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November 09 2009

Morena Baccarin to "visit" The Bonnie Hunt Show! Our former "Firefly" girl is appearing on Bonnie's November 12th show to promote her new ABC hit, "V."

What ya mean former? ;)
Is this Morena's first talk show gig? How exciting!
What's this Bonnie Hunt Show? We never heard of this in Sacramento....darn it! I hate KCRA for dumping this show for Dr. Oz.
It was so much fun when Nathan was on her show.
hmm, now it says Dominic Monaghan for Thursday? And some Grey's Anatomy guy and Judge Wapner. Not seeing Morena at all for the week...
bop bop - Hit - lets see if it keeps that rating for episode 5, then we can call it a hit :)

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