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November 09 2009

Bunch of videos from Hallowhedon. Fan on YouTube posted a bunch of videos from this weekend's Hallowhedon. Nice for those of us who couldn't go.

Apologies if we're not supposed to link to Youtube channels. Couldn't find any info in the Guidelines about it. It isn't my channel, if that makes a difference.
I think more of an issue is the fact that attendees aren't supposed to video the talks.
I'm contemplating going for this next year. It looks amazing.

Just looked at the Starfury T2 convention, as well, and that has Adam Baldwin, Thomas Dekker, Yvonne Strahovski and Bonita Friederocy currently with more to come. I might get a ticket to that for Christmas.
Jayme - the Starfury Echo 1 Con has an awesome line up too if you're thinking about Cons (don't know if Dollhouse is your thing). I've just booked the Hallowhedon II and have had tickets for Echo 1 since May this year.
Those are the two cons that I am intending to attend too!
The Do That Girl, Yeah, I saw actually after a bit of snooping. Their Battlestar Galactica one is so tempting, and its SO close! Dollhouse is most definitely my thing but if I'm going to go to one of these. It's going to only be one. I can't afford any more, I don't think... I'd love to meet Fran!!

Maybe, Hallowhedon II as another Christmas gift. I'm 17, though, and it means going by myself to blatently a con full of older people. I go to the MCM Expo with friends, cos, like, its much cheaper, but I wander of anyway...

Much to think about...!

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