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November 10 2009

Olivia Williams on Jane Austen and Dollhouse. A quick little interview for an Aussie publication on playing Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, even a little about Adelle DeWitt.

I didn't know they were replaying Dollhouse on Saturdays?
repeats start this weekend according to my foxtel/optus book... tho 9:30pm not 8:30.
Good can blackmail more people into watching it!
Right? We really need to push the blackmail angle in all this fan campaigning... :)
Or trick them... whatever works!
Olivia Williams as Jane Austen? This I must find.


ETA: Netflix has it. Now as soon as the postal service coughs up "The Plane" . . .

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Thanks for the info allthattwiggery!

I'd love to find out when s2 will start airing in Australia. Or when the bloody box set will finally come out *sigh* It's very strange it has taken this long :/
Pointy, you really must. I just watched it recently and Olivia blew me away. It's called "Miss Austen Regrets."
Netflix'd, ShanshuBugaboo. Someone should pay her to read the complete Jane into audiobook form.
Pointy, its so much better than that Becoming Jane biopic. It aired on my local PBS station, as part of the Masterpiece series, a year or so ago. I ended up getting the DVDs of most of their Austen series-they did several of the books and capped it with Miss Austen Regrets. I'd never have been interested if I hadn't taken a class the previous semester called Jane Austen and the Gothic, which I mention because at the end of the semester we looked at how JA and the Gothic genre influence modern culture, including Buffy.
I would DEFINITELY like to know when Season 2 starts here in Australia. I'm getting very 'spoiler-phobic'. Avoiding anything that may mention what happens in season 2... on a side note, I have that paper... I didn't notice that article though... Must read-through again.
keep in mind allthattwiggery that Queensland is an hour behind NSW and VIC due to daylight savings, which is why it says 8:30 in the article.

But I was wondering when they were finally going to get around to showing it again... hopefully they start S2 just before it starts back in the US
Of course! Cheers for clearing that up. :)
Either way, saturday is a silly night for it, repeats or not.

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And now, ardentdelerium, I feel like reading Northanger Abbey.

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