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November 12 2009

Vote for Alyson Hannigan in the People's Choice Awards. She was nominated for Favorite TV Comedy Actress.

NPH is also nominated + there's a few shows with Whedon alumni in there.
Voted for her yesterday. :o
Yeah, voted yesterday. I went to do it because of my obligation to the Gleeks out there. Of course, whenever a Whedonverse person came up, I went with that as well.
Instead of choosing her because she was in Buffy, I thought about the choices, went with the better, and funnier, actress, which was Alyson.
Voted for her and's awesome to know that you can vote as much times as you if you end up bored and nothing to do....keep voting!! haha
I am evidently too old for most of these choices...voted for Alyson and NPH, though. "Vote early, vote often!" I see Twilight winning many of those....
voted for alyson, nph, glee, v, and star trek- just so that twilight wouldn't get it. :P

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