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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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November 11 2009

Morena Baccarin Tops IMDB STARmeter. The buzz from her role as Anna on the new 'V' is exposing her to an unfamiliar audience.

I see good things in store for her! :o
Go Morena! She's been a highlight on 'V'. Anna has got some rage boiling beneath that polite veneer and some very specific plans.
suck on that twillight!!!
She's been amazing in V so far. LOVE her. Having Alan Tudyk around makes it all the more glorious as well, he's such a fantastic actor.
Very pretty lady, but eeeeeh! she gave me the willies, looking at that reporter-guy in the first episode. Br-r-r-r.

(Plus yuck on the helmet-head 'do.)
Whoo-hoo! #1 Hope some of those people who just found Morena, check out Firefly. Might be the last straw. That and $12.99 at Best Buy.
Awesome for her. Like Anonymous said, hopefully people will check out Firefly now. Lots of people must be because it's on back order at Best Buy. :)
What rosewood said. Her calm is effectively and intensely creepy and one of the things I'm most looking forward to with the series is witnessing the first time she snaps.

The "who-might-be-a-V" thing reminds me of the question of who's-a-doll in the first half of Dollhouse Season 1 and a few other shows where hooking you on the paranoia (for the characters and viewers) is a goal of the writing team.

Thought the second episode was better than the first in some ways (I figure the production halt was a factor in deciding to not do a 2-hour premiere, but it really could've used it. Not for ratings, 'cause there it's fine so far, just for mine and a lot of other viewers' satisfaction and a firmer hooking of them, from what I'm reading here and on some othersites). It's still feeling pretty rushed though, in parts.

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