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November 11 2009

Dr. Horrible at the University of Connecticut. Another theatrical adaptation of DHS-AB produced by UConn Dramatic PAWS. Goes up this weekend.

Anyone know what kind of copyright issues these performances run into or if there is an official stage script coming out at any point? Because I'm a theatre major who will at some point need a senior project...
Barring any scofflaws, these productions have been obtaining the rights to perform the show.
You need to contact Mutant Enemy to get the rights, but that just includes the rights to the story and to promote the performance. As far as I know, there are no plans to release an official script.

I got to pitching it to my campus theater group but we didn't go through with it.
Sadly don't live in CT anymore but told all my fellow Whedonites back East about it.
I know that the one at Trinity College didn't need rights because it was for educational purposes (student's thesis) and it was free. The director still contacted though, but that's because he always contacts artists before rearranging their work (he also led an a capella group).

This is charging money though, so not sure where that falls.

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