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November 07 2009

Top Cult Shows: Firefly. Real TV Addict gives Firefly a look.

A concise examination of one of our favorite shows.


Good morning, world. :-)))
Nice article. Thanks Mike!
I particularly liked and appreciated this passage:

If you havenít seen Firefly, it is not the kind of show you rent, it is the kind of show you buy. Iíve shown it to fans of science fiction, westerns, romance, comedy, drama, it doesnít matter, theyíve all loved it. Unlike a lot of my DVD shelf, Firefly gets played over and over again. It is universal and a must own for anyone who is a fan of good story telling.

Amen, Brother.
For one brief, shiny moment . . .
shiny! Wish we could get a sequel out of the love! :) ditto on the amen. TDBrown!
Still $12.99 at BestBuy! Until November 14, 2009.

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