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November 10 2009

Finally, what we've all been waiting for: McG's Dollhouse. io9 gives a humorous look at what would happen if some creators took over new franchises. J.J. Abrams gets Terminator, Christopher Nolan gets G.I. Joe, and McG gets Dollhouse.

Of course, given recent events, there seems to be a more appropriate potential candidate for the Terminator franchise, but whatcha gonna do?

Am I the only one wondering "what the hell is a McG"?
lol No, you're not the only one Ray.
I'm glad you told us it was a "humourous look" cause I don't know if I'd've known otherwise...
Why dollhouse and not firefly? F'fly is on 3 different mediums (film, tv, comic) and therefore seems more of the appropriate fit.
McG is the dir. of charlie's angels and terminator salvation...
Joseph McGinty Nichol
mcg made his bones directing too-expensive, glossy, cliche'd music videos before turning his aesthetic loose on the whole of film.

i was kinda bummed about their remarks about orci and kurtzman's work, even though i know it's true... it's just that they were so good on alias...

and yes, i'd love to see jj abrams' terminator >.>
I have great goodwill towards Orci and Kurtzman for Star Trek. I haven't seen anything else they've done, though, and it sounds like I wanna keep it that way if I plan to keep on liking them...
doesn't mcg also have something to do with Supernatural? I have gotta say, that show's gotten pretty good this and last season.
I'm not sure how an active a role he plays in it, marymary. But he is indeed a producer.
Orci and Kurtzman are talented writers but I think they might need to step up to the helm of directing to get something really good. Bay seemingly butchered their Transformer scripts and has said on many occasions that he filmed whilst only having plot points or something. They aren't working on a third, but instead Trek 2 with Abrams hopefully directing again.

Also, I kinda like how out of place Dollhouse was on this article.
Had no idea who or what McG was, either, so I had to look him up... Apparently, in addition to Supernatural, he is also an executive producer for Chuck. Two good shows he has a hand in.
@ Jobo:

Good thing you haven't. Orci & Kurtzman's scripts for Bay's "Transformers" movies are uniformly awful, while under Abrams' supervision they've done much better work.

That dig about McG's version of "Dollhouse" made me giggle... a bit.
doesn't mcg also have something to do with Supernatural? I have gotta say, that show's gotten pretty good this and last season.

Like Jobo and zombiecow said, he is a producer. But all things said, it's really Kripke's baby.

With the exception of J.J Abrams on Terminator, all of the other choices terrify me to no end.
I know a lot of people hate Charlie's Angels, but I really liked the first one. Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore, Bill Murray all being fun. The over the topness really worked for it, I thought. Not Oscar material but a fun movie.

EDIT: Oh! And Crispin Glover.

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McG and Dollhouse. I thought it was fun. I liked the pros and cons of it.
In addition to what has been mentioned, McG was also a producer on The O.C. and directed We Are Marshall. From interviews I saw with him (I was a sucker for the O.C) he seems like a pretty cool guy.
I too, would love to see an Abram's Terminator.
Wow. Bunch of stuff I've never seen done by a guy I've never heard of. I've got a feeling this article wouldn't make much sense to me.

But..."Joss Whedon presents: Terminator" has a nice ring to it.
I'm gonna have to go with my allegiance here and say Joss to direct Terminator. Although, there is one name that has not been mentioned that I would accept as an alternate, Guillermo Del Toro.

I just can't help wishing McG had ditched Bale and instead employed Lucy Lui, Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker as bionic women fighting Terminators - kinda Charlie's Angels meets Manga. That would have been fun.
I would, obviously, prefer Joss's $10,000 bid to be successful over JJ Abrams taking control of Terminator, but as a second choice I could go with it. I've not seen much of his stuff, but I enjoyed Cloverfield and thought Star Trek was a good start to a re-imagined franchise (although I do think it has been overrated, there were many problems with it.) I do dislike Lost, but I know he has only had limited involvement. I can't really see Viewingfigures suggestion of Del Toro. I love his work, but I always associate him with fantasy rather than Science Fiction. I imagine him dealing with things that are mechanical, rather than the very natural creatures he generally deals with. That's not to say I would oppose him taking over, I just can't picture it. Having said that, it could mean we would see more of our favourite Gentleman, Doug Jones.

McG taking over Dollhouse... no comment. Charlie's Angels was an overly glossy film that had some fun moments, but was ultimately forgettable, whilst Terminator Salvation was watchable but mediocre. I don't see any reason why he should be considered for Dollhouse, even as a joke. Just seems like a strange one to pick, out of all the possibilities.

As for the rest of the article, I don't get the snide comments at Christopher Nolan. It seems they resent him being in favour with the critics. His Batman films have been fantastically good and Memento is another excellent film. I also enjoyed The Prestige. I know the article shouldn't be taken seriously, but the only "Pro" being it getting critical praise, whilst also including a long list of "Cons" seemed a little uncalled for.

Lastly, I see they included a dig at Superman Returns. I know everyone dislikes this film, but I thought it was a brave attempt to do something new. The overblown Christian symbolism might have been heavy-handed, but I liked that this was combined with images of the father and the abandoned child. It had problems, being overly long and some fairly pointless action sequences (the early plane/space shuttle accident being particularly noticeable), but for all its faults I think it deserves some respect for trying to be different. For once, I would like to see some positive comments towards it, rather than the usual derogatory comments.
Vanderlay, I completely accept your reservations about Guillermo directing Terminator. But I think the look of his films would suit the franchise and, though I agree that he deals mostly with the organic and natural, I like his work because of the individuality he gives to all his creations. I'm no fan in general, but Arnie, in the first two movies was awesome and he WAS organic.

I reckon the intent of the io9 authors was to ridicule Nolan being wasted on G.I.Joe. As if to say the things that made the Batman movies great would be too highbrow for the other movie.

Superman Returns ; I thought Brandon Routh did a great job as Clerk Kent and his flying alter ego, it was good to see Eve Marie Saint as Mrs Kent, I liked Parker Posey as Jennifer Jolie(sic), and his cape looks great when he flys. See all positive things. :-)

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