value considering you get all your photoshoots in with that price.
I'm booking again this weekend. Whedonverse only Cons aren't as common in the UK these days and it's always great to meet the actors.

Interesting to note that well over half the attendees at Hallowhedon were Buffy/Angel Convention newbies. It warms the cockles to know that the shows can still pull in new fans after all this time.
I booked my Gold ticket at Hallowhedon. This was a really great event and I can't wait until next year.

I think the prices are quite reasonable, and as The Do That Girl said, the Gold is pretty good value for money. You get a photo shoot with each of the guests as well as an autograph from each of the guests and a meet and greet with free wine. Free wine that can lead to broken bones, granted, but it's FREE!

With the standard ticket you still get a free autograph from each of the guests, which at the last event would have cost you 60 alone.

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