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November 11 2009

Hollywood Reporter says Dollhouse is cancelled. A few minutes ago a crew member tweeted a sad face. Presumably, this story is why. Variety reports that all 13 episodes of season 2 will air and the 13th episode will be the series finale (which could air on January 22nd according to this schedule). ETA: Joss speaks about the cancellation.

Just read the news on THR. Sad, sad day.
You beat me by 2 seconds there matey. Well, I'd say that's that then. Can I swear here?
Aw, frak. All I say is: Fox better air all 13 episodes, since they said they would.
I just found out, too. I'm still wearing my Save Dollhouse T-shirts to the Serenity Salute next week. Fox still has to air the remaining episodes, preferably next month like it promised.
ETA: This is Pushing Daisies all over again. Does this mean we'll have to go to the Paley Festival to see the last three episodes? If so, I am booking my hotel and plane tickets now.

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Just noticed on the twitter feed... As much as I would like to scream and curse about it... Well it's not like we didn't see it coming... *sigh* The future of TV sure looks gloomy when shows like Dollhouse can't survive...
Don't believe it until FOX announces its fate. Well, I refuse to. Hanging onto a glimmer of hope. D:
I have "This must be what going mad feels like" as the quote at the top right of this page. I think it applies.
Unfortunately, I don't think any of us are surprised. On the other hand, I guarantee you that we're not done promoting the show, so I'm not letting go of the 0.01% chance that somehow the buzz that happens over the December episodes can make Fox reconsider.
Lovely. NOT.

So, the ads for "in two weeks" were a lie... now the promise of back to back December eps are a lie? Et tu, new FOX?
Ditto. My Save Dollhouse t-shirts will be at the Serenity Salute as part of the Costume Contest.
I never got into Dollhouse as much as into the other Whedon-shows, but still, that's very sad - especially for all the amazing new actors the show stirred up and who are now out of a job.
On the other hand - we will get new fantastic Joss-stuff - hopefully not tied to Fox this time!
Plus - he'll need the time for that next terminator-movie...
Hope is all I got right now.
Cause I know my faith in Fox was shattered quite a ways back.

Gosh Dang it! I really don't understand cold-hearted people that only care about money...

Oh well, I'll still support it till it's done, but it doesn't mean I'm not mad at all. -pouts-
I heard the news today, oh boy.

Damn. Just, damn.
Yeah, you're right actually... As long as the sets aren't being torn down, there's always hope...
I got, 'We have to astonish them' as a quote. Maybe future ratings can astonish FOX! :(
I was reading Whedonesque when I started seeing this on the twitter sidebar. I hoped that it wasn't true. :-( This seems a bit premature to me, wouldn't they want to see if ratings pick up in December?

If the show is truly cancelled, then what hope do we have that they will promote the remaining episodes? Then the ratings will continue to slide and we have a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I am saddened by this, yes, but not all that surprised. I am just happy that we got this season at all, it is 13 more (amazing) episodes than we thought we would ever get.

Wonder if we'll get an Epitaph: Two as the thirteenth episode.
On the bright side, we might get a Joss post soon.
Well this is just frakkin' depressing.

Am I the only one that is pissed that they describe Echo as DNA altered? I mean really? Bunch of idiots at the Reporter, obviously.
Ausiello backs the story.
Darn it.
ETA: He adds that Fox is still planning to air the rest of the episodes, starting in December.

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As long as the sets aren't being torn down, there's always hope...

Those sets are amazing! Can we all just, like, move in there?
Coincidentally Xantastic1316 I have;

"You kill the best. Go, you."

as the quote at the top of the page.

Such a pity...after all the excitement a while back when it was announced. Yes it took a while to start up...but once it got going it was really entertaining and interesting.

Joss...stay away from FOX. For the love of good TV stay away from FOX. Go to a cable channel!
Do we have any indication AT ALL they will air the December eps? Now that its cancelled?

edited to add: Sorry, just saw the link to Ausiello... he says they will... hope he is right. Man, I was just getting momentum on getting folks hooked! Added two new viewers this week via my Season 1 and hulu/amazon! Bummer.

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I am joining the camp of "refusing to believe anything until it is confirmed" because everyone keeps linking back to the same source.

Why now? What was the deciding factor? I thought they weren't going to decide until after production had finished and more of the episodes had aired?
Damn. That's a real shame.
I actually feel sick right now. Stupid people at FOX. :@
Is it time to panic yet?

But seriously, this sucks so bad. I feel for everyone involved. :(
That's what I'd call "reaching for a silver lining". Still, it made me chuckle which I kinda needed... So thank you for that... :)
Roll on, Dr. Horrible sequel.
So, Joss, any chance of that Faith spinoff now? As someone commented, with all the vampire shows doing so well, maybe theres a chance it will. And, doesn't Eliza still have a few more seasons with FOX?
Grrrrrrrrrrrr, Argh! That is all.... *sigh*
I await for word from Gossi before I'll believe it.

...though...if they're filming episode 11, this'll at least give Joss two more episodes to end the series right...if its true.

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I'd sign away five years of my life if I could hear this news without having to feel pain.
Back when Angel got cancelled, fans chipped in for a cake to be sent to the set to thank the cast and crew.
No surprise. Just let's see them all please :)
Wah. I am going to drink now.
Simon - I'd be up for that!
Maybe we could chip in and buy FOX out? XD
Not to throw the rest of the water on people here, but for those of you not believing: The Hollywood Reporter is not some random gossip site. It's a news outlet with industry sources. The show is cancelled.
Sad news indeed. There's no hope that reports of the cancellation are 'greatly exaggerated', is there?
Simon: Throw up a paypal link, I'm good for a few bucks.
@Frick -- Really? IMO Fox was more than fair to Dollhouse. They gave it a second season even though the ratings from the first stank. In the end, they're running a money-making enterprise and not a charity. Sure, it's stinks, but if you want to blame someone, blame the crap taste of the American TV-viewing public.
I'd be up for that, Simon! It's the least we could do as fans, to thank them for an excellent and intelligent television show.
A real shame, but not unexpected. It seems hard to truly blame Fox this time, after giving it a second series. I know many will say that they screwed up on advertising its return (I can't really agree or disagree, coming from the UK,) but really the show should never have been renewed, from a business perspective, and this was always going to happen. The show just continued the trend of losing viewers, which was evident from the numbers last season.

I've always enjoyed the show, close to loving it since episode 6 of season one. Overall it may have never reached the heights of Whedon's other work, but it was always thoughtful and raised difficult questions, as well as having many individual powerful moments (any scene with Amy Acker in the season two premiere, Patton Oswalt in Man on the Street.)

Probably the worst element of this is knowing that it most likely won't be until 2011 and the release of the (annoyingly) delayed Cabin in the Woods until we have any new Whedon, excluding Buffy Season 8.

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Looks like they'll be airing the remaining episodes.

"As previously announced, "Dollhouse" will return with back-to-back episodes on December 4, 11 and 18 before resuming its regular Friday, 9:00/8:00c slot on January 8."
Hopefully we won't have to wait years for a new Joss TV project. And I really hope the next one won't be at Fox. His shows are much better suited for cable. It seems like cable is where all complex, arc-y shows are these days.
Not surprised, but still manage to be disappointed. I'll keep getting people to watch though, as strong as we can make December won't hurt anything. If nothing else, more people who see Dichen (in something not-Neighbours) and Enver, and watch the work of the crew, the better.
karosurly: IMO, they wanted to cancel the show before it even aired. Friday night for a new show.., sure it happens, but some fragile ones need a good lead-in to start with.
I'm game for the cake thing, Simon.

Getting tired of this, though.
There are so many reasons why I'm both picnicing AND resigned/sad, but one is the idea of that lovely set - and all its mandala'd and its scattered art both - being scattered to the four winds - breaks my heart.


I'd arrange for a cast-and-crew cake, but my day is jammed.

I'd chip in, though. Anyone able to galvanize this?
Can it be a cake shaped like a brain?
Good idea with the cake! I'd chip in for that... Should say something like "You were your best!" on it or something thematic like that...
Bugger. Just. Bugger.

This leaves my faith in television - not to mention humanity as greater whole - quite shattered.

In addition, this brings the total number of shows to pique my interest of late to a fat, round zero.

I shall now resort to a life of stealing from beggars, swearing at children and scolding puppies... with my booted feet.
Despite being a sad news, I must say I'm feeling partially relieved about the team, specially Joss and the writers. I cannot imagine how much pressure they've been through, specially these past months of Second Season.

Still I don't think taking Dollhouse onto comic books will be a good idea right now.

TV business is getting crazy here in Europe _nobody knows what execs are thinking about, but shit happens sometimes. And if mainstream audiences don't like your work, it can become a sort of dead weight.

And please don't get me wrong here _I joined the WhyIWatch and the Dollhouse Fridays with my friends and loved the show, despite all its irregularities. I'm trying to see it too from their side, and me wouldn't like to see myself in such an agony.
Maybe FX can pick it up or TNT.
Back when Angel got cancelled, fans chipped in for a cake to be sent to the set to thank the cast and crew.

I like this idea very much. Didn't know people did it for Firefly, that was a nice gesture.
Any chance of Joss trying to take it to a cable network or does Fox have too tight of a hold on the rights (and Eliza)?
Any chance of another networking picking it up? SyFy?
And it annoys me so much that 'Til Death didn't get cancelled first. It killed both Brothers and Dollhouse. With a 0.8 that Brothers got, surely they didn't expect Dollhouse to do any better?

All I can say is: Good luck surviving the sweeps, Brothers!
Still puzzled by what The Futon Critic is running.

FOX has passed on ordering additional episodes of "Dollhouse," network sources have confirmed to the site exclusively.

The network however was quick to stress the series hasn't been canceled as they are simply capping its second season at 13 episodes. The show's fate will then ultimately be decided sometime next year.

As previously announced, "Dollhouse" will return with back-to-back episodes on December 4, 11 and 18 before resuming its regular Friday, 9:00/8:00c slot on January 8.

The news comes as FOX preps its midseason schedule, which is expected to be announced soon.

I'm never going to understand. Other than giving Dollhouse a second season, Fox never gave the show a chance.

Would things have been different if Dollhouse had been on another night of the week???

Suggestion: Dollhouse Movie a-la Serenity/Firefly... just sayin.
I like how the FutonCritic words it:

"FOX has passed on ordering additional episodes of "Dollhouse," network sources have confirmed to the site exclusively.

The network however was quick to stress the series hasn't been canceled as they are simply capping its second season at 13 episodes. The show's fate will then ultimately be decided sometime next year."

A cap on S2 does not mean there is no chance for a S3 if the ratings get stronger! Keep the fan campaigns going strong, dolls! We need phenomenal ratings in December if we're going to pull this off.
Sad, but not surprising. I'm not going to have a go at Fox over this one though - they gave it a second season when they really didn't have to. Let's hope for some more quality episodes in the rest of the run and a proper resolution to the story in both the present and the future timelines.
One True is right about THR and also, sadly the likelyhood of Dollhouse getting axed.

I truly wish someone OTHER than FOX would fund Whedon's stuff. I mean it's clear nobody else has stepped up to the plate on his intriguing ideas - they push the edge too much and can't be franchised the way CSI, Law and Order et al can be. If they were, after the way Firefly got played, I think Whedon wouldn't have gone back there.

FOX has a penchant for trying new things but like my son, they'll only go so far as to nibble before they ask for the old, normal favorites.

You know what? Given how Torchwood, Doctor Who and many other fine shows are over on the BBC, might I suggest he start making shows across the pond?

It's a gorrammed shame is all. Reminds me of something a boss of mine at Warner Animation when he heard I was watching the Firefly set.

'Careful. It sucks you in, gets real good and will make you punch a hole in your TV when you realize FOX murdered it just when it was hitting it's stride.'
They lured me back in to watch Dollhouse, after I swore never to watch Fox again (I had actually blocked the channel on my receiver). They never tried to make DH a success, not the smallest effort to try and make this a smash hit (again). Well, after the last few eps it's going back on block permanently. They can suck it, I'm through with them.
Hmmm..yes that Futon Critic article is interesting. But I wouldnt be too hopeful. Like holding a carrot to the fanbase.....but *just* out of reach.
The Futon Critic might be claiming the network is saying it isn't cancelled, but other outlets have started confirming The Hollywood Reporter. Variety, especially, just reported that FOX is saying this will give Joss "the opportunity to end in a significant way".

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So a tiny ray of hope? I'm off to order a second DVD of Season One for a gift... early Christmas order! Maybe it will help!!
Yeah, cause I'm sure they're gonna keep that huge Dollhouse set around taking up space for half a year without doing anything with it on the off chance that they "maybe" will renew it for a third season in May... Yeah, that's gonna happen. Definitely...
Frak FOX and the horse it rode in on. This show had 'second season Buffy' greatness just waiting to unfold. I'm soooo pissed right now. Why why why must FOX be the scene of such anguish? If I wasn't hopelessly addicted to GLEE, I'd delete the channel from my TV (Sorry, David!)

I thought the show was amazing. I will miss Topher so much. *WEEPS*
The Futon Critic might be claiming the network is saying it isn't cancelled, but other outlets have started confirming The Hollywood Reporter.

Or simply parroting THR without fact-checking as is the wont of 'news' agencies these days.
Assuming it has, in fact, been "axed," my week is officially ruined. However, I'm not completely shocked, given what we've all known for the last month or so. I am just holding out the hope that we get to see ALL 13 episodes this season ON air that were scheduled to air and that we have some sort of closure, unlike what we got when Firefly was canceled.
What the frak, FOX? :(

I have to say that I am very disappointed! :( Dollhouse has so much potential, so much promise in it's full-premise, to be one of most intriguing and thought-provoking TV show's ever made!

On the other hand; I am an optimist, so I'm not going to believe this is the end until I see it for myself!
As the great piano of inevitability falls...
I don't know how often I have mentioned this before but there is a very good reason that I do hate FOX. Seriously they suck. And what did they expect of ratings when they put a show like Dollhouse on Friday nights. sighs
You know what? I'm not half as sad as I thought as I would have been last year. I'm ecstatic we got two 13 episode seasons, that have made me laugh and cry and everything inbetween. I think, in my mind, it had settled that we weren't going to get the back 9. Curious as to why the announcement is now, though. It's sweeps, I guess.

Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal!
mangydog, not everyone is merely parroting THR. Other outlets have their own sources, which they immediately call when something like this breaks. To wit: Variety, which I reference in my previous comment.
Well, that sucks. Not a huge shock, but I was hoping they'd at least wait out the first Friday in December to see what kind of numbers the Summer Glau pair of episodes pulled in after the month lay off.

At the very least, glad to hear Fox will still be airing episodes in December as planned.
We're actually trending on Twitter for a change.
If ever there were a show that deserved to get renewed and go on and on... it was Firefly.

Dollhouse is/was good. But not perfect; even opinion here could be divided, and if only some of the Joss fanbase turned up... well, then the days were numbered. So I am not at all surprised. And this way Joss gets a chance to write us a good send-off.

On the whole this is sad, but no tragedy. As for the future of American TV... well, the quality will continue to come from cable (for example, the Wire). Or we'll go the Dr. Horrible route. Indeed, H2 should hit the gas soonish; we might well have it next summer. And maybe Joss will stay on the internet with us, forever.
I have not loved Dollhouse, so mixed feelings on my part. However, I can only hope this is not used as an excuse to prevent the next Mutant Enemy project (or the next unconventional show like Dollhouse) from reaching the air.

I really like House (mostly due to Hugh Laurie), but I would be bored senseless if the TV schedule was saturated with more shows like that. Or yet another police/FBI procedural about serial killers.
Shame. At least we got a good 26 episodes out of it (more than Firefly!). Any possibility of a smaller network picking it up?
Oh, the whole cake thing, I really want to do. I mean, I at least want the cast and everyone to remember we're still behind them all the way, and what not. Besides, they deserve a cake...and who doesn't like cake?

I'm for it.

And I like how FutonCritic put it as well, puts me in only a very slightly better mood...
Variety claims Joss was going to announce it via Twitter. Really? Through what account?
I added the Variety link to the entry and declared marital law.
@Djungelurban What? No. Not for half a year. They will keep the set until they finish filming all 13 episodes and then they will decide, as FOX originally indicated would be the case.

Extreme pessimism and sarcasm, please keep it on the down low. There's no place for that here.

I prefer optimism.
Im sad :(
...but we should still have faith in saving Dollhouse, it's not over until it's over.
Pester Fox, send emails/tweets,anything! we can try and quite possibly fail, but atleast we can say we tried to save it :)
I don't want another good show cancelled. Hopefully if Fox don't renew there will be a slight chance of another network? my best guess/hope would be Sci-Fi.
Just chiming in with more of the same: expected but saddening. I adore the show, I really do. I just hope I can keep getting my Joss fix in a new form. Viva Joss.
Marital law, Simon? But I don't want to get married! Unless it's to someone on the Dollhouse cast and crew and so then I'll be able to visit the set before it's gone.
I would like to say that I thought Dollhouse would end up rivalling Babylon 5 in terms of epic twisted plot arcs.
Well, that was a nice thing to find out on the bus on my way home from Bellydance. *Sigh*

But I can't say I'm surprised. And I really, really wanted to love this show, like a lot. I think it was excellent and all, but somehow it just didn't really suck me in. *Shrugs* But I still want the rest, and I'll get it on DVD and everything.
Well, look at this way, now Joss and co. will be free to work on the Dr. Horrible sequel. Silver lining!
I think Fox should have gone for the cancellation trifecta and waited until Friday to announce it because it would have been the third Whedon show canceled on that date.

Sad, but not shocked.
*sad face*

I just hope season 2 gets it's 13 episodes aired and gets on dvd.
Futon Critic added an update:

"[UPDATED: The Hollywood Reporter's story indicates it has indeed been canceled, meaning we were just given the company line of never actually admitting something is canceled. We apologize for any false hope this story may inadvertently generate.]"
That was good of them to clarify the story.

It wasn't a bad show by any means, but it didn't really resonate with me the same way Jossir's other shows have. I watched it and enjoyed it, but I don't think I'll miss it the way I missed (and really still miss) Firefly.

Though I will be bummed about not seeing some of the great talent that turned up on that show regularly for awhile. That part always sucks.
From the @syfy Twitter:

Looks like Fox finally canceled Dollhouse. (No, I don't think we'll pick it up.)
23 minutes ago from web

I don't even know what to say...
I'm sad.
This is a sad day :(
Damn you Fox. This is just one of countless great TV shows you have killed off far too early.
A little piece of me just died.
I'm not really surprised, but at least they're being given enough warning to properly finish out the story. 26 episodes and a proper finish - that's more than Firefly got.
Sad, but not unexpected. Sigh.

I'd also love to chip in to some effort to thank cast & crew, seems like a lovely idea.
Damn. That's awful. Not exactly a surprise, but still terrible news.

Hope Double Dollhouse is still happening, was looking forward to that.

Maybe they will even make it Triple Dollhouse if they are just burning them off. (That's me desperately searching for an upside). It doesn't sound as good, but it would mean more Dollhouse, which is what I want. But not what we're getting apparantly. :(
I could cry.

Silver lining - Joss and co. are free to do the next Dr Horrible next year.

But even so, I could cry.
Joss clearly thought this was coming from the day they were renewed. His comments have consistently aluded to the upcoming cancel notice. Given that he didn't think it would go for a 3rd season, nobody else should have expected to see a third season.

Personally, I'm excited to see Joss freed up to move on to a new project. Dollhouse was turning into something nice, but I think the Whedon family (real and extended) can do better. This early notice will likely mean that Horrible 2 will happen this 'offseason' and Joss will have time to assemble something, should he desire to do so, to take a shot at a new Fall 2010 series. If a cable channel offered to give Dollhouse new life, I'm not sure it would be the best move.

We've seen Joss take on horror, space and techno ... I'd love to see him take on fantasy next. It'd be interesting to see him do something in another setting that has magic available to embody his metaphors.
They will keep the set until they finish filming all 13 episodes and then they will decide, as FOX originally indicated would be the case.

If Futon Critic is to be believed, FOX is capping season 2 to 13 episodes, meaning season 2 will only have 13 episodes, meaning no episodes to be shot this spring, meaning that set wouldn't be used until next season... They're not gonna do that...

Also, pessimism, at this point, is justified and sarcasm is a staple of Jossverse... Don't knock it...
I'm very sad. Dollhouse was quickly becoming my FAVORITE of the Joss Whedon shows (yes, above Firefly, Buffy and Angel). I want my Dollhouse.
I wouldn't mind Joss to take a good long look at movies for a while. He seems to want to get into that. Actually, he has a couple of projects on the backburner, doesn't he? Goners and Ripper anyone? I'd eat 'em up.

Simon, man, if Dollhouse could have rivalled Babylon 5... that would really have been amazing.

I just hope that the 13 episodes of season 2 give us the right kind of closure. I'd love to return to the future time-period. Any confirmation on when the originally filmed for 201 future timeline footage is showing up? Any idea if we'll get an Epitaph: Two? Has the thirteenth episode been planned out yet, or can it be changed to be Epitaph: Two / Closure?

I'd also really like to send an e-mail to Fox. Nothing angry. Just a thank you for putting Dollhouse on the air, and giving the series a second season, and a reminder that I loved it and will continue to watch to the bitter end. What's the correct address to send this to?
RT @MoTancharoen: Yes. Cancelled. Sad but true.

Direct quote. :(
I'm also on board with chipping in for something to thank the crew & cast for their effort!
At least they didn't wait until after the December eps and announce it right before Christmas? Though it'll be a huge bummer for all the crew that'll be out of work then.

The "not officially cancelled" is definitely just company line that they do all the time. Like when the CW put off officially cancelling Veronica Mars until after the upfronts to avoid the backlash during it.

Yes. Cancelled. Sad but true.2 minutes ago from TwiXtreme
Looking on the bright side, at least Joss can give us finale. I can't wait to see what he does, Epitaph 2?
I would like to thank the cast and crew of Dollhouse for their hard work and dedication for 26 episodes they worked on. They gave it their all, and we should appreciated that.

I would also like to thank Fox for airing all 26 (hopefully) episodes and standing behind it (for the most part). They could have canceled it after the first season, so they can be commended for that.
God, this sucks beyond the telling of it. And after we got that incredible hour of television "Belonging."

I'm all for doing something to show my appreciation to the crew. Just tell me what, when and where.

That current plan for the remaining "Dollhouse" episodes:

Dec. 4 - 8:00PM-10:00PM (Episodes 5 & 6)
Dec. 11 - 8:00PM-10:00PM (Episodes 7 & 8)
Dec. 18 - 8:00PM-10:00PM (Episodes 9 & 10)

Jan. 8 - 9:00PM-10:00PM (Episode 11)
Jan. 15 - 9:00PM-10:00PM (Episode 12)
Jan. 22 - 9:00PM-10:00PM (Episode 13 / Series Finale)

Where is the last episode, in terms of production? I know that Joss said that episode 13 would provide some closure, but is there time for more closure to be implemented, given the new information?
They are reported to be filming episode 11 at present.

Um, the message on the wipethefuture link has changed to "we're not done".?
Where is the last episode, in terms of production? I know that Joss said that episode 13 would provide some closure, but is there time for more closure to be implemented, given the new information?

I think Joss has already mentioned that he was writing 13 as a kind of series finale with a door open for a third season. They're now apparently shooting 11, so last minute changes are probably possible, if they're needed at all.
Hear hear. I'd like to second crazygolfa's point.

It'd be all too easy bay and howl at Fox, but the truth is we got way more than the original 13 episode bill, and for that, they have my thanks.

More love to the DH Cast & Crew, and all the luck in the world for their future endeavors.
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
Joss could pass off Epitaph One as the series finale, Fox wouldn't notice as they've never seen the episode.
Thanks. That's good to hear.

As a side note, Dollhouse has become quite the trending topic. It's currently #2.
Very sucky news but not unexpected.
So sad. There's still so much I need to know.
Joining the chorus of "sad, but not unexpected." The show has clearly been uneven, and it took a while for me to get enthusiastic about it, but I'm still terribly disappointed that we won't see it continue. "Belonging" was fabulous, and if even a couple of the remaining episodes are its equal, we've been rewarded with some of the best TV ever.

We've also been introduced to some marvelous actors, whom we'll continue to see in other roles, I'm sure. And we got a little more of some of our favorite actors from the earlier shows. I certainly feel rewarded for my time.
How long until the conspiracy theories start? "Oh, they let Joss direct an episode of Glee because they knew they were cancelling it."

Also, Summer Glau really isn't lucky with her choice of TV series to work on.
As far as cake goes, I'm in, heck I'll deliver it. What about cards too? Like, to Joss et al. Or one big card? "signing" could be a list of names that is printed and put on the card? Maybe even twitter-sized messages?
Simon, sure, he could... but I really would want more resolution now that we got a 13 episode second season. ;-)

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if 20th century ordered a 14th episode to be dvd exclusive? We know they wanted another exclusive!
Very sad, but not unexpected. Thanks Joss, the writers, crew and cast for giving us awesome and under-appreciated Television.

Now what about that cake?
Haha, well played Septimus.
Damn. Sad news. Not at all surprising news, but sad.
I'm thinking that every November 11th we should have a two minute silence at 11am in memory of Dollhouse. I think it could be quite easy to arrange.
Sad, sad day. :( Why must Fox always screw Joss over?
I will desperately miss seeing Enver Gjokaj work his magic every week. He was the highlight of every episode for me.

I'm also throwing my hat in for any fan gift/cake giving to the cast and crew.

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How sad for the cast and crew, as well as the viewers.
+1 for the cake idea.
Thank you, Joss, for introducing us to Enver, Olivia, Dichen, Harry, Miracle and Fran. I hope we see more of them somewhere.
Very sad... I also like the cake idea to thank everyone that made Dollhouse possible, and I'm also wondering if we (fans) might ask Joss-boss and the cast and crew if there are other ways we can support groups like Equality Now to raise the level of public discourse around human trafficking, sexual slavery, gendered violence in creative and generative ways, as Dollhouse has done?

<stubborn>... and, we can do this even if Dollhouse isn't canceled. </stubborn>
Curse their sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Jayme you just made my day. Brilliant.

Someone make a t-shirt quick. FOX logo on the front, this on the back.
Quick! Wipe Fox's memories and program them to order more eps!
hacksaway, I'll second that! Thank you Joss and co.!
good idea bobw1o :-)
Any chance that with better ratings for the last episodes that they'd pick it up again??
I realise I'm grasping but it's better than crying right...
liljemsey, maybe if ratings are epically huge. which seems about as unlikely as there being such a word as "epically"
Not that I wasn't expecting this, but reading it in print still feels like getting hit in the stomach with a ton of bricks.
Sad to hear, but not unexpected. At least we get a proper ending, as opposed to Firefly.

And now that both Summer and Joss are out of steady work, maybe they can start on my dream project, "The River Tam Adventures".

Could say a lot of things, like how much I wish Dollhouse had been aired by a different network with different ratings expectations, and how much I will never ever resign to not seeing how the story reaches Epitaph One point..But all has been said already and I just......sigh.
Wow this sucks. That last episode was maybe one of the best i've seen from him - not just Dollhouse episode but of any show. I was starting to get really excited.

Fool me once....and all that.
Hmm. Apparently my news is not news.

I don't have a lot to say. I'm extremely proud of the people I've worked with: my star, my staff, my cast, my crew. I feel the show is getting better pretty much every week, and I think you'll agree in the coming months. I'm grateful that we got to put it on, and then come back and put it on again.

I'm off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking. Possibly that relaxation thing I've read so much about. By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is. But for now there's a lot of work still to be done, and disappointment to bear.

Thank you all for your support, your patience, your excellent adverts. See you again. -j.
Any chance that with better ratings for the last episodes that they'd pick it up again??
Chance? Technically there's always a chance... Although the probability of it happening is about the same as Jessica Alba ringing on my door at some point in the next 15 minutes and asking to spent the night in exchange for sexual favors...
As far as DH2, maybe NPH and NF will be available again in the spring? Which gives time for those writers to write!
I can't say this is entirely unexpected, but it is incredibly unfortunate. I never felt like FOX (network) gave the show what it deserved. I hope they keep the schedule as is and actually let the show finish its 13-episode run this season to give it a proper send-off. It's a damn shame.
Thanks for what we did get, Joss. Ready for the rest of the ride.
Joss, please don't drink yourself to death! it's not worth it! you still have your awesome comic books and internet movies!!!
Thank YOU, Joss, and your amazing cast and crew for making this show as incredible as it is.
How fitting, Gossi speaks, and so follows Joss. |-)~

Joss, great effort, fantastic product. I look forward to the rest and to what comes after.
Thank you Joss for giving us Dollhouse, a great new cast to love and an awesome ride while it lasted. We will join you for your internet ventures and probably binge drinking too.
Joss, thank you to you, the cast and crew.

"By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is." Can't wait to hear!
And now that both Summer and Joss are out of steady work, maybe they can start on my dream project, "The River Tam Adventures".

Or maybe, finally. The Serving Girl.
Joss, you were your best... That's all we could ever ask of you. I'll be eagerly anticipating your next project, whatever it is.
Thank you Joss for the first Whedon show that I actually followed in real time :)

It's been fun...and I can't wait for your new project. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Is it a good time to ask when the business model will finally allow for shows like this to be distributed in more practical and profitable ways? Like say straight to DVD or digital distribution since those methods seem to work pretty well.

Look at how Twitter is on fire about a show that, according to the numbers, should be the least popular show on TV. Obviously a lot of viewers are falling through the cracks and not being represented on a show such as DH. I just know that there is a better way than Nielsen's to get money from us. I really thought we'd be having this conversation years ago.

Anyhow, it's done. I just have to work through this anger phase.
Joss- you lead, we'll follow.
Thanks, Joss. Maybe not on Fox next time?
I'm so sorry Joss. I will miss the amazing mind-bendy stories of the Dollhouse, and all the great talent you've discovered. I will miss these characters. Thank you for all your hard work, and please don't be a stranger from TV for too long because I'll miss you every second you're gone. XOXO
Noooooooooo dam you to hell FOX!
Really sad, but not unexpected. The chances of it getting a new season despite The Futon Critic wording is extremely slim, unless the ratings explode with these few episodes, it's mostly not happening.

People must remember 2 things:
- Dollhouse came first through Eliza's deal with Fox (the studio), the fact that it ended up on Fox network, was something that ended up happening.
- Fox the Studio has always been great with us, Epitaph One exists due to their DVDs and International deals. They were not the ones who cancelled Dollhouse or Firefly, the network did, by not ordering more episodes.

Love the cake idea, don't know whether I'll be able to chip in, though.

No I don't believe Fox (the network) ever did give the show a real chance. Giving it a Season 2 always felt more like a PR stunt, more than anything else. Giving a 2nd Season but barely promoting it, Is that support? Fringe fans have been worried lately for their show, but I wouldn't worry, at least that one they're promoting. I'm grateful we'll possibly get to watch all the episodes produced, which like before, just feeels like another lame PR stunt. Let's just enjoy them, while they last. Sometimes, classics are just not meant to last long, they're meant to survive times instead.

And one last note, some people might actually be gloating now (doubt they'll ever read this, anyway, but they know who they are), but Dollhouse getting cancelled, does not mean you'll get your show back.

ETA: Missed Joss post while was writing mine. As someone already said, you say, we'll follow.
Suddenly I'm less sad than before, after reading about "next project" being known by the time the last episode airs. That's just simply fantastic and very exciting.

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I'm extremely proud of the people I've worked with: my star, my staff, my cast, my crew.

You guys played a blinder. Thanks for making me addicted to tv again.
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Joss, this show is amazing. Fox is crazy.
Thanks Joss! I hope you, the cast and crew aren't taking this news too badly.

And I guess there is some hope. Fox did bring back Family Guy. Firefly got a movie. I hate to be down on Fox when they have learned their lesson and improved. They gave Dollhouse a fair chance, but unfortunately the viewing public has too many morons with no taste or who don't watch tv on Fridays and lack a DVR.

And I'm still wishing for Faith The Vampire Slayer the series. Eliza is free. Joss is free. There's a crew who are going be unemployed. C'mon, make it happen!
By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is.

Hmmmm, auspicious!

Does this mean we will know it via the episode? ;)
Thankyou Joss. I mean that.

I don't want this to sound patronising, but you need to know from the bottom of all of our hearts what it is your shows do for us, and personally for me. I re-iterate that I don't mean this in a condescending way, but please never give up, and never stop filling me with inspiration and wonder every time you create magic like you did with this show.

Thankyou to everyone involved with this wonderful project.
Thank you, Joss. I loved your show.
Thank you so much Joss!! Dollhouse is one of the best shows on television, and I can't wait to see what you do next! And be sure to tell your fabulous cast and crew how much we all appreciate their hard work!!
Thanks Joss. You guys made us very happy for two seasons.
My slightly longer post: I made a friend (probably for life) in one of the cast, I've discovered Jed and Mo rock more than you can possibly imagine - they deserved to be EP's on this show, and I really, really mean that - and I've learnt that Tim is a twisted funny guy. I knew that last bit already, and so did you all.

I'm really proud of the show and the episodes I know are coming up, and I'm pretty confident the best episodes produced are going to be ones which air after the marketing didn't work the show got cancelled.

There was a point during season one (around about Echoes) I nearly stopped watching the show and pulled the plug on Dollverse. Nearly nearly. There was too ick. And then something happened - it started to connect with... Not so much me, but a part of me. Maybe it's the part of me I hate, maybe it's the part of me which makes me human, maybe it's the part of me which I don't want to accept - but it was there.

And, you know, Epitaph One was amazing and easily the best sales pitch the show ever had. Too bad it didn't air.

Yep, I'm still bitter.

And here.

Love everybody that (continues to) work on this. I hope I see them all again someday.

By the way: internet venture. As I said to somebody else, will work for cake. I even know the timeslot things air at online.

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Thanks, Joss, for speaking on this. I know it's been a tough day for you and the entire crew, but thank you for the wonderful ride you took us on.

I can't wait to see what your next project is going to be. I'm pretty sure it's twisted.
This is so disappointing. Ever since I got the DVD and watched "Epitaph One," I've been increasingly excited about where the show was going. Now we'll never know.
Coming: Fall 2019 - "Play Things" The untold story of the future history of "Dollhouse"

EDIT: Joss, don't read that, I won't sue!

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Joss - thank you! Loved the show, and will be there for what ever is next!
Depressing day. Ah, the places Joss would have taken us with this....
sadly, this was not unexpected news. i am, however, glad that fox is honoring its plans to air all 13 episodes. it makes sense that the announcement comes now, while working on episode 11, as it will allow everyone to give the show a proper send-off.

thanks joss and co. for your hard work. we love the show and what you've done, and can only anticipate what fun you'll bring to us next :)
Why did Fox renew the show and then do nothing to promote it? Ugh.

Terrible news, but not surprising, honestly.
Extremely sad news.

Still thank you Joss for the amazing season and half.
Thank YOU, Joss...another amazing ride, with amazing actors and an amazing story. Sad that it had to end so soon but grateful we got to spend as much time with these characters as we did.

You bet we'll be there (yes, I'm committing us all) for whatever comes next!
so is there someone in LA willing to coordinate the cake thingy? I'm all for sending delicious consolation to the gang, but I am on the other coast and thus not terribly useful for, say, finding a bakery, ordering a cake, or arranging delivery.
I'll join the chorus of resigned sadness. But I am looking forward to December and January - and I will still support and promote Dollhouse. Regardless how long it lasts, we need to be vocal about quality storytelling and television entertainment when it is on the air.
I love you Joss.
In case you read this far, thank you Joss, for continuing to play this mad Hollywood game, and giving your readers/viewers/whatever a new story to love. As a prospective writer in college, I can only hope to someday be a part of your crew. But for now, if the wind blows north, I'll go northerly.
Thanks Joss -- the show has been amazing. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for us next.
Joss, thanks for coming to give us a Joss-post at least to cheer us up this evening. And thanks for crafting an incredible show. You and all the crew did an amazing job.

Sadface. Sad f**king face.
This was the least favorite of my Joss show's by a long shot. Having said is still a Joss show and better then some of the crap on TV now. I felt the show had finally found some legs but also think it was to late to save it.

Thanks Joss for continuing to write quality TV. Thanks to the cast and crew.

P.S. Joss....please NO MORE shows on FOX. Enough already. This is 2 shows in a row that I felt could have made it on other networks.
Ummm... As far as cake, bakery and delivery are not a problem, I can take care of that. But we need to discuss what shall be on the cake, what kind of cake, how to get money for the cake... Anyone?

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Thank you Joss, and thanks to everyone who worked on Dollhouse. It's an amazing show. Your best work to date, I'd say.
So it doesn't get lost and buried in this thread, here's a cake thread over on the .org forums.
Very disapointed but I'm glad we at least get to finish the story. oh crap. :(
Thanks Joss for an amazing show and looking forward to finding out what your next project is.
Simon (or someone), is it ok if a separate "cake thread" is created to discuss the specifics of that? Trying to do it in this one will be difficult I think.

EDIT: Never mind then... :) Although I'm thinking that having it on the main feed could be more useful... Even if it might not be in line with the rules.

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Many thanks to Joss (and everyone else involved) for giving us (well, mostly I mean me) a great show.

my first Whedon show that I actually followed in real time :)

Me too. It was kind of special. On which note, I'd just like to add a small note that this fandom rocks - you have provided me with a haven of insightful, intelligent conversation on a show which too many of my friends from elsewhere found themselves unable to love, for whatever reason. Thanks for reassuring me I wasn't crazy to love it. :)
Simon (or someone), is it ok if a separate "cake thread" is created to discuss the specifics of that? Trying to do it in this one will be difficult I think.

I just made one on the .org a few comments up.
Way to go Joss! What a run that was! I hate to see it go, but I have faith you've got something even better in store.
Don't worry, you aren't the only one feeling pain...though I am not going to say you aren't the one feeling it the worst.

And thanks for coming by just to tell us yourself. It doesn't exactly cheer anyone up, but it's something.
Love ya Joss, and we're still right behind you!
That was a fantastic ride to say the least, made my OMGmeter go through the roof on several occasions, but I'm happy if it means that I'm gonna see new Internet productions not harmable by ratings, network execs and so on, the show must go on :D
I've posted a link to the cake thread on the front page.
Checks Whedonesque for an early morning pick-me-up.
Dollhouse Cancelled.
Oh well, at least there wont be an abrupt ending.
Can we stop burying the show already? There's more Dollhouse to be had!

Really looking forward to the remaining episodes.
@Joss: sorry. Hate that they always cancel the good shows. And the last aired episode just rocked. Sighs. I guess this is the point where I give up watching shows on Fox. Dollhouse was their last chance and again they ruined it. sighs.

Any chances of another network to pick our beloved show up?

[ edited by Princessofdarkness on 2009-11-11 23:26 ]
Joss, thanks for your message....and for Dollhouse. Whatever you do, we'll come a-runnin'....unless there's a crowd blocking us. Then we'll come a-shovin'
In the words of NPH/Dr. Horrible: "balls".
To Joss and the entire crew, thank you for what we got to see, and I'm eagerly waiting to see the continuation/conclusion to it. I'm grateful to Fox for allowing the second season, with all that we've seen and yet to see. Here's to new ventures (hopefully where creativity can be let to run wild!)
From the Twitter account of writer/director, John August:

So long, Dollhouse. You fought an impossible premise with wit and style. And fight scenes.
How depressing. I'm not at all surprised but am so disappointed. I suppose I'm a little relieved that they'll have a chance to wrap things up as they feel appropriate.

Damn and balls. Balls!

My heartfelt thanks to Joss and his merry (and excellent) crew and cast and staff for all the great stuff that was Dollhouse. May the despair be not too much to bear and may the next project(s) not involve the crazily unstable world of network TV.
Joss - thanks for everything you do. We will follow you anywhere - not because we are mindless followers, but because your genius warrants our brand of perfectly sane devotion.
Sad face...I want to thank them...yet the overwhelming gaping hole of dispair that is my TV from now on just can't let me...they raised the standard with this and now there is nothing to compare...thank you for spoiling us and leaving us to wallow in the inadequacy of your peers!! we will never now be satisfied with average tv!!
This is sad news. But I take comfort knowing we got 13 more episodes than any of us truly expected. And you never know, maybe we'll get Dollhouse Season 3: The Comic. And if Firefly can have a sequel movie, perhaps Dollhouse can as well.

Thanks Joss, Eliza and everyone for creating a show that entertained me and made me think.
Joss, and Dollhouse Cast and Crew, thank you so much for all of your hard work on this show. I thought and still think that it is absolutely amazing but obviously Fox disagreed. I'm excited to hear about new projects and will continue to support in any way possible.

Note here...I still don't like Fox.
Thank you for everything, Joss and the rest of the amazing team behind Dollhouse! This is such a disappointment, but I am grateful we got two seasons.
Thank you so much Joss for the amazing show! I just hope we get to see it all.
I don't think I've ever followed a show as closely or spent more time thinking (or writing) about one. Worth. It. All.

And the rest of the season is going to kick new ass, life being an irony factory.

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I feel as bad right now as I did for Buffy's death at the end of Season 6.

It helps to read the commentaries that others post on here to know that I'm not alone in my sadness.

I won't blame Fox....oh bugger it, I'm TIRED of being forgiving. FOX put it on the worst night of the week, and then put it on hiatus for a month. It was never their intention to give it a chance to develop after they forced the stand-alone episodes in Season 1.

Well, now Fox can go back to really crappy television and mindless formula shows that merely copy or imitate what brilliant writers and directors do on successful shows.

Rock on, Joss and Eliza. Just stay the hell away from FOX.

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You may be finding that access to Whedonesque is a bit slow due to heavy traffic.
Sad this is the first thing I've posted here after years of lurking and months of wishing I could register. I'm willing to help buy cake. Virtual, non-creepy hugs for everyone involved in the production. Thank you!

I'm even more willing to buy straight-to-DVD releases than a share of cake, though, because I know Joss will never give me anything like the Land Before Time series that haunted my childhood. Seriously. I won't even preview it with Netflix first the way I do with every other DVD. If it says "Whedon" on the cover I'm there. I canceled my cable six months ago and now (sigh) there's nothing worth paying for on Hulu, so there's room in my budget.

Joss, et al.: Forget this broadcast stuff. It's so 2003. Make something and I will buy it on Amazon and we will all be happy (and you will be rich, or at least well-off enough to make lots of free internet short stuff which I will also buy copies of on DVD.)
Thanks Joss + cast + crew.
Joss, it was a grand experiment. Nothing like it ever on television before or probably after, and that bravery, to go after what excites you artistically is a large part of my intrinsic respect for you. Considering what you were up against to make it a go, I think you've done a grand job, everyone involved. I await your return to either the glowing blue screen of my computer monitor, my TV, or local movie theatre.
Thank you Joss for attempting to challenge and all the while entertain us with something quite different from the norm on network TV. All of my condolences to the great cast and crew of "Dollhouse" as well!

I hope you can get to your next project sooner than soon!
This sucks. It's not like I didn't expect it,but it stills really,really sucks.
it's hardly fair.
I hope the story is continued somehow.
and count me in for a cake.
Thank you Joss, not just for Dollhouse, but for hugely improving the last 12 years of my life, and hopefully the next 40 (what, I'm an optimist (Joss fan, duh)).

Anyway, I still think Fox screwed this one up. You can't talk me out of it. And I wish I could punish them. I do. But I'm not a Nielsen family, so not watching Fox means absolutely nothing.

Like them saying they're going to give a Joss show a chance. Huh.
Thank you Joss (and crew), for giving me something to watch, that made me think. As the Pied Piper of Awesome T.V, you play, I will definitely follow... here's hoping it's somewhere far away from Satan, I mean, FOX, where you will be appreciated.
Aw, I finally get an account at Whedonesque and now this?

Please Joss, no more network TV! Your shows on network TV is like casting pearls before swine. HBO, Showtime, Syfy, etc. await! Either that or broadcast your next show on the internet and charge a dollar per episode (we'd all pay for it).
Joss, thank you for challenging us with your work; for continuing to fight the power, even if you have to sometimes make friends with it; and for introducing us to the amazing talents of Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj and Fran Kranz.

This is a fandom that may sometimes be fractious and varied in opinion, but I'm sure we all agree that the television landscape is significantly better for your involvement in it.
Farewell, DH. We hardly knew ye...
Joss, thank you for Dollhouse!! It is a great production!

I have only two words for you moving forward (actually... six letters)


oh, and, Showtime is pretty cool these days too.

These three letters are off limits:


I so want a shiny complete series box set sometime soon :)
:( sad to see one of my fav shows go




Wink wink, nudge nudge
Thanks Joss and cast and crew! We'll miss you. Look forward to news of the next Joss project!
Oh, yes! Ripper and the BBC. Yes. What a dream come true that'd be.
Wait a moment, doesn't that mean Eliza is no longer contractually bound to Fox? 'Faith' anyone?
I really, really liked the last episode aired, so of course. :(

Hoping they hit the last set out of the park.

Sad for the cast and crew.

I'm not sure how people can blame Fox for committing to run all the episodes, when most networks (including often Fox) would have just dropped them. I think they tried. It wasn't an easy series to sell to the public.
Oh how I wish this weren't true.
Awful news! This has been a week of terrible news for me, personally. I don't know if I can drink enough to get myself out of this funk haha.

But I take a lot of joy from being able to see the last few episodes, and I'm excited to know that Joss is already thinking of what next. I will very much enjoy what is left of this ride, and my abundance of thanks goes out to the entire cast and crew for doing what they loved, and making me love it too.
My internet goes down and THIS HAPPENS? I'm on a friends computer... can somebody please tell me why fox couldn't just keep this to themselves? I mean, it's not like if they don't say it's cancelled then they have to do a back 9... They could have behaved the same way, just not said anything till the last rtings are in or something and THEN cancel it. Because now, NOBODY will watch DH who wasn't already. Why would fox do this... No. Lets aim for a 2.4 million for the next episode live, go crazy with ads instead of giving up and making a huge cake. Lets try 2.8 live for episodes 7/8. I havn't read 85% of the comments and can't now, but lets not give up. Even if Fox isn't bringing it back, if episode 13 ends on a 5 million live 6.5 million +7 or something it can't be impossible to sell it to HBO/Showtime/AMC/FX/Goddamn Anything

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I hope Joss and Eliza do something together again, they are the best team!
Thank you, Joss!
We love the show, and we'll miss it.

Cant' wait for the last episodes, Dr. Horrible 2, Cabin and whatever your next project is.
Thanks for everything Joss.

As for your next project, you make it and we'll watch it, tell our friends to watch it, buy it on dvd, download it on itunes and buy it again on DVD to loan to friends when it goes on sale a few months later.

This is a good death, there's no shame in this.
Thanks for everything Joss. Can't wait to see what you have next. I'm sure you know all of us will be there to support it whatever it may be. Although if I could make a suggestion I would say that "A Shepherd's Tale" should be the next thing to follow Dr. Horrible 2. Keep taking a lesson from Chumbawumba. Every time you get knocked down, just get up again.
Thank you (and the cast and crew) for your work, Joss.
Gutted. But if we're being completely honest, it was to be expected. It still doesn't take the feeling of being shafted mind you.

But, whilst the show is still on the air, I'll watch until the end - thanks to Joss, the cast, crew, everyone involved.. onwards and upwards I guess.
I take it we won't be getting a dollhouse comic? I just... don't feel like it, whereas I'd be pretty happy with a monthly firefly comic. I'm not sure why. A movie would never work... Ok everyone, let's work our asses off and get Dollhouse ratings as high as we possibly can, gorammit! I'm not giving up, theres always a straight to dvd movie, a tv movie, a miniseries on sYfY or really most channels, there are a ton of channels that would pick it up for season three with great ratings, I'm still in denial and I'm not snapping out of it until the next two episode ratings come in... Sorry, I'm on an anger high but if we try the ratings can continue to climb. What day should we organize the "Everybody buy the frikin' dvd!!" day? ;) I'm thinking 10 months ish if we get no news
Only just read the news so haven't got anything more constructive to say than 'this sucks' and to thank Joss, the cast and the crew for a great show. I'll be looking forward to the final 9 episodes and will be here to watch any future projects that Joss brings to us.
It's probably been said, but Fox: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Anyone agree we should fight until there's no chance of winning? Not virtually no chance of winning, or probably no chance of winning, but NO chance. I can't see that happening until we get the complete ratings for EVERY episode of Dollhouse season two and their terrible, and then we get the 1 month dvd sales for season two and their terrible, OR until fox swears on their lives that after episode 13 they will not allow any Dollhouse material of any kind to be made by anyone without being sued to Miranda... Lets all email Fox asking them to wait for the ratings to come in for the remaining episodes before making final (Lets burn the Dollhouse set down to the ground, MWAHAHAHAHA) descisions. Lets ask them to comsider a straight to dvd movie if the dvd sales for season two are good. Lets ask them to have Dollhouse season three on their new online thingy
Very sad for the cast and crew. And us.
Thanks to everyone who made this show possible.

Looking forward to whatever Joss gives us next.
Just to add Mark Sheppard cracked me up with this tweet about the situation:

Mark Sheppard: Bollocks, Joss. Now you'll never know my first name...
Thanks to Joss and the amazing crew for giving us this great show. I look forward to their next project(s). As many have said, you lead and we'll follow (hopefully to cable). Again, my most sincere thanks.

Being by nature a Pollyanna (*snort*) I played the "Glad Game" and found one thing to be glad about in this cancellation:

- at least Joss and his family will be able to take that vacation that got kiboshed when Dollhouse was unexpectedly given another season.

Make it a good long one, Jossir - and don't think about anything but relaxing and spending time with your family-type peeps.

And thanks for the show. It's inspired me to write for that SmartPop/Ben Bova "Dollhouse Essay Contest" - something that somehow never happened with your earlier shows, no matter how much I love them. (And I do.)

Dollhouse has/had something that affected me in a way those other shows didn't quite - or, rather, maybe Dollhouse was the show I was in the right place at the right time to be disturbed/inspired/mentally involved with - the right show for my current age. It brought up issues that my psyche doesn't want to let go of yet - hasn't resolved.

Anyway, best to your great cast and crew, and your family that gets to have you home more often. We'll be here when you get back.
Of course, we did learn his first name, didn't we? Graham. Ballard says it in Omega.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-11-12 00:37 ]
And my crappy day just got crappier. Blerg.

[ edited by duffman on 2009-11-12 00:40 ]
One thing ends, another thing begins. One configuration of elements becomes a different configuration of elements. That's how the world works, that's how TV works. Creative talent will out and we'll see stuff from Joss and the outstanding writers and other behind-the-scenes artists, and from Eliza and Enver and Dichen and Miracle and the rest of the wonderful actors, again. Just not this particular something.

I've not managed to get very emotionally attached to Dollhouse for some reason (maybe due to my expectation it was going to have a short life span) but its absence will leave a hole because there are no other shows deeply considering the fundamental questions: who/what are you, and what shall you do with who/what you are?
shit! this really sucks... makes sense though.

The cast will be fine.. they're all amazing actors (and look at how well all the firefly people are doing now)

This show was never right for fox though. It would have been perfect on HBO or Showtime, where they would have allowed Joss to tell the story the way he wanted to from the start.
Thanks to FOX for fucking up my birthday!

Joss - stop dealing with FOX. It's bad for your health - and ours!
I would also like to thank the cast and crew for 2 amazing seasons, and also FOX who did have the guts to renew S2.
I expect to hear repeatedly in the future that this was a HUGE mistake.
Not entirely unexpected, but still....damn. I will miss this show.
Thanks to Joss and Co for the great ride. I'm sure that it'll end with an amazing bang.
Yeah, I was having a sucky day too, duffman. Now this. Damn.
May we remember that the ride ain't exactly over, it might be over in the sense that there's no more episodes being produced beyond the 13 episode order, but we still have 9 episodes to watch this season.
It's not over, until it's really over.
Thank you Joss, for making a show that was "different" than what we see on TV today.
I also thank you for adding Alexis Denisof to the Dollhouse cast, and bringing him back on our TV's.
Damn. I never watched Firely/Angel/Buffy while they aired, so this was my chance to watch a Whedon show as it unfolded. It doesn't quite live up to the standards set by those shows, but Dollhouse was still a very good show.

I hope Joss returns to TV again someday, but ultimately, I just don't see it happening. I think he is burnt out on this medium of entertainment. Although, IF he does ever return, I PRAY that he goes to either the CW, or a cable network like FX. A place where his niche audience will be appreciated, unlike Fox.
Dear Fox,

You suck.

That's all.
Damn. Though not really unexpected... but it still sucks.
Kinda makes me want to send some vodoo dolls to the Fox executives. With the needles already applied of course.
well, bugger.

i'm going to really, really miss this show, and the stories that could have been told through it. i am grateful for the episodes we did get óand still have yet to seeó and for being introduced to another great group of actors. Thanks to all who contributed to the series, and for making us think and ask the hard questions about what it means to be human. perhaps dollhouse would make good fodder for graphic novels as there are still stories that need to be told about these characters and about this place.
I'm sad for Joss, Eliza and the rest of the Dollhouse crew for this news. However, a show like this is hard to market and truth be told, I really wasn't fond of it.

It's tough, bittersweet news for me.

[ edited by Mcjw_serenity on 2009-11-12 00:58 ]
I'm mad. I loved Dollhouse. Fox does it again! But if Joss gets back to TV with a new show or movie or something that I can go all fangirl over, I think I'll be able to move on.
Yeah, I know... Anyone that says "This show is so awesome! Why did they cancel it?!" in the future and they didn't watch it when it aired, atleast those that live in US and thus could have made a difference, deserves a kick in the balls/uterus. They're welcome to like the show, but they're not allowed to complain about its cancellation. People like to blame FOX for this, but this time it wasn't (solely) their fault. If we're gonna place blame, the people that for whatever reason consciously made the decision not to watch, they're to blame.
I'm sad. I'm just going to look foward to the rest of the episodes. :(
Worst news ever :(

I had a small, small hope that we were going to get another miracle and a surprise renewal but this was inevitable. I loved this show and like many other people it was my first Joss show I followed online. I was too young to be part of the internet fandom (or to even know it existed) when BtVS was on, even though I watched it every week since I was 7 years old. I foolishly didnít watch Firefly until *after* seeing Serenity and I joined the internet community a week after NFA aired. So I loved every second of following this show along with other fans, even if some of their criticism hurt and the impending doom of cancellation was always there.

Iím really sad weíre not going to see more of great finds like Enver, Dichen, Fran and Olivia and I loved Eliza and Tamaoh. It was a wonderful, original show that I wish could have went on four many more seasons.

Iím thankful Joss gets to close off the show with a proper conclusion and I will try and view it like many UK shows that end after two short seasons.

Ripper now please? That's been promised to us for way too long..
I'm disappointed with Fox and their fractured scale for viewing success. This feels like a breakup and I loathe that sour feeling that you just lost something special. I really want to thank Joss and everyone involved in the show! (I am totally in for that cake idea!) You have filled my heart with warmth more times than you'll ever know and it means something to me and obviously to a lot of us! Thank you and I can't wait for whatever you have coming next!
Ripper's never actually been promised.
I was beginning to like it, the whole not just the pieces. But on to another adventure!!!!

Thanks, Joss.
To quote Brian Lynch (via Twitter)

"I fear Fox is using all their AMERICAN IDOL money to build a time machine so they can retroactively cancel BUFFY in season 1"

Why doesn't Joss take it to a cable channel or something?
Sorry to hear this. Thanks for making another awesome show.

[ edited by Phunkle on 2009-11-12 03:10 ]
I pointed out to Lynch that Buffy didn't air on FOX. He countered by saying that FOX was going to buy it, then cancel it.
Dollhouse was off-beat and brilliantly creative, it isn't too surprising it didn't hit it big with the ratings (but I wish it had enjoyed 'V' style promotions from the network). I'm feeling kind of broken hearted, but glad that Joss will be able to close out the story to some extent, I'll definitely be buying lots of sets of DVDs (I wish most of the $ didn't go to Fox).
Ha I saw that.

Well "Dollhouse" is finally trending on Twitter. My favorite post is Tim Carvell saying he just plans to see the future roles of cast members as extended engagements.
Ripper's never actually been promised.

I don't know if it was "promised" but I do recall Comic-Con where Joss said it was happening and he planned to shoot it in the summer. Or have I gone completely delusional after my DH grief?
b!X: lol
Brian Lynch is right: it is child's play for Fox/Rossum to go back in time so that they could run it on Fox and cancel it before airing 'The Pack' (my favorite episode from BtVS Season 1).
Mr. Whedon, I would just like to say that you are one class act. Thank you for the gift that is your talent and your generosity in sharing it.
When did Wipe the Future change to "We're not done"?
At some point today.
Well, this truly sucks. Joss, thank you dearly, for all that you've given us. I'm confused though - I could've sworn I heard that Fox wasn't going to be making a decision regarding Dollhouse until after all 13 eps had aired?
Joss, you know...

If you're on cable you just might be able to use curse words and show naughty bits.

Just sayin.
Say it was horrible! Good day turned bad, here's to the Mutant Enemy team for turning in something that was (and will still be for the next two months) thought provoking and great!
This sucks!! Well the powers that be at Fox have screwed Joss again first Firefly angel and now dollhouse. Hopefully it can be made into a movie someday.
Joss, you are just too talented and too creative for Fox! They don't get you and it's their loss! You are so much better than them and you deserve so much better! Keep up the good work and know that your loyal fans are always behind you! :D
Oh well, I can't say that I wasn't expecting this (even though not so suddenly), but it's still a pity. :-(

I hope that Joss will soon move to some other project so that we may all move with him.
Thank you Joss. This truly blows. I too felt the show kept getting better with each episode. Unfortunately, that doesn't work well in tv land on a friday night. But thank you so much for this show which I adore so much. I can't wait to see how the season plays out.
Dear Joss -- PLEASE don't give up on Dollhouse! There are still so many stories to tell there, and there's gotta be other ways to do it -- other networks, dvds, INTERNET!! Remember, you are not dealing with just piddly Fox, there are plenty of us in the rest of the world who would religiously subscribe/pay per episode/buy DVDs, too!!
Carnelionne, who's not giving up hope.

- Can't stop the signal -
-Can't stop the signal tech-
Awful week is turning into TWO awful weeks.

I don't understand Fox. Either they're incompetent or they were never comfortable with the show. Why dump it in the death slot, then renew it, then not advertise--or advertise it with the wrong information--then take it off for sweeps, and then cancel it before it can come back? That doesn't look like they made an effort to me.

Also hoping there's a chance another network could pick up the show...
I'm so sad I don't know what to say. *Toast to Joss* as I binge drink in his honor. Just remember Thomas Paine, Joss. Another Atheist brother who made massive changes in the world, and got bugger all for it. Sometimes it's about something as simple as "I tried."
I'm only going to watch the Joss' Glee episode and I'm done with FOX.
Thank you Joss.

Thanks to Dollhouse cast & crew too.

Thank you Joss, and every person who worked on creating Dollhouse.

It's a sad day.
Thank you for this show, Joss. Though I am extremely sad right now I am also happy that we will always have it as part of your body of work. I look forward to seeing where it goes in the coming months.
Well this sucks...Thanks so much for the show... cast, crew, and Joss..

Friday night television will be a lot less interesting now.
I am having a serious Firefly flashback right now. :(

Ah well. Where-ever, whenever you show up, Joss, I'll be waiting to see what story you have to tell us. The ride is always interesting, if never as long as we want. Thanks for the Dollhouse, and especially Epitaph One.
What Xantastic1316 said:

I'd sign away five years of my life if I could hear this news without having to feel pain.

How fast can we get that to happen?

I love you Joss, always...I will follow anywhere you lead. And thank you for Dollhouse and attempting to ease our pain a bit.

A big thank you also to the cast and crew...I will love you forever and can't wait to see you again in new projects.

The immediate anger I felt has died down some already and right now I'm just waiting for the tears to stop flowing so I can get my shit together for work tonight.

That is all.

Upon refelection, that is not all - I am now looking forward to whatever Joss' next project is.
I know everyone is bummed by this news so I thought this might get a grin.

I'm looking for the silver lining - the 9 episodes to come and a future in internet production media for Joss.

Thanks to Joss + cast + crew for a great run and I'm sure there's more amazing awesomesauce to come!
. By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is.

You're such a tease, Joss.

Thanks for everything, though Joss, seriously. Way to keep pushing boundaries and doing challenging and fun stuff.
Thank you, Joss & Dollhouse cast and crew. This sucks but onward and upward.
It's a sad day in the Dollhouse.

But I'll be frank, I never hitched my wagon onto Dollhouse like I did Buffy or Angel or Firefly or even DHSAB. Perhaps this is a good thing? Still there were a lot of great stories yet to be told.

Sad day.
Yep a sad day, but put the blame where it belongs; on the heads
and shoulders of the people who stopped watching.
Just bumped into this, and it did ease the pain slightly.

(Thought about posting it, but I imagine it would be deleted because a hundred million of these will probably turn up in coming weeks. But I will link it here because it is on topic and again with the pain-easage.)
Just found out... It's so sad. As lots of people have said, not unexpected, but still so sad.

I am, however, grateful that we got what we have got. And I am intrigued and looking forward to finding out what Joss will do next.
Yeah. I'm not surprised, exactly; I knew it wouldn't make it past season two. But...I don't know. It's disheartening to hear about it now, too. I just.

I can't express myself. It's fine. It's awful. It's over.

Thanks Joss, Eliza and co. for a good run while it lasted.
Hey, QG, thanks for the Essay Contest link. I'm not sure I'll throw my hat into the ring, but it sure is nice to know something like this exists! Imagine making it far enough that Jane reads your work. Far.out.
Sad day for Joss and his colleagues; Dollhouse was a ballsy story and I'm sorry they won't be able to finish it. As usual the suits do the only thing they know how to do - stupidly chase the short-term money. Swell!

HBO/Showtime/AMC, the ball's in your court.
Thank you for everything, Joss. You are a true class act.

Looking forward to the last episodes, which I'm sure are going to be mind-blowing.

Looking forward to whatever Joss does next (after the vacation :).

I hope to gods some PTBs have taken notice of the awesome talent of Enver, Miracle, Dichen and Fran (& really everyone else on the show). These people need to be on TV.
I'm very sad to hear this news - and trying to keep up with comments here and on Twitter has kept me very busy this afternoon/evening.

I'm looking forward to the last nine episodes and then I will mourn Dollhouse's fate. In the meantime, I'm going to be happy that we have those episodes and more opportunities to be given glimpses in to the genius mind of Joss Whedon and his cast and crew. What a ride it has been. I was hooked from the first episode, something about the premise and its execution that touched something deep inside me and I'm very reluctant to let that go.

Thanks, Joss and team. Each of you have had a part to play in making this probably my favourite TV series ever. I'm just thankful that I have a DVD set of the first season and so far the second season on iTunes.
I'll join the chorus of thank yous to Joss, the cast & crew for all they've achieved with Dollhouse. Dollhouse was improving with every episode, really loved the last aired ep, so I'm saddened by the news, but unfortunately this seemed inevitable. I look forward to seeing the remaining episodes and the future projects of all involved.
Just poking my head in after a night of partying (my volleyball club is celebrating its 40th birthday this week), and this is certainly a big downer.

I was one of those people that never quite connected to Dollhouse quite as much as Joss' other shows, but that really liked it nonetheless. It was very good at times, and slightly less so at others, but overall it was a brave piece of television that's a worthy addition to the Whedonverse. Of course, when 'Belonging' gave me the first real episode I completely invested in - I was on my way to becoming a fan - I should've known it'd get cancelled. Bugger.

Still though: thanks Joss, actors, writers, crew and - yes - FOX, for everything we got so far. This whole second season was pretty much gravy, really, and I'm glad we got it. In fact: I'm looking forward very much to the episodes that remain.

And now, I'm off to a slightly depressed sleep.
I was having such a good night too. Well at least we got this season to realize what an awesome show this is. Thanks to everyone involved for making it so great.

At least there'll be no more worrying about the ratings for now on and everyone can just relax and enjoy what we've got left of it.

I am in shock. Also, I don't get the Eliza hate I see on the other boards.
I wish I never watched "Epitaph One." We've lost so much between the here, and the there... and the beyond. What a tease.

Another round of thanks to all the cast and crew. I was thoroughly entertained.

I eagerly await the next project.
ugh. RIP Dollhouse. You all rocked. Can't wait (please let them come out) to see how the bang hits.
Here's hoping Joss has a few more 'two and a half years' left!
I suddenly felt like putting on the headphones and blasting "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects on my iTunes. I think it's appropriate.

"When all you got to keep is strong,
move along, move along like I know ya do.
And even when your hope is gone,
move along, move along just to make it through.

When everything is wrong, we move along.
Right back what is wrong. We move along."
Joss (and anyone else here), did you use Glee's return tonight to cheer you up any ? It was a strong ep.

Heh @ Emmie for
"Oh, Angelís fine. Heís off living it up in a million different comics going in aimless directions over at IDW"

And Buffy with the laser eyes and the result (father issues, heh) makes up for the uncomfortableness I feel whenever I see folks asking for the torture or death of the real life people at Fox (but I suspect you included that for satirical effect, since it shows up in a lot of other jokey post-cancelation fic).

Looking forward to 9 new episodes of Dollhouse in December/January.
Thank you Joss. There was something to look forward to watching on television once more. And yet again, I now prepare to mourn for the loss of yet another television series that never made it to full term.

Please Joss, from a loyal fan of your work, stop working with Fox. Please. The Fox Factor doesn't encourage people to commit to any series that comes out from them because most often than not, they axe anything that is worthwhile.

Firefly was worthwhile.
Dollhouse is worthwhile.
Love you, Joss. Love your imagination. Love how there just ain't no quit in you. Love your faith in people, shared community, found families, heartfelt work, and the righteous power of commitment to a personal creative vision that wants to entertain as much as inspire and motivate. Didn't exactly love Dollhouse all along (I finally got there between "Epitaph One" and "Belonging"), though watching your awesome cast, writers and crew bring a fresh-wrought what-ifsploration from your brain to life was, as always, a real pleasure.

Without you and yours on broadcast TV, there might as well be tumbleweeds rolling across an endless onscreen wasteland as far as I'm concerned. The weekly cavalcade of laugh track-laden sitcoms, numbing procedurals and celebrity/reality dreckfests won't convince me otherwise.

Thank you (and everyone else involved) for all your incredibly hard, dedicated and excellent work. Better network next time, on to the next clipboard, and maybe seriously give that innertubes thingy a shot?
I hope we get a nicer box art for the Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray.

Preferable something (somehow) epic plz. Especially with it being the last.
This is not what I wanted my first comment on Whedonesque to be about! Very sad news indeed.

Joss and company: thank you! Dollhouse has been the hardest of your work for me to "get"--in a good way, the way that the best storytelling keeps challenging an audience to find all of its levels of meaning. "Belonging"--holy cow. I would rather have 26 total episodes of a passionately told, challenging story that really says something than many more seasons of a fun show without so much depth. I look forward to seeing the remainder of the show this winter, and I wish you all the best with your next projects!
Very disappointing.

Best of luck to everyone involved in the future.
*refrained words* Fox makes me "Angry". I want Fox to "Rethink" their "Untasteful" choices. Dollhouse had years ahead. I'm pretty sure there was a mention of four seasons... This makes me sad. Keep up the Joss Whedon HOPE, I want more tv, or movies, or anything.
Last to check in, as usual - knowing it was coming didn't keep the punch-in-the-gut feeling from happening.

Joss is too good for network TV - always has been. Buffy and Angel were flukes born of new networks experimenting. The fate of Firefly and now Dollhouse is the norm. If you aren't willing to dumb it down to "formula", it doesn't have a chance.
The average network TV viewer has the attention span of a fruit fly and the depth of a bad reality show devotee.

It isn't even just Joss - a show being smart and unique is a death sentence. I've watched every new network show I've really liked .... well, basically ever.... get canceled after a season, or two (short) seasons, at best - sometimes just several eps.

I want Joss on cable. New media and whatever may be developing online is fine for side projects, but doesn't offer the opportunity for what Joss excels at - long story arcs and in-depth character development.

Now I can officially go back to hating Fox (except Kevin Riley). Fringe is just watered down X-Files, Lie to Me is a gimmick with a name actor, and Glee - haven't wanted to say so before, but I can't stand it - same reason I couldn't tolerate Pushing Daisy's - a terminal case of whimsy, which should be illegal except in very small doses (IMHO, obviously).
And will probably get canceled anyhow, because my personal taste aside, it's original and apparently well done (I've never been able to get through an entire ep.).

Dollhouse was something really worthy of Joss - it had flashes of brilliance even in the early eps they were forced to dumb down - as much as you can dumb down such a complex, multi-layered concept - and just kept getting better. And now it's lost, all that amazing potential.

Bill Maher is right - most people are just stupid.
End of rant.
A hangover and a Dollhouse cancellation. Way to start what would already be a shitty day, no doubt.

Any small chance this might be picked up by sci-fi?
Thankyou Joss for Dollhouse. It was a story with guts and 'Man on the Street', 'Spy in the House of Love' and 'Belonging' were all up there with your best work.

I have mixed feeling about this cancellation. I love Dollhouse and certainly do want more episodes. But on the other hand we've heard so much about how even in season 2 Joss's creative freedom has been limited. As Joss said, they have had to dance around their own premise. And as much as I love the show I have wondered (even before the cancellation, I'm not just searching for a bright spot) whether it might be better for hte show to be cancelled and for Joss to do something without those fetters whether on hte internet or on Cable.

And, hey, we have 9 more episodes to go and we all know that that Joss-written finale will really be something.

Finally, I have something to say to Joss: Ripper.

Ripper. Ripper. Ripper. Ripper.
Thank you Jossir, Eliza, the writers, cast & crew!! I will admit that I never fully embraced Dollhouse with my whole heart. Once bitten (Firefly), twice shy (Angel). However, I watched live & enjoyed, and encouraged others to do so as well. It is a wonderful collection of Whedon-y goodness: fine acting, great stories, humor amid drama, and bits to make you think & re-think.

I am grateful for having the chance to meet Dichen, Enver, Miracle & Fran, and to see our old Whedonverse friends shine.

I look forward to watching the remaining episodes live -- as bittersweet as that may be -- and discovering whatever else you have up your sleeve in the years to come.
Shey, there is no way Glee is getting canceled any time soon. It's done extremely well in the ratings, received lots of critical acclaim, and the songs selling well on iTunes (and the just-released/soon-to-be-released? Season 1 Volume 1 soundtrack probably won't hurt). Despite being out-of-the-norm and creative compared to most of what else is popular on network TV, it features things that appeal strongly to the "average viewer" (it's got the singing of American Idol--okay a heck of a lot better than many of the aspiring stars on AI--the highschool student/teacher drama of name-any-teen-show/Boston Public, and oft-witty, sometimes mildly risque--by network TV standards--comedy). So they ain't hurting any for easy appeal.

Fair point about whimsy. I tuned in to a random episode of early Season 1 of Pushing Daisies when it was first airing and thought it seemed a little too cute and twee for my tastes, despite liking the main dude who was the brother on Wonderfalls and thinking a Bryan Fuller show probably deserved another shot (might still go back to it after all the praise it's gotten here). For whatever reason though, whimsy works for me with Glee. It's often a funny show, was pretty touching tonight, and I like some of their adaptations of songs (Billy Idol and "Defying Gravity" from Wicked--could've done without that "Rolling" song that capped it off though--made the episode even more full of win).

Did you hate Joss' Sugarshock ? Not trying to start a debate, just wondering, since its pretty much the epitome of whimsy (the creator's whimsy).

[ edited by Kris on 2009-11-12 10:43 ]
There are so many things about the show I'm going to miss: the fabulous actors, the complex storylines, the opportunity to see how things get to where they were in Epitaph One. Right now, I'm having flashbacks to when Firefly and Angel were cancelled. Somehow it just seems to sting a lot more whenever it's a Whedonverse show that gets cancelled.

Thanks for giving us Dollhouse, Joss.
I am sad, but I actually don't completely blame Fox - they were nice enough to give us a 2nd series - even if I feel they interfered with Joss's vision.

It would be nice if the series could be moved to cable/web. But doubt that's likely.

At least "future project" sounds optimistic.
damn....i think you should stop giving your shows to fox xD well it was fun while it lasted ^^
Did you hate Joss' Sugarshock ? Not trying to start a debate, just wondering, since its pretty much the epitome of whimsy (the creator's whimsy).
Kris | November 12, 10:38 CET

Odd you should ask, because perceptions are so different. I laugh out loud loved Sugarshock and don't see it at all as whimsy. Just off-the-wall eccentric. And I'm so not a fan of comics, in longer form.

So many have expressed their thanks to Joss and company for Dollhouse. I'm just as grateful, my anger is my thanks (somehow I think Joss would understand).
It's going to take a long time for me to get over that anger, because I tried really hard to not get too attached to DH. I tried to just like it - not totally, obsessively love it, as I have everything else Joss has done.
And I failed miserably. Man On The Street sealed the deal and since Belonging, I've just been in complete denial that something this brilliant was really going to be nipped in the bud.

I look forward to whatever Joss does next and if it isn't an inspired and spectacular piece of work, that will be a first.
But I ended up being more involved in DH than anything since Buffy. I don't want to have to let go of these amazing characters (and the incredible actors who have brought them to life) and I hate being robbed of the opportunity to explore, long term, the dizzying depths of the concepts that this show was just really getting into.

This is the first Joss project I've followed in real time, so this feeling of loss is a first for me. And it sucks beyond the telling.

Joss, if you're still around .... there are no words to convey what your work has meant to me.
And please don't hate me because I don't like Glee (I'll watch your ep.) ;)
Sorry, just reading this, can't get through 300+ posts yet... I will come back. Too much death in my life now. I wish Joss and Eliza and everyone else involved greener pastures with less stress. And I will follow. Even into horror genre, which I don't like! Cabin In the Woods in 3D! W00t!
I'll savor every last second of the coming episodes (and those before)
Ah bugger it. Bitterly disappointing but I guess not exactly surprising. Huge thanks to Joss and the rest of the writers, cast, crew and everyone that helped the show appear on network TV (and everyone that tried to keep it on network TV). In its way it was crazy brave and as Shakespeare or the Bible (one of those guys anyway) said, "on US network TV the cup of crazy brave doth not exactly runneth over".

As to Fox, I can't blame them too much really. They did a lot wrong (the so-called promotion for instance - cos someone must call what they did promotion, right ? Like the head of marketing's Mum maybe ? - and the general being so far behind the "handling the situation" curve that it must've looked like a "handling the situation" dot from where they were standing) BUT at the same time they gave us another 13 when all indicators suggested they shouldn't. And within those 13 were (at least) 'Vows' with that Topher/Saunders scene and 'Belonging'. And who knows what to come. They could've treated the show a lot worse too in other words.

I'm off to pursue internet ventures/binge drinking.

It's the next big thing. And I hear good stuff about the internet too.

Still, Joss, keep pursuing those ventures, if you stream it we will come. Only not in a dirty way. Necessarily.
Irony moment: On another thread, the top-right quote was "So tell me, what stage of grief is this?"
I'm trying to be happy here. What IS helping the happy is the knowledge that Joss doesn't do the cliff hanging season endings. We'll be getting closure with the end of this season. I can live with that. Not looking forward to missing these wonderful characters once the season ends though... aww feeling sad again.

"By the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is."

Ripper next, maybe? :)
This really is a bit of depressing news to come home to. Why doesn't the rest of the world recognize Whedon's amazingness? I will never understand.

It was an extremely fine series on the part of Joss, all the other writers, the cast and crew. At least we got a second season when we never thought we would!
Am I the only one who thinks a Faith and/or Spike series would do great on the CW? They have no expectations ratings wise and with how big the vampire craze is right now I don't see why either one of them wouldn't do at least as good as Vampire Diaries is doing right now(which it is doing great by CW standards). You gotta figure just from previous fans of the Buffy and Angelverse alone would account for as many or more viewers than any CW show gets.
"I'm thinking that every November 11th we should have a two minute silence at 11am in memory of Dollhouse. I think it could be quite easy to arrange."
jamesthegill | November 11, 22:46 CET

Aside from the fact that that time and date and 2 minutes silence have been taken for the last 91 years to mark the end of the First World War and is marked around the world every year......oh , wait :-)

Damn shame though.
For the first time ever, I'm posting without having read all 370-odd posts. Doesn't matter. I think I know what they all say. Pain, hurt, disbelief. More pain over the thought of what all those talented people who worked so hard to give us a great show, must be feeling.
Oh Joss.

It's like he's had 4 children and Fox basically killed them all (except for the one WB drowned in the well).
Joss and Eliza,

If it were up to we fans, things like this wouldn't happen. The "monkey-suited-A-types" would be making widgets in factories, not fashioning our entertainment. Take heart, though. There will be more creative venues, more opportunities will arise.

Thanks for the quality TV!
1. I just realized how intensely flattered I am that Joss came here to let us know. That was very sweet. Thank you.

2. I recently hulu'd the second season so far, all in a row. I felt a build up of momentum that I had not noticed week to week. I am now sadder than I would have been.
I wonder if 20th Century Fox are going through the motions of offering the show to other networks (like what they did for Angel).
As said earlier - not unexpected but I will miss the show. Thanks to Joss, the cast and all involved. I'm not thrilled with Fox, but at least we will see the complete season 2 (they could have handled this even worst!)


I'm on the verge of tears! I did not expect to come home to this!

Considering the ratings, I'm not that surprised, but I was hoping and praying FOX wouldn't pull another Firefly fiasco with Dollhouse. But they did. And now I'm pissed.

I'm so sorry Joss!
I tried to post last night but couldn't, and I've been depressed all day. Thank you so much for another transcending show, that has changed my life. I love you people.
Awful. Just awful.
Love you Joss, but maybe go with a different network next time? :/
I've been of the net for a while and THIS is what I find when I get back. Ouch! A tough one and the Firefly trauma comes back in a flash. But...

Thanks for a great show Joss, cast and crew. It was something new, clever and challenging in the best of ways, and at the same time it brought back that good old fealing of familiarity, of watching a Joss show as it aired, that watching Buffy gave us. Loved it.

I think a good old:
sums it all up.
Oh, crap... just thought of something. I've been hoping Dollhouse could come back on something other than FOX, but... Eliza still has a few more seasons signed on to fox. I'm pretty sure after Dollhouse season two she has at least one more :( And Even if Dollhouse and Tru Calling bombed, I doubt fox'll be nice and tell her it's cool, she can do DH on AMC. Ugh. This means that the only hope to get Dollhouse back would be to rock the ratings and have fox pick it up, which seems less likely than rocking the ratings and having HBO/AMC/Showtime/FX/USA/SYFY etc. pick it up so crap. I mean, the other options would be to rock the ratings and/or dvd sales and get a dvd/tv movie, or have Dollhouse be on that FOX online thing.
Since I doubt we'll be able to buy the set, even if every Whedonesque member chiped in 5 dollers let's try petitioning/EmailingFOXByTheSh!tload and see if we can get an episode 14 for the dvd
[Double post]

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iwearthecheese said:
"It's like he's had 4 children and Fox basically killed them all (except for the one WB drowned in the well)."

Which four ? Buffy came to its natural conclusion (at least on TV, until Joss felt he had more story to tell with Season 8), it wasn't cancelled in the bad sense. Angel got five years, but yeah, it got axed (I can't remember if The WB did something wrong there, or if the ratings were simply too poor to justify keepin it...oh wait, yeah, the licensing fee from 20th Century Fox was upped and The WB couldn't justify keeping it versus what the show brought in ad revenue-wise).

Firefly is the only one absolutely botched by Fox for sure. They didn't do Dollhouse any favors either (wanting standalones and getting standalones in Season 1, the timeslot possibly being a problem--although maybe it would've died sooner in any other timeslot, advertising it very poorly and sometimes not at all), but we did get a second season at least and they've been more upfront than usual about their attitude toward the show and its performance.

If all 9 don't air (a possibility--and something that could very easily be justified if Fox is looking to replace the remaining Dollhouse with repeats of House & Bones that might bring in better ratings), I'll probably be pissed at them, but...ah well, at least they'll exist and be available on DVD/blu-ray/online.
Even Firefly I'm not entirely convinced Fox botched. Or rather, yes, the marketing was poor, yes, they dumped it on Fridays, yes, they commissioned a rushed new pilot, etc.

But Firefly was arguably an even tougher sell than Dollhouse. It combined quite possibly the two least successful TV genres of the last thirty years: Western and Space Opera. Plus it was expensive. Even with a great time slot, pitch-perfect marketing, and the original pilot airing, it would have had a very hard time making it to season two.
I just received a call from the Rossum Corporation.

Thank you for your interest in the Rossum Corporation. At Rossum, your mind is our business. At this time, we would like to assure our shareholders, the public, and members of the Rossum family that we remain committed to our research program. Please stay on the line. An up to the minute announcement will follow this message *remote wipe sounds* Thank you for accepting your transfer. We will contact you as necessary. Have a bright future.

They remain committed to the research program?

Man. That's depressing.
Very sad, very expected. And I'm grateful to Fox for the very unexpected second season. And for not cutting it short-er-ish.

Regrets: We'll perhaps not have time for Mike's backstory episode (you remember Mike, right?). We'll never find out if Peter remembers his girlfriend is stuck in the alternate plague future (oops, wrong show).
I had enough red wine in me last night to hear the news and not start crying (was there cursing? yes. oh yes.)

What is the sound of a heart breaking?

(Grr. Arrgh.)

Joss: I look forward to the rest of it. Get Fran- I mean- Topher- to show you how to jiggle the gumball machine for a freebie. FOX doesn't deserve your quarter. Thank you. And thanks to everyone else involved on the show...just thanks.
Thanks, Joss, for a great show; I CANNOT WAIT for the second half of this season. And I hope you're not serious about that binge drinking thing. That's a slippery slope! =P

Cancellation or no cancellation, I will always be on board give your next project a go. Cheers.
Firefly was amazing. Sure it had only one season, but it feels like Joss had a lot more freedom with it.

It feels like FOX has been heavy-handed with Dollhouse from the get-go... Dollhouse Season One had some great shining moments, and Season Two (so far) has had some as well. But when I watch it, I can't help but see those cold blue hands of FOX stifling it. Even so, I have complete faith in Dollhouse- I enjoy being invested in something that I don't quite understand, because I know Joss delivers something wondrous and relevant and beautiful, and that he'll keep doing it, in some form.

How much of Life is hurtling ourselves into or towards something we don't quite understand, with hope that, if anything, we learn a little something in the end?

(Note: I've been sitting in a dimly lit room listening to Satie and realizing that eating a fragment of the pizza-sized cookie in the kitchen was a bad idea. Ah, heartbreak and heartburn.)

♥ ♥ ♥
You have a pizza-sized cookie?
Yes, why yes, I do.
Well, not any more (you ate some).
Now it's the size of a smaller pizza.
Heh ;). In that case I have an entire packet of pizza-sized cookies, they're all I ever eat (honestly, once you've tried pizza-sized you'll never go back).
I got off-line last night, grabbed my season one DVDs, and watched Epitaph One as I fell asleep. I know where they're going, even if I don't get to see the whole road there. It was a nice ride. And now I think the little girl is actually Adelle! How's that for weird? Love that Joss keeps making me think. I believe he will always do so, no matter what he has in mind.
(honestly, once you've tried pizza-sized you'll never go back).

Saje | November 13, 11:04 CET

you know, you'd think that. the pizza-sized cookie is a remarkable feat of human innovation- it smells good. it looks pretty.

but it causes instant painful gutrot after eating.

maybe we should send one to FOX?
This is entirely depressing, but as Whedon goes, so goes my nation, so I will follow any work he does after this, no question.

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I'm sorry, Joss. I await your next project.

You know, maybe you should do a web original series instead of a TV series for your next project. No need to worry about ratings.
I'm convinced that "by the time the last episode airs, you'll know what my next project is" refers to the fact that over the course of the unaired episode each and every remaining member of Firefly cast will be brought in as Dolls, and then in the final episode it will be revealed that the show is actually set in the Firefly future, and that folowing the movie the crew of Serenity had in fact been kidnapped by the Alliance and reprogrammed into Dolls, and that they will all wake up and be in Firefly series 2. With Amy Acker. And nothing will change my mind until I see the remaining episodes.
Hm, I always thought of Dollhouse as the prequel to Firefly, not the other way around. But I guess that works too. ;)
Fox will air all the eps. Doll house will be back dec 4 and the final eps will air then. I hate to say this but we really have no one to blame but Joss. We all knew the show was on the ropes and the 1st four eps really should have been attention grabbers. Fox television has a record of dropping shows that are not instant hits. The only reason we saw a 2nd season of Dollhouse is so another branch of Fox could make money off of DVD sales. Joss wanted Eliza and was willing to scarfice a show for it. I would not be surpised if he did it on prupose and Dollhouse is picked up in a "comic" series.
Fox give a second season so 20thb Productions can make money? It really doesn't work that way. As far as Joss sacrificig a show deliberately for Eliza? I'm not even sure what you are talking about.
As far as cancellations go, this was probably the fairest I've seen. Fox let the entire first season play out (shut up already, Epitaph One was made knowing it wouldn't air in the US unless the network agreed to pay more), renewd it for a second season and have commited to show all the episodes made. Not only that, they allowed for closure by announcing early that the show would be cancelled. Ghost Whisperer and Medium (which in my opinion are much worse shows) manage to bring 8 million viewers a week on the same Friday night that Dollhouse barely gets 2 million viewers. If the numbers continue to drop in the coming airings and Fox decides to not show all the episodes as they said they would, I think it would be entirely understanbable. I don't see how keeping Dollhouse makes for financial sense if it's making Fox the biggest loser on Friday nights. Not that whatever they replace it with will make Fox a winner, but they sure owe it to advertisers to give something else a try.
.Not that whatever they replace it with will make Fox a winner, but they sure owe it to advertisers to give something else a try.
danielgm | November 16, 00:06 CET

How about, they owe it to their viewers to not lie to the public again (after the November lie), having stated unequivocally that they will air the final episodes - not "if it makes financial sense".
Joss is boss. He shall rock us again.
Oh NO! I'm way, way behind everything over here in Europe, so I've only just seen this, but nonono :cry:

Not again. Why can't they just let Joss tell his marvellous tales? I can't face more seasons of whedonless tv. Please, ptb, let him make some more tv and don't interfere?

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