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November 10 2009

Ditch The Tech. I phoned the number on the Rossum website and sometime later I got a call back with a short message, simply telling me to "ditch the tech". I went back online, and found this site.

Creepy. I <3 viral marketing.
That is kinda creepy but still cool, love the reflections in the screen, didn't notice them first time around!
*looks over shoulder...
Wicked. That darn tech causing the apocalypse! I'm definitely going to print those and post them around. I'm in Canada but all promotion helps!
You click the link below the video and it gives a PDF poster to print and post everywhere...multimedia!
Looked at the page source and:

Civilization will fall apart in the year 2019. The Rossum Corporation is responsible. It is already beginning at the L.A. Dollhouse right now. Don't let them wipe the future!

meta name="keywords" content="Rossum, evil, future, 2019, L.A. Dollhouse, end of the world, don't pick up the phone, ditch the tech, ditchthetech, wipe, brain, mind, soul"

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Very shiny! Thanks for the link.
That's awesome.
I also found this down on the left side of my browser where it said "transferring data from..."

Only says "SOON" right now. I wonder what'll go up eventually.
Oooh, nice find Arison. This is so fun and I'm very appreciative we get this to entertain ourselves with while Dollhouse is on hiatus.
Gods, I love viral marketing!
And I am now even more terrified of picking up the phone.

(And,that's a great first post, Dev!!!)
Oh wow, this is all so cool. And creepy. And snaps for all the people making this stuff. Dollhouse fans are ace.
That was just the thing to cheer me up in the middle of my writing-papers-all-night blues.
I was very startled. That was creepy and cool, indeed.
I love that Whedon shows inspire the very best of cerebral fandom! Gonna print out my posters!
I ripped the video from Ditch the Tech, the video was saved as "last" and the site it leaves on my FireFox downloader is

I'm sure neither are of any use but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
Really cool and effective stuff.

Man, if the show had just been marketed this way from the beginning. This show has so much potential to have a large fanbase if it'd just be allowed to grow.

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This is great! What will happen next?

Thank you to those who put a huge amount of time, effort and thought into this!
The Rossum side of the story has always been one of the strongest points of the show, sad that the main Fox marketing plan relies on "Hey, is Eliza in tights with guns", which barely registers.

Wonder how many cooler things they could've invested on if they haven't wasted money with that weird Virtual Doll thingie.

Update - to correct one of the worst written paragraphs ever. Really.

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Numfar PTB, just thinking about how much better a "pseudo-viral" campaign would've worked on FOX. Of course it might've had to wait til season 2 and assume people had watched Epitaph One, but it might have gotten more people into the show on an actual premise instead of made up "Its a T and A show!" spots.
not that it's NOT a T and A show, at times. *ahem*
extremely creepy.

[ edited by The Do That Girl on 2009-11-10 11:50 ]
Yes, Dollhouse is also a "T and A" show occasionally, the problem is selling as mostly so. I think people that might have browsed through Dollhouse due that type of promotion, and actually expecting that type of show, must have been very disappointed by how much more "cerebral" it turned out to be.

But, the fact that Fox never showed Epitaph One does hurt a bit into the efficiency of these viral promotions (despite it being really really cool). Unless you've seen the DVD extras (rental or sale) or you're in International Markets that saw the episode on TV (mostly Cable, not network, however extremely vocal audience) which doesn't affect US direct market (not directly at least), I wonder about the reach of these actions.
Dollhouse DID have a viral marketing campaign. Remember the whole interactive thingie with the girl trapped in a room with the wiping chair and stuff? No? Well, there you go.
Gadzooks! That's intriguingly disturbing. Or disturbingly intriguing.
Septimus it's 4am where I live so I'm having trouble reading how many layers of sarcasm are there. ;) Numfar PTB, yes, we're making the same point, I think. The T&A isn't mostly my thing, but of necessity that sells. The viral campaign would have gotten people more in tune with what the show actually IS, AND the 15 yr old boys....
it's intributingly distringing.
Creeeeeeepy. This kinda stuff in addition to the Why I Watch site and videos seriously makes me wonder why more people aren't tuning into Dollhouse if, for no other reason, out of sheer curiosity.
I love this kind of viral marketing. My first experience with it was when they had the ilovebees website for the Halo 2 release. Just so much fun.
It's all very apocalypse-y and that resonates with an audience much more than what the Dollhouse currently is, I think. If the show was more like what these viral videos and Epitaph One was, we might have had a bigger hit on our hands. However, I do love Dollhouse the way it is, I can't see myself getting as upset as I did in "Belonging" to anything set during The Storm. Obviously, I'm going to be proven wrong since this is Joss and he knows how to get my heart pumping like no one else.
The "ditch the tech" clip is also on youtube - don't know how many views it needs before it starts being automatically suggested to other viewtube members - but so far it's only had 15 hits - if we hit it hard will that increase visibility?
The video (if you can't see it on like me) is here on youtube:
Wow. Extremely creepy. I love it.
Thanks for posting to you tube. I couldn't get the website to load at all.
All I saw on the website was a black background with a link to the pdf flier.

Wonder why I didn't get this site in an email (I emailed the Rossum PR address). Oh well, thanks for posting it! I'll need to check out the video on youtube later (not at work).
I got the black background too... but at first I interpreted it as a clever commentary on ditching tech.

And having watched the youtube... wah. That was creepy indeed.
Is the anti-phone/tech poster just part of the fun of the site, or is it also intended to be a call to arms for fans, part of the whole "Save Dollhouse" campaign related to Why I Watch or some other effort ?

'Cause unless a whole lot more is being added to, I dunno if it'd be worth printing off the posters and plastering them everywhere. Although I might print one off just for the novelty of it, and because it speaks to my love-hate relationship with cell phones.
At first I was annoyed I couldn't watch it on my iPhone because it's Flash and despite there being ways to code video for almost everyone to be able to see it.

Then I realized, intentional or not, not being able to see the video on a phone might me thematically appropriate. (Although maybe people on phones are the ones who need the warning the most?)
Wow. Super creepy cool. Love it.
Speaking of creepy, the text on the "Wipe the Future" site now reads: ROSSUM KNOWS THAT YOU KNOW.

The WipeTheFuture site now says "Rossum knows that you know"...and that's it. It's yep, once again, creepy.
I got the black background at first, as well. But I just went back and saw the video. Wicked creepy. I love it!
I think the WipeTheFuture site might be even creepier. Just that one line... chills!
Very cool. I am loving these fan-made viral marketing sites! Fox sucks at marketing. Even the successful House viral marketing campaign was Hugh Laurie's idea - right down to the drawing of the snakes on a cane.
But now, we know they know we know. That means we can take steps to prevent this from happening!
Of course Rossum knows I know. And I know that they know that I know. And they know that I know that they...

I love viral campaigns.
The new text on WipeTheFuture reminds me of Topher's "I know what I know." And Rossum knows too!
Anyone else hoping for the Rossum site to get "hacked" like Lost did a few years ago?
Creepy viral marketing = awesome.
Now, if FOX would just get their heads out of...orifices they shouldn't be in (I'm talking their marketing department here. They do have one of those, yes?) and plastered Dollhouse ALL OVER like ABC did with V folks might actually find out about the show.

I was just on - there were four ads for V. All of Morena. The one above my "What's on" listing graph had the lines "We come in peace. Always" scrolling up on the side. The one below was just her face. To the left was her face w/alien eyes, and to the right was her face regularly. Oh, and there was also another one way off to the side that said "V - Tonight on ABC."

Plus they aired a commercial for V with break on "Dancing With the Stars" last night.

I just don't know how much attention this kind of viral marketing is going to attract to the show. If someone hadn't seen the link here, would they likely be able to stumble across it doing a random search? And...what would make it turn up in Google?
Well, both and come in on top when I search in Google. So either being linked to from here has been a successful google-bombing, or someone made sure they would be the first results up.
Yeah, but...what did you search for, Arison? "ditchthetech" or "Rossum is evil"? 'cause, yeah, those make the sites turn up, but...we already know those phrases. I'm saying how would someone outside the fandom, unfamiliar with this site, or Dollhouse, come across them?

Is the purpose of these sites to entertain us, the already-fans, or to intrigue someone into watching the show for the first time?
Well these links have provided me much fun on Facebook.

I uploaded the Rossum Advert with the tagline "Intruiging - read closely - "toddler dementia" - then a couple of hours later uploaded the ditchthetech link and after another pause the wipethefuture link. Most of my friends worked out it was viral advertising but they all thought it effectively scary. Job done. A few more fans generated.

BTW - my fave part in the Rossum Advert is where they declare they want to understand every brain by disecting it.
Am I the only one who thinks ditch the tech would make a good Twitter hashtag? Like: "Ah my [insert tech here] is a piece of crap [or desired description of substandard performance]! #ditchthetech"
There is some interesting and potentially spoilery stuff brought up about Rossum from the information gathered on Rossum's site in the comments of this article.
So the upshot here is that some folks *really* liked Stephen King's "Cell"?
Today reads: "THEY WILL BE CALLING." says "we're not done."
Now says "FIND HER! HURRY!" with an interesting login animation.
And the HTML on, where there's a new video, points to @AlexfromPR on Twitter.

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