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November 11 2009

How to thank the Dollhouse cast and crew. We're thinking that it would be a nice idea to send a cake to the cast and crew to say thank you. So chip in with your ideas and thoughts over at UPDATE: Vote for your favorite ideas.

really bad typo...deed not dead!!
Totally up for it! I think we should get the Dollhouse logo (as a cake). :D
really bad typo

Yes it was somewhat of a Freudian slip.
Can we also send a long a drawer of inappropriate starches?
Or three flowers and a vase. Actually that might make a nice logo for the cake.
"There are two flowers in a vase. The third flower was cancelled."
Something tells me finding a green FLOWER might be tricky... I mean, a green plant sure, but flowers? Or actually, aren't there green tulips?

"There are two flowers in a vase. The third flower was cancelled."
Actually, that works... I mean, we only know about two of the colors, green and yellow right?
'There are two flowers in a vase. The third flower was cancelled.'

That's... so sad. I will admit, there were actually tears.

Love this show. Definitely will get in on the thanking the cast & crew thing.
There are green flowers.

I think this is a great idea, I would love to contribute.
white flowers can be dyed |-)~

But flowers on a cake can be any color!
Me too. Just tell us what to do.
I just saw some green mums in a bouquet at Walmart. ... Not sure why someone would give green mums, but there you go.
"There are two flowers in a vase. The third flower was cancelled."

Thanks for the laugh.
I kind of like b!x's idea. It's got humor, a show reference, numerical accuracy, and a pang of pathos. Maybe add the 'pods' logo or a picture of flowers in a vase.

Also, I'm good for $10 just let me know when and how.
bittersweet laugh tinged with salty tears of pain...woah...little bit emo there...sorry!! also i am feeling contributory...just don't tell the credit card...or the bank!!!
I wasn't actually suggesting that be used. I just felt the need for another shot of gallows humor.
Ah, my mistake then.

I still kind of like it though.
I actually like it too... Taking something sad and flipping it... It's a Whedon classic... Definitely not saying we should do that instead of the cake, but it could definitely work as a fun complement. A vase, one green flower, one yellow flower and a card saying just that... Come on, it'd be funny! :)

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It's a shame we can't get Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes) to make the cake. He could make us a cake in the shape of a vase with 3 flowers in it, one of them green. Even put the Dollhouse logo on the vase.
I was thinking that on the cake, but maybe that on a card and a cake with something else. *shrugs* JMHO.
It should be a medicinal carrot cake. To numb the pain.
No, it should be a real vase with flowers of course! :D
*tries to find silver lining....
What about pie? Pie is better than cake.
The silver lining is that they have more time to work on the Dr. H sequel. (I'd rather just wait a little longer for it though and have Dollhouse in the meantime...)
Dont know but maybe someone would like to do something like this:
here are some charities who are searching dolls for kids in need
There are three cakes on a farewell party table. The second one is cheese cake.

There are three cakes on a farewell party table. The third one is key lime pie.

There are three cakes on a farewell party table. The first one is medicinal carrot cake.
Mmm, key lime pie. b!X steals the key lime pie.

Lentil cake? With the aforementioned medicinal carrot icing and a 3-flowers-and-a-vase logo on top. That's my highly ridiculous suggestion anyhow.
Here is a link to Donate to the cake fund

Discussion of what should be on the cake itself is happening at the above linked topic.

I would totally love to see 3 cakes, all round and looking kind of like flowers, one being yellow and one green!

EDIT: Link fixed

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We could donate to in their name. Set up a Dollhouse library, or a girls scholarship? Plus the cake thing. Would it be wrong for the flowers in the vase to be in an attic cake?

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Charity idea seems good. If the cake plan isn't set in stone, what about Equality Now?
Donations are coming in, there seems to be plenty of support for the cake, but the plan was already to donate left over cash to Equality Now. If we change our minds before the cakes are ordered, the donations received can go wherever.
Where/how do we send our donations?
The link bobw1o just linked under "Here is a link to Donate to the cake fund". ;)
So sad to hear of the cancellation. Count in my 10 bucks towards the cause.
I'm down for $10 - I think people are leaning towards the 3 cake idea (possibly with cupcakes.)
if you want me to design a card or poster or anything else, i can get it done and fed-exed to whomever does the delivery in L.A. just let me know.
The "Donate to the cake fund" link is only taking me to the main Paypal page - not to anything specific. It looks like it might have been cut short.

The full link is here (this one worked for me)
Oops, thanks, fixed. |-)~
Donated. Hope my $10 will let us afford super-nice icing...or something...or just more for Equality Now!
Bells of Ireland are a green flower.
Donated my $10. Use it well. =D
Sent in my $10 as well.
I hope Maurissa takes pictures and tweets us when they get it. :)
just sent in my $10 and liking the 3 flowers/cupcakes idea!
Also chipped in ten bucks. Medicinal Carrot Cake actually sounds good!
Bells of Ireland are also green flowers.

As far as a charity for any extra money, just a thought, but maybe ECPAT, which works to prevent human trafficking of children, might be appropriate, too.
Cake, with icing flowers and the vase thing. Who doesn't like cake? Plus, topical. Bonus.
I tried to donate but no matter how many times I typed "10.00" it told me to please try to put in a number larger than 0. and then I tried to register for the .org site and it wouldn't give me an image with a confirmation code. frown.
After you type in $10 on the box at the top, did you press "update total" before submitting? (Not that I did that the first time I tried to donate...)
How long will we be able to donate to the cake fund? I'm waiting for my new credit card (my credit card company messed up and didn't send me one before my old one expired), so it might be a week or so before I can actually donate, as using my current paypal account would probably just lead to bouncing funds ;).

Other than that: this is a great initiative (and part of why I love this fandom) and if I can, I'm most certainly planning to contribute :)
Donated my $10 now... What's the total tally up to now then?
My $10 donation done! Thanks for coordinating this bobw1o!
Well, since I'm broke (No, really - I work three 4-hour shifts this week. And I'm lucky to have picked up the third day) I can't donate, although I really would love to.

How about...a carrot cake w/a vase on it, and two flowers in the vase? A third stem, but there's no head on it, we'll never know. I know typically carrot cakes don't get decorations (Aside from little carrots around the border) but I'm sure we can get an exception.

Instead of anything written on the cake itself, just a nice card saying something like "To the cast & crew of Dollhouse: Sorry FOX sent you to the attic. We loyal fans stand behind you always."
Is there a charity that supports former child soldiers, from Uganda or elsewhere? Figure that would be a nice tribute to Eliza and her efforts in that regard.
Funny that the nature of Whedonesque is such that one links elsewhere for a discussion, and half the people discuss it under the link! |-)~

Total just hit $500! Initial charity suggestion was Equality Now, but there have been other good suggestions. Tomorrow I'll poll to see what charities we want to send the extra money to.
Just added my $10 to the collection. I hope the whole staff gets a belly full of cake and I can't wait to see which charity benefits from everyone's donations. :)
As an idea for the personal touch.... How about people handwrite something nice or say thankyou in a definied amount of space scan it in, and the card gets printed up all massive like filled with them? It'd be international, and a wonderful momento of the fans support.
The .org thread has been debating that, more or less (I think it was simply signatures over there). On the one hand, it is more personalized, on the other hand it will leave out anyone who isn't able to do that.
Just threw in my $10. If it doesn't go to charity and actually goes to a cake that cake is going to be freaking awesome :). Whatever it goes to I'm happy though. I sent out this tweet as an idea of something we could do for Joss specifically. Here's the link if you wanna look:

Basically I was thinking we could get a banner made up with pictures that fans send in of themselves and at the top have it say, "To Remember" (of course as a reference to Epitaph One).

[ edited by ben_b55 on 2009-11-12 08:27 ]
Better some than none.
Hmm, ben_b55. That might be more easily done via a little Flash website where we could just keep layering in submitted photos.
True. Although if we were able to do an actual banner it would have a more personal touch to it, but at the very least a Flash website would be something. I mentioned the idea to @whyiwatch and she mentioned she might be interested in helping with something like that, whatever we come up with. Just a rough idea that came to mind.
Just donated $10. do something awesome for them, they deserve it!
Send them all 'Firefly' T-shirts saying, "We know how you feel"
Put $10 in. I like the idea of a large donation to Equality Now, or a group fighting slavery and human trafficking as a memento, as well as the cake. Turn the frustration into something positive.
I posted an idea over at Why don't we give them a card, a picture album, and the cake? The card would express gratitude, thanks. The photo album could be labeled, "Your Fans" and would have pictueres of us. And the cake would get eaten.

Considering most computers nowadays have some sort of webcam, and the same for cellphones, I think that this idea has a low barrier of entry compared to people trying to digitally sign a card or somethin. And it ties into "Epitaph One" quite nicely, with that photo montage at the end.
Heh, I just read ben_b55's post. You beat me to that idea ;)
I hope it's the thought that counts, since I've already committed every extra penny I could come up with this month, to the family Thanksgiving dinner.
My credit cards are a thing of the past - count me as a casualty of the massive economic collapse.
On charities, depending how much extra money is left, could it be split between more than one of them?
Hey i'm having trouble with the donation...everytime I click that I'm in Ireland the address type doesn't change...anyone know a way around that without using paypal?
BlueSkies I think I may have had the same problem for a moment because I am so use to hitting tab to write in the next box. Once I used the mouse the site got a lot friendlier. That's about all I can think of. Hope that helps.

Also seems though this is a fan effort to show how much we appreciate everyone at Dollhouse and their hard work I believe this should be linked in the side bar thingy (Unless it's linked somewhere more obvious and I'm missing it). I don't want to see this thread disappear into the archives so soon.
Donated - although I couldn't work out the exchange rate, so you got $15, lol. I like all the ideas, regarding any left over money, I think a human trafficking charity would be good one to go for.
$10 Donated. Use well, please. Oh, and I vote for Equality Now.
Donated a small amount (but to quote a supermarket, every little helps...) My vote goes for something to do with child soldiers (though a brief google search hasn't thrown up a particular name?) or if there is enough a split between that and Equality Now.
$20 donated. I vote anything left over goes to Equality Now. As for the cake and card... I like the flowers idea, the innapropriate starches quote-age and the 'you WERE your bests'

Also ben_b55 I think that (that being the banner thing) is a great idea!!!
On the .org they're saying that 'were' feels too past tense. I suggested the Alpha quote from this exchange.

Echo: I try to be my best.

Alpha: You are the best.

I like 'you ARE the best' as a good present tense quote.

And I kind of like "You've been running a crackerjack operation." *shrugs*
Donated $20. Vote for Equality Now as the charity.
Just chipped in my $10. As for my two cents: I also vote for Equality Now, and I think the banner is a fantastic idea. Thanks for putting this tribute together!
Maybe we should send them a pizza-sized cookie.
or start the "Robots are People Too/People are Robots Too" Equality Fund.
Just a quick reminder that there's a Cake for Dollhouse cast and crew thread at the Org for better coordination/collation of ideas and preferences.

ETA: bobw1o has put up the preference polls at the Org.

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Thanks. I added the link to the main entry here.
My unemployed self is now a donor. Use it well and thanks for the idea.
Voted on preference polls, don't seem to be very many votes yet. How long will the polls stay open? Seems if one wanted to get them something in a timely fashion, we need more votes, and quickly!
Those without a preference may choose not to vote - maybe leave the poll open for a specified amount of time, then go with the vote at that time?
I'm in to the cake for five bucks, if I had a few million bucks I'd invest in a move to SyFy or to a feature movie. Simon, is there any way we could keep a running total of how much is donated on the main page?

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An on-set elf has passed on the sad news that the sets will be demolished from 17 December. So, we'd need to make sure that whatever is happening happens prior to that.
I knew I should have broken into the FOX lot and the Dollhouse stage when I was in LA last month.
I'm so sad there won't physically be a Dollhouse anymore. My dreams of owning a mini-Dollhouse by Joss are shattered.

*heads to medicinal carrot cake stand*
I contributed, and I look forward.

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