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October 22 2003

Firefly mini-series? AICN's new snitch 'White Giant' in Sydney, Australia says: "A four mini-series of Firefly looks all set to film here by next Easter." (update: source probably meant Firescape)

We take it he means a four part mini-series.

Over at it's suggested that the rumour might actually pertain to the movie, rather that a mini-series, being filmed in Australia.
Word is the guy meant Farscape, not Firefly.
Word should be the guy's a bad snitch. :)
I heard that the guy meant Farscape, which is good news, that show was great. Also, if the Firefly movie was wildly successful, and Fox asked Joss to make a new, full length season, should he say yes, or tell them to shove it and make more movies.
Joss should (would) say yes but to a series, but probably only if offered certain assurances this time around...whole season commitment, competative time-slot, creative control. That kind of thing.

It'd be tought to do it though...several Firefly cast members have exclusive contracts to other networks.
Word is it's the Firefly/Farscape crossover mini series, Firescape *nods*.

Hee! :D
the Firefly/Farscape crossover mini series, Firescape

Simon, you are evil. TVTome is gonna have a whole section devoted to Firescape within hours. what is the definitive word on this post? Does it pertain to the Firefly movie, new mini-series (highly unlikely) or etc...
Sidney, Alias.

Sydney, Australia.

Making the Firefly movie over here in Aus would be a good move. Same services and resources, just cheaper. And what chocolateboy said, grrr...
Plus if the movie was made in Oz, then I could go and drool over Joss and co.

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