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November 10 2009

"Clash of the Titans" Trailer. Starring Alexa Davalos (AtS Gwen) as Andromeda.

Looks cool, but I'm partial to the original.

This looks like exactly the opposite of everything I look for in a movie.
Huh... that looked goofy but I was expecting "fun" goofy...

As much as I made fun of the version starring Harry Hamlin I actually did kinda enjoy it when I saw it for a class. How are they possibly gonna fit in that flying golden robot owl into this version? Also, I read one plot description which makes this sound more like they're adapting the God of War video games into a movie rather than remaking the original.

Then one other quibble even though all three took liberties with Greek myth but seriously, if Medusa attacks people with her snake hair then that sort of does away with the whole "look into her eyes and turn to stone" thing.
I haven't really heard much about this movie, but the trailer doesn't look that bad... other than that truly terrible tagline. Nobody sprained anything coming up with that, did they? They better clash, otherwise that's false advertising!
It comes out in March? Too bad I won't see it in theaters (Yeah, I'm in France for the year and I'm not shelling out 9 euros--$15--to see a trashy American action flick poorly dubbed into French. That's 9 euros I could spend on pastries and coffee: you know, the important things.) But I may have to rent this bad boy... eventually.
Sad to say, orangewaxlion, Bubo will not be making an appearance in this film! I read a set report in Empire a couple of months back and the film's makers were pretty scathing about him! I can't recall what else they said but I don't think it's so much a remake of the old film as a story "featuring most of the same characters".
Will probably watch this, eventually.

The original changed my life. My sixth grade social studies teacher showed it to us and I became obsessed with Greek mythology. It was the first thing I geeked over.

No Bubo? Maybe I'll just watch the original again.
From what I've seen and heard, this will stray even farther from the original myth than the Harryhausen Classic did. I doubt that I will be adding any money to the coffers for this one.
I have a sudden desire to play God of War on my PS2.
Wow! This looks amazing. I like that it's not completely shot in front of a blue screen, but that they also filmed on location and with real sets. A good old historical/fantasy epic that's not all CGI like 300 is always welcomed. I also appreciate the visual tone of the film and the fact that it's not heavily adjusted by camera filters, but feels real and authentic. And the music and the way that it's synchronized with the picture (especially the part with those giant scorpions) is great.

All in all, I loved the original film when I was a kid (still do) and this new one looks like it could be a decent successor, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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It looks really... interesting. But then again, I've not seen the original, or played God of War, so, I'm not biased... yet. Not a movie I'd go see in the cinema, but, one I'd definitely rent or purchase once on DVD.
Hmmm... wonder if they'll keep the nudity that was pretty abundant in the original. Including some rather lengthy scenes of Andromeda.
Not at all excited for this... it's like a Troy and Disney's animated Hercules mash-up... especially since they're doing that whole nonsensical "Hades wants to overthrow Zeus as master of Olympus" deal. That wasn't present in God of War, I'm pretty sure. But the tone would definitely match up with a film adaptation of GoW.
Not sure this is my cup of tea, but Pete Postlethwaite should be in something Whedonesque. Adelle's father, maybe?
Oh Man, I remember watching the old one on TV and being tramatized by it! (Keep in mind I was like four at the time) It was the part about the blind witches and the hero taking their eye. I actualy felt bad for the poor witches. I was like "OH, GIVE THEM BACK THEIR EYE, YOU JERK!" Man, I had bad dreams for weeks of Persus trying to take my eyes. (again, I was four) I haven't watched it since. I sure if I did now I'd just laugh and think it was cheesy like everyone else says, but I can't do it.
Oh no, I wasn't terribly a fan of Bupo either but it was an element that I found memorably tied to the first film beyond the fact it was all special effects oriented, vaguely like a historical fantasy counterpart to Star Wars, and Bupo was the 3PO & R2-D2 in one.

As for the title, it actually IS false advertising, from what I remember, since there aren't any titans involved I think?
orangewaxlion you beat me to it. I was going to point out that according to the description it's all about Greek gods. The titans were the predecessors of the gods.
Oh Bupo was absolutely like R2-D2. Heck, he even sounded more or less the same, didn't he?

Slightly less useful though.
Now I'm just confused. The film is: "Clash of the Titans". The tagline is: "Titans will clash." But there are no Titans in the film? What?
Nope, just as in the original. No Titans in the mythological sense to be found. I think they mean Titans as in "powerful beings" not as in the beings that Zeus overthrew.

I heard there's no pegasus in this film either. The little girl in me really liked the pegasus of the old film. The mechanical bird was good for a cutesy chuckle and will be missed as well.
Sweet looking forward to seeing this remake esp with alexa in it. l enjoyed the original version with harry and lord oliver and despite the cheesy special effects it was a remarkable movie.
i saw the original when i was maybe 8 (it may have been on beta), and i utterly loved it. this doesn't look anything like it. i hope it's good, but i'm setting myself up for disappointment.
As much as I adore the original, it's a good example of something that is too dated for younger audiences to really appreciate, so it could make a great candidate for a remake.

If nothing else, it looks like it'll be a good fun romp through one of my favorite mythologies.

And it'll be nice to see Alexa Davalos on screen again. I was always disappointed that we didn't get to see more of her in Angel.
Technically, Zeus and his siblings (Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter and Hestia) are Titans too. Cronos and Rhea (their parents) were Titans.

But I guess they're usually lumped under the Olympians, the next generation of deities.

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This looks like a million other movies (and video games) made in the last 10 years. It seems rather unnecessary. I always wonder when they are going to make a remake of an untouchable Psycho or Willy Wonka. Oh yeah, they did those.

I have a friend that owns a company that manufactures rivets. We walk through their factory and the machine punches and punches and he likes to say he's manufacturing nickels because each unit makes him a nickel. Rather than creating something new that could earn him a windfall, he's happy to make his guaranteed 5 cents per fastener. Hollywood appears to have taken the same attitude when it comes to big budget films. Take few risks and make your five cents per item. I guess thats another reason I love Joss' work, he never stamps out a rivet.
I wonder if there'll be rock in it like there was in 300, A Knight's Tale, and a few other fantasy/genre/period-piece-ish films you wouldn't normally associate with that anachronism (of course, even if it's a classical-sounding instrumental score, depending on when the film is set--unless it's set in a fantasy, non-Earth setting--even pre-1900s music can be anachronistic). Sometimes the rock score can work for a period piece/fantasy action film and sometimes I could do without it.

Dunno what to think of it. It's the first trailer. On the one hand, it looks pretty generic. On the other hand, I love Greek Mythology adaptations, even sometimes when they're cheese. Greek Mythology is one of the more fun and sexy dead religions.
How do you feel about bastardized Greek mythology, though? Coz the original was a whole freakin' mess.
I watched a season or so of the Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) series and caught several episodes of Xena, I even like Disney's Hercules, so I guess when I'm in the mood for it, it's fine. Though I'd love to see a non-bastardized ongoing HBO adaptation of the entirety of Greek mythology on screen (although the budgetary requirements might lend themselves better to a film series, but then shit gets left out and studio execs are more likely to get their paws in, whereas HBO usually leaves its creators alone). Unlikely.

Never seen the original Clash of the Titans.

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