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November 11 2009

It's time Joss Whedon changed the world. The latest Devin's Advocate over at Chud makes the argument that Joss could find great success with his work in new media.

I agree 100% with everything stated. Back when there was talk of having the standalone Buffy/Angel character movies, I think he could've turned "Direct to DVD" into something positive instead of the negative connotation it has.

Same holds true for today. Count me in as one of those built in fans who will follow every project he takes on.

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I don't think direct-to-DVD has a negative connotation in every area of TV/movie entertainment. While direct-to-DVD sequels and B movies get a bad rap and often deservedly so (and hey, some are intentionally bad), one thing that comes to mind is Marvel and DC's direct-to-DVD animated films. Especially with DC, some have turned out very well.

With genre fans at least, there seems to be a lot of open-mindedness toward direct-to-DVD/pay-for-download. Dunno how the non-fanboy thinks of it, if they consider it much at all.
I've been pretty happy with the Stargate direct-to-dvd releases as well. Not to mention BSG's The Plan. If done right, it can be quite a success. But then, to me, solid media isn't a must. I'd prefer to just legally download. Heck, I'd even pay a subscription thing if Joss could churn out something semi-steady on the intertubes.
From what I remember 20th Century Fox offered a woefully low budget for the Spike DVD movie so Joss had no option but to turn them down.
I'd love direct-to-DVD films. My biggest hope for the s8 animation that FOX apparently has planned is that it is an animated cartoon based on the comics, that will be released straight to DVD. It ain't gonna happen but I'd love that kind of thing.

I would have also loved direct-to-DVD movies of Faith, Spike and Willow regardless of the stigma associated with them. If they could do something like that with Dollhouse I'd be very pleased.
Gosh, Devin is always so cutting-edge, being the first to suggest these things! (Except for many people, both elsewhere and here at Whedonesque...of whom I am one. But if you leave all of us out, yeah, he's the first.)

Did I somehow miss the line where he claims to be the first and only person to come to this conclusion?

(It's funny, Devin has more than once written things that have had me foaming at the mouth with rage, and at times I'm annoyed by the overdose of snark that often goes into his reporting, but I don't really see anything here that invites scorn.)
I thought he did that a while ago with Buffy
All these ideas are good. Anything that gives me more Whedon is good.
As for the 'stigma' associated with direct to dvd, the Olson twins made billions (with a 'B') off of direct to dvd movies.
I know he's talked about going the New Media route, the problem is the money just isn't there like it is for Old Media. I can't wait until it is.. and maybe Joss will make it so.

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