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November 09 2009

Live+7 ratings for Dollhouse 2x04 "Belonging". Live+7 ratings for Belonging go up 57% to take Dollhouse to a 1.3.

Of course, as the link says, compare that to the "1.2 preliminary Live+SD rating for the 9pm hour of a House repeat on 10/30" and you can see why FOX isn't airing Dollhouse during sweeps.
But House repeats will get about 4 DVR viewers. So DH should win out still.
I'm not sure that matters in a sweeps period. If House gets a 1.2 on the day it actually airs, and it takes an entire seven days for Dollhouse to get there (and ad viewing decreases the longer it takes someone to get to the episode, last I read anyway), that's why House reruns are airing and Dollhouse isn't.
You're both right, but what matters is
1. How important are the 7 day ratings for Fox? Acording to TVBTN, not very :/
2. How much have the Dollhouse dvd/itunes sales actually made? And the hulu ads, come to think of it
I think it's a really close race, but we don't have enough info right now to know which is more profitable, not even counting how much dollhouse costs to make.
[Edit: B!x Kinda beat me to it]

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Well, also according to TVBTN, there was no way that Dollhouse would be getting a season 2.
It's always nice to see Dollhouse in the 1 point's, even if it takes several weeks to get there. It's like Joss is making a show that some people are actually watching this way. ;]

I can't wait for Sweeps to end.
Well, also according to TVBTN, there was no way that Dollhouse would be getting a season 2.

That's not because they don't understand numbers, it's because they didn't know the particular set of factors besides traditional numbers that FOX was looking at re: Dollhouse.

They understand numbers. And they're not wrong to keep pointing out why House reruns are airing during sweeps, no matter how much spin appears arguing against it.
Yeah, I agree with B!x, TVBTN has been wrong but I quoted them because they know what they're saying right now.
It’s upsetting to me that Dollhouse is on par with shows like One Tree Hill ratings wise, because the difference in quality of those 2 shows is astounding.
I know, One Tree Hill is like, totally WAY better! Or were you going the other way with that?
Only numbers we have for Dollhouse DVD sales
Dollhouse - Season One 62,226 $1,826,333

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Annonymous, how many episodes does that offset? 3? And it's done alot better than that in total obviously, plus it was frequently #1 on itunes, which made atleast $100,000 Per week it was 1, but probably higher
[Edited: It made atleast around $120,000ish every week it was #1, but I don't know how Fox and iTunes divide that, so only half could be going to fox.]

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Hey, that's Anonymous1. Annonymous is some other person... ;)

You, DeezyG, wanted some DVD sales numbers. So I posted them.

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What was on at the cinenm that Friday?
The 57% increase seems huge, but ratings–wise it's about the same as usual (0.5). The percentual figure is so big only because of the low initial live ratings.

BTW, Bones rerun, which was broadcasted instead of Dollhouse last Friday, got 4,09 mil. viewers and 1.2 in the demo.
Aside from the number itself, doesn't it also matter that there is now an upward trend in the numbers?
I'm not sure what movies opened that exact Friday, but I keep hearing endless amounts of people talking about Paranormal Activity, which seems like it could maybe share some audience with Dollhouse. Maybe it attracted some attention away from the episode that week?

However, I'm always pleased when the Live+7 data comes out and Dollhouse increases significantly, at least percentage-wise. It may not be something that saves us and the total viewership may still not be fantastic (or even decent) but I think any reports or articles about the show that paint it in a mildly positive light and let people know that at least SOME people are watching it can't hurt.
Amelia, Astro Boy, and Saw VI all came out that Friday and Where the Wild Things Are had come out the Friday before, but still did very well that weekend as well. Interpret this as you like.
While the overall numbers could be better, its always nice to see some type of positive news tacked on here and there.
I really, really wish the +7 numbers included EVERYTHING. I mean, it's cool if Fox wants to keep Hulu or iTunes private, but it'd be great if the +7 grouped all of them together, becaue for all we know it could have ACTUALLY shot up 75%, (In terms of WHO viewed it, obviously it's not half as profitable as live.) I mean, I have 12 friends who watch EVERY episode of Dollhouse, and ten of them (plus me) don't have Tivo or tape shows.It's not about money, they can afford it (as can I) but we just don't. Most of them go out friday, about half hulu it about half use iTunes. And also, Neilson should include a season pass on iTunes as one viewing of every episode, if in like 2 years they start doing what I just suggested.

[ETA: I guess what I'm saying is that if Neilson ever gets smart, they should count every download of an episode on iTunes, and ignore how it was downloaded (Why should gift cards/season passes/ free episodes not count? I know free episodes bring no profit, but apperently +7 numbers don't count for anything anyway so let's just see how many people have watched) ]

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