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November 12 2009

(SPOILER) Ryall hints at upcoming Angel project from IDW drawn by Franco Urru. "Franco Urru's making his return to ANGEL... but not in the main series. Where, then? That'll be revealed soon enough. But after a look at this image, a better question might be "when"...?"

I'll go out and a limb and say the mid 19th century.
That's what I was thinking. John Byrne has teased about 2 new Angelus stories coming in 2010..perhaps this is one of them, with Byrne writing and Urru on art duties?
That would be cool, I enjoyed his WW1 tale.
Oh hey. Hi there, Angelus. (Or Angel lurking in the shadows, it's kinda hard to tell)

I agree. Looks mid-19th century.

Gotta say, that's really a very good drawing. Probably one of the best of Urru's I've seen.

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Well if you look closely you can see he is wearing a waistcoat,shirt and cravat. That's definately Angelus wear.

Angel wouldn't be seen dead in a cravat:)
I'm sorry, but I have zero interest in reading Angelus stories, outside of the context of established shows and his conflicts with other characters. We saw Angelus 2 1/2 times, once for an extended period of time, which was plenty. Plus, David played Angelus very, very well, and that's not going to translate well.
Actually Angelus already translated extremely well in John Byrne's one-shot "Angel vs. Frankenstein" which came out for Halloween last month. I highly recommend picking up a copy for yourself.

Meanwhile, I definitely think this is an Urru/Byrne combo. It'll be interesting to see John let someone else take on the artistic duties so he can focus more completely on the writing.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Urru also doing the art for the Spike comic next year as well?
I agree project bitsy - Angelus vs Frankenstein was a great story, and Byrne wrote the character extemely well. It's always cool to see the historical stories IMO.

And yes Urru is the artist on the Spike comic.
Angel wouldn't be seen dead in a cravat.

Ha! This is true.

I loved the flashback episodes so this one I find the idea of this comic kind of appealing, even though I'm not a fan of Urru's artwork. Enough of an appeal for me to want to give it a read.
Yes,this does seem to be a period story which I always love.

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