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November 09 2009

Vote in the SFX Awards 2010. Dollhouse gets nominated in a number of categories: 'Needs' for Best Episode, Eliza for Sexiest Female, Alpha for Best Monster Or Villain and for Best Plot Twist too, the mind-wipe technology for Best Gadget Or Future Technology and the first few episodes for Biggest Disappoinment Or Missed Opportunity.

You can also write in the show for categories you think it should have been nominated for. Like Best TV Show for example.

Man was it tough voting for best sexiest female Eliza or Summer decisions decisions oh well.
Who on Earth nominated those particular episodes? I mean, I have a particular fondness for Pushing Daisies' 'Oh Oh Oh...It's Magic' because it has my favourite magician twins, but it's hardly a standout. 'Needs' is good, but nowhere near the level of 'Epitaph One' or even 'Briar Rose'. And choosing 'Chriss Angel is a Douchebag' for Supernatural is just bizarre, that episode's rubbish.

I'm officially starting a campaign to get Enver Gjokaj at least a half-decent write-in vote as "best actor", who's with me?
Briar Rose would totally have my vote; that ending took me back to the good old days of chipless Spike for some reason.
T:SCC doesnt get enough credit, brilliantly executed show so I am inclined to vote Summer over Eliza there... as well as 'Missed Opportunity' was the cancellation of T:SCC as it was just darn cool, and I didn't think the first few Dollhouses were all that bad.
I'm with much as it was a tough mental decision, had to give Summer the edge for more word of mouth and I honestly found the canning of TSCC more of a missed opportunity than the first few episodes of Dollhouse.

Also, as an non-UK resident, some of the choices were rather Brit-centric, so it was difficult in choosing when certain categories weighed heavier with stuff I haven't seen/seen yet. But it's not exactly suprising since SFX is a UK magazine.
Hard picking for Best Series , as I dont watch one of them! I can grudgingly understand omitting Dollhouse from the nominees, but Chuck should surely be up there. And no Lost? Feel like I'm missing something.

Still, this brought back memories of the year Serenity won pretty much every category, good times.
I had to say, there were a lot of good options and I couldn't vote for Dollhouse on everything. I picked Moon for a couple of catagories over Dollhouse (including Best Plot Twist), because that movie was absolutely fantastic and few people have seen it. I also voted season three of Heroes for missed opportunity. They had this big campaign that it was going to get the show back on track, and they had an opportunity to get back all those viewers who abandoned them. They could have been a movement again, but they blew it.

And, Green Queen, I wrote in Enver for Best Actor too. :)
I watched 'Needs' again recently... I think people are underestimating just how great that episode was... I'd put it at 2nd favourite behind man on the street... briar rose and epitaph 1 would be tied for third.
I found myself voting for some people just on general principle, if only because I either hadn't seen or wasn't a fan of the other choices. Torchwood got a lot of my votes, mainly because they really stepped up their game this season, say what you will about the events that occurred. Some were really hard though (with the exception of Chris Pine and Robert Pattinson, I would have easily voted for every man on the sexiest list). ;)

I liked the inclusion of Best Gadget or Future Technology this year. I was inclined to vote for the Sonic Screwdriver out of sheer coolness, but the Dollhouse technology got my vote. I always like it when a show introduces tech that is not only cool, but makes you think as well.
Dollhouse got a lot of my votes on this one. I agree that Needs is an amazing episode and voted for that as well as the Dollhouse tech, which is just so cool. I wanted to show more Supernatural love but their choices were so odd I just couldn't justify it and don't enjoy writing in a choice cause that hardly ever wins.
Shocked they didn't have 'Ms' in the first drop down box. Didn't go further. What is this, the fifties?
Shocked they didn't have 'Ms' in the first drop down box. Didn't go further. What is this, the fifties?
zillah | November 10, 07:17 CET

You beat me to it zillah and I'm so glad someone else mentioned it.
My Scifi nerd won out and I went ahead and voted, but I was tempted not to. It's really insulting for a mature divorced woman to have to chose between Mrs. and Miss.

I used "Dr" - although I'm not, in any sense of the word. ;)
Yay! I'm glad too that someone shared my sentiment. I've never been married, and to me my 5 year old daughter is 'Miss'. :-)

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