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November 12 2009

Miracle Laurie thanks Dollhouse fans. "Thank u all 4 ur love & support & kind words & for fighting to even get us a S2. Enjoy the rest of the season-it's going 2 blow u away! xo". And Fran Kranz tweets "it's hard. I'm sad. But they will air the rest and they are going to be great. Thanks for being great fans and giving us all a 2nd season."

She's such a darling. :)
Thank YOU all in the cast and crew! I'm sad about the news of course, but I'm just going to enjoy the remaining episodes, and since I know I'll re-watch the DVDs at least five times (every Whedon series somehow only get better with each repeat) there's still much Dollhouse goodness to be had!
Enthusiasm and sadness at the same time indeed
More than two-thirds of season two has yet to air, so there is a lot left to enjoy. Thank you, Miracle & your fellow Mutants!
Yep, show's got a lot of future left for a show with no future ;).

And fan(s) thank Miracle Laurie in return.
Miracle makes me happy. That is all.
I've been out of the loop for a week so missed all the news until this morning -- but I'm grateful to Joss, Eliza and all the actors and writers and production team for creating another deep mythology and exploring it as long as they did. I'll look forward to the remaining episodes, then line up for the DVDs and watch them all start to finish, then buy sets as gifts, etc., and spend a lot of time thinking through how macro- and micro-plots developed as your show evolved. "Buffy," "Angel," "Firefly," now "Dollhouse" -- you guys do good work. Thank you.
Along with Boyd, my favorite character on the show.

Oh, and the others, too.

But she is truly special.
And Fran:
"it's hard. I'm sad. But they will air the rest and they are going to be great. Thanks for being great fans and giving us all a 2nd season."
Thanks JMaloney, I'll add that to the entry.
"Hear it here. Hey, that's really why I started twitter, the rumors/news IS true: Dollhouse will not cont. past these 13 eps :("
"BUT... There's always a but... I can't express enough-- this has been one of the MOST rewarding experiences of my career. Thank you guys!"
Now I'm more tempted than ever to get a twitter so I can thank them in return... they've truly been a remarkable cast.
Oh nooo, I just realized that along with no more Dollhouse, there will be no more Topher.

Could we please have The Topher Show? ;) Or maybe periodic hilarious (audible) quotes from Fran. It would help.
I've just now realized that we have a whole third of the whole journey ahead of us. There's still so much to enjoy.

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