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November 10 2009

(SPOILER) Scoop on Summer Glau's Dollhouse character. E! Online has some spoilers on Bennett. (Spoilers for other shows as well.)

Of course waiting till december wasnt hard enough already...
Hmmm. Doesn't feel satisfyingly scoopy enough.

'Up next on Dollhouse: Bennet says... stuff, and something is revealed .....Look forward to it!'

Of course, real satisfaction can only be guaranteed with a brand new Dollhouse episode in hand, dagnabbit. >_>
Check it, I've not decided whether I'm going to be on US speed or UK speed yet. Frakking HD makes the decision so damn hard.
Yeah, I found that a bit disappointing too but maybe the idea is to remind people the series does continue to exist and hasn't been canceled yet.

But what random guesses can we make as to the single unequivocal statement? The origin story hint is kind of intriguing though. I do pretty much assume it has to tie into Echo probably but maybe there's an off chance for Topher or something. "Caroline, I am your mother!" (she does have that black hand...) maybe?

Boyd's Bennet's father? Echo is the chosen one? Bennet's brother was the guy that Caroline may or may not have gotten killed? (Bennet IS that guy?) Bennet's Glory?
Heh, the questioner is from my hometown.

No, the "scoop" didn't reveal that much, but at least it's going to be an origin story. More background info is a win, in my book.
Which two remaining episodes is Amy Acker in? If she's in the next one with Glau, then Whiskey's back story is my first bet (okay, mainly because that's the one I'm most curious about). On the other hand, Whiskey's backstory seems to be tied in with Topher's somehow, but the statement mentions getting closer to the origin of "one" character. (Whiskey & Topher either brother/sister or, after Vows, maybe childhood best friends? With Sierra's birthday imprint as a portion of who Whiskey was?)

Or maybe Boyd? He must have an interesting backstory, but whatever it is, I'm not sure it would be shocking. Or Victor? Hmmm....
Bennet is Adelle's dead daughter. Or something like that.
Good one, Simon!

(SPOILER LINK) Glau's character and Echo have a "bit of a past" and have to "duke it out." Hmmmm....
Maybe Bennett was a student at the Rossum lab at the time Caroline broke in? Maybe the break in is responsible for Bennett's arm?

Bennet's Glory?
Wah. So that mind wipe technology is really Glorificus up to her old tricks? Dang, I didn't see that coming.
Well, in an attempt to up the stakes on zz9's idea for what the big reveal is, how's about this:

Bennett Halverson was gonna be Echo, but Caroline's break-in screwed something up and Caroline ended up with the position due to unforseen effects of a partial wipe or programming. Bennett's a tad bit bitter, dontcha know ;D

I mean, think about it...Joss said she wouldn't be a Doll, not that she wasn't ever a Doll, or even a prime candidate.

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Bennet is the only survivor of the group of soriety girls that Caroline cursed in "Ghost" - season one. What was it she said? "You're a pack of snobby ass ho's and I hope you all catch syphillis and die?" It's a whole "I know what you did Last Semester" thang.
I like it, BlieEyedBridadier :) And I seriously doubt it's anyone but Caroline in the origin story. It's already been made obvious that the two are connected in the past, and does anyone REALLY think Joss would have a new caracter that connected to the 'origins' of two other characters? I get that it could make sense because of how the dollhouse connects to everything, but origin story is really before they worked at the dollhouse, or "worked" at the dollhouse ;) And it's too much for Bennet to know two people, especially since no other two characters seem to know each other
LMFAO @ viewingfigures xD

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