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November 12 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon previews Dollhouse's final season. Conducted before yesterday's news, it includes an unexpected comment about a potential cancellation.

Oh, man, that just leaves me all the more disappointed that it's canceled.
This is like being given a car for Christmas, and then being told to crash it.

...I will enjoy every second of it, right down to the metal rending, flaming-wheel-expelling finale.
It's quite an interesting interview for Joss. It's like it wasn't even him. I'm so used to him being quiet about these things its a bit of a shock for him to talk fairly openly about upcoming events.
What's the unexpected comment about the cancellation?
Of course he didn't do it with Firefly, it was canceled mid-season. He wasn't even given a chance to wrap up the season, much less the series.
People forget but I did this every year with Buffy.
Glad he said this. I kept trying to tell people this when articles first started reporting 2.13 would have some sort of "closure" and too many people took that to be an indication the show had already been cancelled. The point is irrelevant now, of course. But at the time the fact that so many people didn't understand the above was peeving me.

Me, peeved. Imagine!

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This interview is a few days old (at least). Before anybody reads into the back 9 blah blah.
It is sorta reveal-y for Joss. As sad as I am about cancellation - that's how much I'm looking forward to the entire 2/3 of Season 2 that we still have left to see (as Pointy has pointed out on twitter) and portions of which they still have yet to produce.

Joss: "I went mad as a March hare and made a movie."

Do it again. Do it again! I wanna see - I have some suggestions.

I'm thinking: Dollhouse: Revenge of the Dolls, I'm thinking Goners ("Dear Universal: Free Goners. Love and kisses, QG"), I'm thinking WonderWoman Minus Joel Silver, I'm thinking:

Whatever Jossir wants to make - that's what I'm likely to most enjoy and watch, read, snort up my nose.
"People forget but I did this every year with Buffy."

Lord. Season 3 of Buffy? That's how the entire thing could have ended? They kill the snake but can't ever be with each other again? Well, that would've been a bummer.

I am stoked by Joss's words though. He knows how to tease. I am not going to let the cancellation ruin my enjoyment of what remains.
Ahhh the upcoming episodes sound glorious.

Perhaps one of the biggest travesties of Dollhouse's cancellation is that we only get Amy Acker for two more episodes this season. I had secret hopes of getting more of her as Whiskey/Saunders if we'd snagged the back nine or a third season.
I edited the entry to make it clear when it was conducted.
Anyone else noticed the comment in there about Echo being sent to the Attic?
So, the Dec 4 and Dec 11 dates are both two-parters?
Buffy's season finales all provided closure. The thirteenth episodes (except season 1's) not so much.
Buffy's season finales all provided closure. The thirteenth episodes (except season 1's) not so much.

Yeah, but that's probably because Buffy never had a 13 ep order except for Season 1. They always had 22 episode orders as far as I know, so it makes sense to make the 22nd one have closure, not the 13th.

Or did Buffy ever get a 13 episode order besides Season 1?
The only season that i feel COULD have been series finale are 3, 5 and 7. The rest left too many things hanging...
Yeah, I love Restless, but as a series-ender? Not so much.
I've always looked at Restless as a gift to the fans, not a season finale
What a great gift it was. My favourite Buffy episode.

I think only 3, 5 and 7 really felt as if they could close the series. 2 possibly could, but it would have been a real down beat ending. 6, although a great episode, didn't have the epic feel of a series finale. It would also have been strange to not have the title character have any involvement in saving the world. As for 1, well the series had only just begun.
Didn't Angel season 5 only have a 13 episode order initially before getting the back nine?I seem to recall David Fury mentioning being caught off guard by that in a interview back then.At the time he didn't know they only had the first 13 and not the back nine initially.

To me the the finales to Buffy season 1,3,5,and 7 work perfect as series finales while leaving the door open for more where the finales of seasons 2,4 and 6 are more open ended and leave you hanging.

I don't think any of the Angel finales worked great as series finales including NFA.

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Didn't Angel season 5 only have a 13 episode order initially before getting the back nine?

Yes. The order for the last nine came quite quickly into the season from what I remember.
I have an enduring, powerful love for Restless. Just the mention of it here makes me need to see it all over again. "Honestly, you meet the most appalling sorts of people." Hah. The Cheese Man.

As for this interview, wow. I agree with those who say that Joss seems uncharacteristically spill-y. The upcoming episodes sound utterly insane.
I think Becomming p2 would have made for a brilliant series finale, but Chosen also was pretty perfect. S4 wouldn't have been ideal, but the season 6 finale is the only one that really wouldn't have worked as the ending of the series.

Looking forward to Alan's return and Felicia's and Amy's and Summer's first appearance. A whole lot to look forward too.
Wow, lots of spoilers in that interview. Love it.

[Edited for incorrect info.]

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Dec. 4, 11, and 18 are all double episodes, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are all actual two-parters. Clearly Dec. 4 is, but this might have been the first indication Dec. 11 might be also.
ETA: Bix apparently already wrote everything I wanted to say, so you can skip this comment.

They are all double episodes, but that doesn't necessarily also mean two-parters. December 4 and now December 11 have turned out to also be two-parters, but I have no idea about December 18.

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b!x & Groosalugg, I see what you're saying. I wasn't picking up on the distinction between back to back stand-alone episodes and back to back 2-part episodes. Thanks.
Wow, lots of spoilers in that interview. Love it.

eyes of the world , Thanks for mentioning that it's so spoiler-y. Just skimmed the top of the article so I won't be too spoiled. At first I thought it wouldn't be super spoiler-y because I'm not used to Joss giving away so much. Seems uncharacteristic, but I've not read every interview he's ever given so...
I am so excited for the remaining episodes.
Buffy never had a 13 episode order. Season 1 was 12 episodes.
Well, the question still remains whether the two episodes on Dec 11 are actually a two-parter. Indications up until now suggested that Alan would be appearing in ep 8 (not 7), so maybe the two-parter is ep 8 and 9.
Hmm... Maybe if Joss is being this open about the episodes, there's much more going on than it sounds.
Off-topic: That last username is rich.
Man, I am normally spoiler-averse but... I guess with the news of the cancellation I really wanted to find out what we would be getting with the remaining 9 episodes. Sounds fantastic! Summer! More Alpha! The Attic! Dr. Saunders return! More of the future storyline!

I hope we get some back story for Boyd, too. I'm really interested in how that character got to that place.
Oh, I was just glad that they actually were going to use up both of those left over Amy Acker opportunities rather than optimistically hold them over for the second half of the season.

And I really did not think about it but in hindsight now I am very curious how they're ever going to be able to broach back to the Epitaph characters. While it seems a little harsh to think that they'd get to be the finale again which would be somewhat unbalanced to send off the cast of today, it'd probably be rather confusing to only have them be show up suddenly at the end of a thematically appropriate episode.
Off-topic: That last username is rich.

To expand and clarify TOT Bix's off-topic kudo: 'Paper disproves Spock' - Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, Season 2 Episode 8 - 'The Lizard-Spock Expansion', defining the rules for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.

On-topic: what a lovely bunch of spoilers. I am tantalized.

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Totally tantalizing teases! Tenaciously tolerating time's tardy transit, tapping toes.
lostinthis: "Anyone else noticed the comment in there about Echo being sent to the Attic?"

Yes, it gave me a wiggins:

That was one of the things that made me think Joss sounded a little more plot-talky than is his usual.

You know, I can't help thinking that no matter how much you love your work and your cast and crew, it must be pretty hard to carry on as usual when you know you're cancelled.
But those remarks do, I suspect, explain the .
The rest of s2 sounds so good! Just makes me more sad that its cancelled because the show could've gone so far, theres so much more to the backstories (and futurestories) that we're unlikely to see now :(

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