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November 10 2009

Why is Joss Whedon on my shirt? A blogger gives his reasons for wearing the "Joss Whedon is my Master now" t-shirt.

Awesome Frakkin' article. Seriously. Mad!
That gave me goosebumps. I need a Joss shirt. And the author dances around my philosophy for happiness: those little moments, the in the now happy RIGHT now stuff. Best I've ever come up with. Season six is brilliant, but I bet that comment causes some flack amongst fans. I've seen serious hate for season six of Buffy. OT, I find it funny that my posts window says "Joss" is incorrectly spelled! (New poster funniness)
I wish Joss Whedon was on my shirt.
I do need some nerdy shirts, I've upped my game lately. Got a Star Trek and Superman one but I need a Buffy one. Totally. And a Serenity one wouldn't be out of place on me.
I got one last Christmas and now I'm the envy of all (most) (okay, some) of my friends.
Can you still get those maroon Sunnydale High t-shirts? The ones exactly like they wore on the show? Because I would wear one of those.
I had a shirt made that says Joss Is My Hero. I sleep with it under my pillow.
Great article. Joss has always been my master, 'cept I haven't got a cool t-shirt saying so.
dzr, I got one from cafe press. It says "Sunnydale Razorbacks" with their mascot in between the two words. It's bright red rather than maroon though. I'd take a peek around that site, there are ton of fan made Whedonverse items.
Good article on one of the big themes that's certainly present in so much of Joss's work.

I think Kitty Pryde summed it up pretty well at the end of Joss's run on Astonishing X-Men:

"Everything is so fragile. There's so much conflict, so much pain... You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize this is it: the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along, that weird, unbearable delight that's actual happy-- I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get. Cause it's here, and then... gone"
Cafepress is a great resource for showing off your fandom. So far I have a "Joss is Boss" and "five by five" and "Sunnydale High School" and "I Aim to Misbehave" in my Whedonwear collection. want one with "Dingoes Ate My Baby" and "Ben is Glory?" and something Dollhouse related.
dzr, I believe a company that you can find by googling "Power Star Merchandise" and/or "Power Star Collectibles" sells those maroon Sunnydale High t-shirts.

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I live in a world populated by Edward-obsessed Twi-tweens. The "Joss is My Master" shirt sounded like just the ticket, until I found a "Spike Vs Edward: Is that even a question?" one.

Thanks Joss, for providing positive female (and vampiric) role models :)
I wear that very shirt sometimes at the gym. Nobody here has a freakin' idea of who the man is. Sometimes I get strange
looks. Ah,well. . .
Ah, Power Star Merchandise/Collectibles. They've been selling Buffy stuff (sometimes hard to find elsewhere) since at least Season 2 of the show, maybe before the show started. They got a lot of my money during the first few years of the show's life. Remember the Buffy chocolate bars that came in three or four different flavors ?
I have so many whedon-verse shirts (including the Joss is my Master Now shirt) it's not even funny. Hell I'm wearing my Browncoat shirt right now as I type this. Oh and I found this Sunnydale High shirt over at ThinkGeek, which looks very cool and official.
The Captain Hammer shirt--black, with the hammer-in-circle in the middle--is the only Jossy shirt I own, but I love it.
Remember the Buffy chocolate bars that came in three or four different flavors ?

Yes. Here in the UK we had Buffy easter egss and advent calendars as well.

Oh and the Whedonesque t-shirts that we did a few years ago were awesome.
The Captain Hammer shirt--black, with the hammer-in-circle in the middle--is the only Jossy shirt I own, but I love it.

That's my current favourite too and always gets a mention at Cons - even by Zachary Levi (Chuck) who said it was a cool shirt :D

I also made a 'Joss is Boss - Dong Ma?' one a few years back but the transfer is almost worn off and the shirt is truthfully too small.
I loved those Buffy chocolate bars. Specifically the raspeberry one. Mmm... wish they were still around. Well, some probably are. I would just have to question their edibility.
For Puddinhead:

The link takes you to women's sizes, but they might have other styles too.

I think I found this shirt through Whedonesque a long time ago. Once I get more moolah, I'll definitely be purchasing it. I also have a "Joss Whedon Is My Master Now" shirt that I frequently get bizarre looks from, but it's worth it.
Man, I want that T-shirt. XD
My fave is still this one:

"And then Buffy staked Edward. The End."

I adore wearing it around the twi-tweens!! I may wear it when they drag me to the New Moon late show.

edited to add: Johanna beat me to it! My link is to the men's shirt tho....

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Simon - I WANT a Whedonesque t-shirt, with my name "bubblecat" on the back and I want it NOW!
Oh, I had one of those Easter Eggs. Still got the Buffy mug that came with it (also have CD wallet that I assume came with it, but can't remember exactly.)

Great article, which I agree entirely with, particularly the season 6 comments.
The ThinkGeek link above has some cute aspects. Apparently Sunnydale High's student activities included "chess club, debate, demon summoning, drama club, Future Fiends of America, Honor Society, the Key Club (one member), and yearbook."

I wear my "curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" shirt with pride. I had a "Browncoat" t-shirt but it got lost... I'd wear my "I live vicariously through Buffy" shirt more often but there's a slight printing error.
Whisper: "It says "Sunnydale Razorbacks" with their mascot in between the two words.

Is the mascot before or after meeting a pack of hyena spirits? ;-)
I saw a woman with a Serenity logo shirt the other day. I talked to her and her hubby and I guess there's a huge Denver Browncoat thingy every year. They were Jossians. I told them about Whedonesque, they'd never been here. Anyway, gave them my # and they promised to call when anything W related happened. Which I guess is monthly here. Sweet.
People tend to give me an eye-roll when I say I’m a fan of “Buffy.” To be honest, it’s their loss. It’s so much more than “that tiny blonde girl who stakes vampires,” which is what most people think of it.

There’s a character in every one of his shows that someone can relate to, if they’ll just give them a chance.

Some day I will have to get one of those shirts. I love wearing my brown “Serenity” T-shirt; not too many people will know what it is. (I also have two pins on my backpack/bag - the red "Buffy Lives" eyes and "And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." Unfortunately, my W.ASH* Sisterhood T-shirt died an early death when the iron-on transfer stuck to itself.)

*That's Worshippers of Anthony Stewart Head, by the way.
I had a shirt made that says Joss Is My Hero. I sleep with it under my pillow.

i carry my Dr. Horrible dvd wherever i go just in case someone hasn't seen it and needs to. so far i have gotten to 37 people using this method. :D
That was a great blogpost! Spoke my language indeed. And now I got to get my self some more Joss t-shirts.

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