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November 12 2009

Sub picks up Dollhouse in Finland. Finnish fans can (legally) see Dollhouse on Sub next spring.

I'm surprised Sub got it this soon, usually you have to wait longer for Joss' shows to hit Finland. I will probably be watching even though I already own the DVD.

OTOH, another channel picked up Flash Forward already, so I have been expecting this for some time. Some silver lining to the otherwise sad Dollhouse news.
Ah, I'd been wondering which one would end up with DH, Sub or Nelonen. Now the questions is, will the show be on primetime or will it get the graveyard slot like Buffy and Angel.

I actually was thinking just a few days ago if any of the channels had already picked the show, but my attemps to google only unearthed the oh-so-classy Seiska headline "Sensuel mormon actress strips naked to promote a tv-show" :D
Considering all Joss shows other than first run Buffy S1-S3 were on Sub (or equivalent) I expected Sub to get it. No clue about timeslot though.
I'm thinking that it might get the T:SCC slot.

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