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November 11 2009

Is neuroscience still the bad guy in Dollhouse? (Duh.) Remember the discussion we had last week regarding the essay about neuroscience in Joss' works? Well the author has now updated his premise and shares his thoughts on Dollhouse.

Neuroscience isn't the enemy. Non-responsive websites are the enemy.
I used my magic mind and the link opened for me.

I like his dissection of Nerological themes but I can't help feeling that Coercion(Advertising?), Culpability and Corporacy factor just as heavily as the other riders of the apocalpse.

Found a great quote by Franklin D Roosevelt -

"The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, or group."

Rossum? Or any of the real life Institutions or individuals responsible for the recent financial meltdown?

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