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November 08 2009

Seth Green scheduled for Conan O'Brien next week! His appearance is scheduled for Wednesday November 18th, 2009. Set your DVRs!

Oh goodie, Conan is getting some good decent guests lately (NPH, Jim Carey). Conan being the only one aired in the UK, I love it when he gets good guests because its much more comfortable to watch it in the living room instead of YouTube. Awesomeness!
Not to say he wont be appearing but I don't see anything on the site about his appearance. Did he personally announce it?
Conan is the only US talk show aired in the UK? That's interesting. Any idea why?
It airs on CNBC Europe. Jay Leno used to be the staple, but when he went off The Tonight Show, we got Conan. At some point last year, we had both Jay and Conan. I'm not totally sure their reasoning fof anything. They show some really pointless things amidst all the news.
Letterman used to be one of the more obscure cable channels on Virgin. Might have been Diva or Five USA.
Actually, if you really want to get into things, Ellen and Oprah are shown on Diva TV about six months late.
I'm still recovering from his interview on Rove (Aussie TV)
Pity you guys don't get that around the world!

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