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November 09 2009

(SPOILER) Full Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy Season 8 #30. Scott discusses different aspects of issue 30 plus other tidbits.

Had me giggling a fair bit. :)
This is one of the 5 comments I make on this site:

I really like Scott Allie because of his generosity and patience and humour in these things. I'm cautiously optimistic about this whole flying business... Bring on #31.
I thought you guys would hate the flying

I don't think it's filtered down to the casual internet fan yet. If there had been a sympathetic puff piece in one of the comic books sites like Newsarama then it may have been a different story. Something along the lines of "Buffy flies! - Joss and Jane reveal all". But then Dark Horse's PR efforts have been somewhat lack lustre of late and by that I mean non-existent.
Hmm interesting q&a. I didn't know that NB and SMG had asked Joss to get Xander and Buffy together in S7. I also like his Allie's answer to the question about Buffy's feelings for Xander, I don't know why Buffy would have to be under external influene to have an emotional change of heart, just seems like life to me.
I had never heard anything about Nick and Sarah requesting the B/X relationship either. And until I see some other confirmation, I'm going to continue to assume that that was one of those weird nonfactual statements of fact that fans and shippers sometimes like to make.
From what I remember Nick Brendon saying in an old SFX interview, Xander was originally going to be killed off in season 7 and then brought back from the dead as a monster. There may have been something about a Buffy/Xander romance as well as that does ring a bell.

ETA: Yes I do remember. Nick said Joss nixed the idea because he wanted Buffy to be alone in season 7.
Nick also talked about it at Hallowhedon last week, from what I understand.
Nick said in the past that he and Sarah went to Joss before season 7 started and asked him about doing B/X in season 7 but Joss said,no.
If it made sense to the actors playing the characters and Joss is playing around with the attraction in Season 7, looks like a solid and viable possibilty to me.

But I'm glad Buffy was kept (mostly) alone in Season 7, albeit with Spike hanging around and their non-togetherness being all weird. She doesn't have to always be coupled off, you can still do drama without having every character, even your main character, in a relationship. Folks in real life aren't always paired off, especially in late teens/20s. Buffy being single (early Season 1, early/first half of Season 4, last half of Season 5, beginning of Season 6) sometimes results in interesting periods for the character and the show.

I'm re-posting this from the #30 issue thread, since it's sorta died:

AndrewCrossett said in the SlayAlive Q&A:
"In the scene where injured Riley is lying on the floor, he doesn't seem to have the Twilight symbol on his chest anymore. Just a quirk of the art, or significant?"

Scott Allie replied:
"I reserve the right to make that make sense later."

Big fuckin' oops. D'oh, another one. Cool if these sorts of things get fixed in the trades or eventual hardcovers.

I'm still confused about the Warren thing. I'd need to go back and re-read certain Warren/Andrew-related parts to follow the narrative about that again. They goofed, I sorta accepted it (especially if Warren being dead-for-a-few-seconds qualified him as an image The First Evil could use), then they brought it up again due to fan complaints and...maybe they should just drop it. The conversation between Amy and Warren regarding that might've just been Jane poking fun at the whole thing, but...I dunno...whatever at this point, y'know ?

Read the question pertaining to this answer and I think, although it doesn't give away Twilight's identity, it hugely narrows down his origin.

Scott Allie:
"No comment other than Twilight is not precisely psychic."

I know this was suggested many times before, but yeah...Twilight's either from the future, has seen glimpses of it, or experiences different times of his life at the same time, but really ? Seems pretty clear that he's one of the major male characters, only a future version of them (he could even still be Riley, given that he knew Riley would betray his crappy villain group). Giles, Xander, Andrew...Hmm, who else would make a shocking candidate ? (I could live with it being Andrew, as lame as that might turn out to be in execution, if it means Buffy gets to kill both present and future Andrew as a result and eliminate him from the Buffyverse. Although the headache inherent in Buffy killing present day Andrew and then Andrew-as-Twilight technically never having done anything he did in Season 8--not good for the easy-flow enjoyment of the story).

Would also explain why the Fray crossover/arc was done, to introduce the idea of time travel (and not just time manipulation/alternative perception like with Illyria and with Jonathan's repeat-the-task trick in that Season 6 ep about Buffy finding a job) and prepare us for this possibility after introducing future-Willow and all.
The angle from which you see Riley barechested is a rather awkward one to draw a scar. Yes, it's probably a mistake, but I don't think it's utterly necessary to see it.
Always enjoy these Q&A's, though they can prove to be a horrible tease.
Simon, while I never heard anything about SMG and NB wanting some B/X action in S7 (which would have been interesting) I do know a lil more about possibly killing Xander. According to the Drew Goddard/Nick Brendon commentary on "Dirty Girls," one of the ideas the writers were throwing around in S7 was to kill Xander and have him come back as the First. They decided to nix that as they felt Xander was someone who had stood by Buffy since day 1 and they didn't want it to be perceived that Xander's reward for standing by Buffy was to be killed. Also it would be difficult to properly deal with Xander's death in the run up to the end of the series. So they took away his depth perception instead.
Having recently rewatched S7 I can definitely see the seeds of a Buffy attraction to Xander being planted as he really became the only steady presence in her life apart from Dawn (Angel, Joyce, Willow and Giles are gone, Spike is gone and tried to rape her before he left, Xander has a good job, apartment, a car, being able to fix stuff that breaks in the house, basically not being a "butt-monkey. Hell, she entrusted him to take Dawn and get out of Sunnydale). So I agree that I don't see why an "external force" would have to be at work for Buffy to be attracted to Xander. Seeing a longtime friend grow up and become a responsible, dependable adult who has been and is always there for you can certainly change perceptions (and it isn't like NB/Xander was ever very hard to look at). It definitely made sense that it would be Xander by Buffy's side when S8 started moreso than anyone else. Though, you can also see seeds of D/X being planted to, especially in "Chosen."
I am happy Buffy was single for S8, though I was very anti B/S. It allowed a lot of B/S issued to be dealt with and provide closure and hope for fans of that 'ship.
I think Twilight is Buffy.

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